Free PDF Compressor Crack [Updated-2022]

Free PDF Compressor is a simple application with a pretty suggestive name. It is designed to provide a fast method for significantly reducing the size of your PDF documents, which results in less occupied disk space.
Aside from obtaining extra available storage space on your hard disk, reducing the size of PDF files can be of use when you want to send a file via email, share it using other transfer methods or upload it to your phone. Furthermore, it greatly reduces the time needed to open a large PDF document, especially if it contains numerous images. Free PDF Compressor aims to to give you a helping hand in solving these issues, while also finding a balance between the low size and the document quality.
It comes with a set of five compression settings that you can choose from, each one using a different compression ratio. Normally, the so-called ‘Screen’ configuration generates the smallest output file, while the ‘Prepress’ configuration has the lowest compression rate and creates a rather large PDF file, since it preserves the quality and the colors.
There is also a special option that can be used for generating PDF files that can be used as ebooks and read on a mobile phone, creating outputs with medium resolution and low quality.
The usage is very simple and even beginners shouldn’t have any problems in figuring out how everything works. Simply choose the input file and the output location, select the desired configuration and with the press of a button, the application starts the compression process.
To sum up, Free PDF Compressor is an efficient compression tool that can be of use when it comes to gaining some space on the hard drive. Combining efficiency with ease of use, it enables you to quickly generate PDF documents with a significantly reduced size and acceptable quality.







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Print Screen is the best virtual print driver for you to save the time to print, copy, save and share large-size documents on the go. It can help you to print the web pages, PDF files and images, project presentation slides on PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF files.
It supports both Windows and Mac OS, which helps users to effortlessly print emails, as well as zoom in and out of the PDF file without losing the readability. Also, it can easily convert the large-size PDF file into images of various sizes, which offers you with great convenience and convenience.
Furthermore, Print Screen supports Windows and Mac OS which enables you to print web pages, PDF files and images, project presentation slides on PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF files. Also, it supports a wide range of browsers and mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone and tablet, and more.
Use Print Screen to convert PDF and image files in order to view the contents on any type of device.
Simple features like:
* Printing in full-screen or window mode
* Copying
* Preview before printing
* Printing straight from a web browser
* Drag and drop files to be printed
* Print management
* Auto-renewal
Print Screen also includes a memory editor to easily edit text for your documents, cut or crop large size images and PDF files. You can zoom in and out of images as well as PDF, and get the print of a large size file right away.
Simply Print and Save
With Print Screen, you can save your print easily and quickly. Preview a PDF before printing and crop it to make it fit into a standard A4 page. Print both sides of a paper or automatically staple the pages.
Print Screen supports to convert large-size PDF into standard image files to be printed. Or easily print web pages, images, documents and PDF files.

PDF XChange Viewer is a simple PDF viewer that allows you to view, print, edit and annotate your PDF files, regardless of the PDF file format. You can also download and view image files, and copy pages from your PDF file.

AVG Free PDF to Text Converter is specially designed to convert PDF files and directly print them as text documents. You can choose any output format to convert your PDFs, such as TeX, MS-Word, HTML, RTF, PDF/A, PDF/UA, 3PC/HPP/BS,

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*Possibly the fastest PDF compressor on the web
*Best compression rate among all tools
*Export to Text
*Export to (JPEG, PNG, PDF with hyperlinks)
*Free to use

MyPen is the best photo editor on Windows. It’s not one of the more complex photo editing programs out there, but for most people it is good enough. It works very well for basic editing, adding text, cropping, and basic formatting.
MyPen is a free desktop image editor with a limited trial, which allows you to create several pages. It’s not something that will replace Photoshop or GIMP for all your photo editing needs, but it’s good for many people.
If you want to create nice text effect images, MyPen has basic text tools and even a few style options. It’s not the best, but it’s ok.
To use, double click the image and it will open in the editing program, and will draw the rectangle for you. After you’re done with your edits, you can save them.

MyPen Features:
Basic editing
Allows you to crop, rotate, flip, adjust brightness, contrast, and color of an image.
Add text, shapes, edit text, add a smiley face, crop an image
Preview it before saving.
Basic formatting
Headers, footers, and watermarks.
Add text to your images.
Rotate an image for posterity
Free to use for 30 days.
You can get it from here.

ChkDsk is a free disk checking and defragmentation utility. It uses both standard and non-standard file system structures for checking and defecting on a disk or partition.
ChkDsk is a boot disk that includes three tools. One of them is used for scanning and repairing partition. You can also preview the scanned partition with a few settings and choose how you want to defragment it.
Another tool scans files and directory structure. It can find the percentage of free space and bad blocks on a disk or partition. It can also repair some errors like directory tab overflow and broken links and meta files. The last tool is used to scan Windows boot disks for viruses.

ChkDsk Features:
Boot disk
WinPE disk with optional drivers
Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise licenses
Supports different Microsoft file system formats
Repair your

Free PDF Compressor [32|64bit]

Free PDF Generator is a straightforward utility which enables you to create PDF files. The program provides three basic functions:

■ PDF creation. The utility can be used to create PDF documents using several methods such as filling out a template or simply typing in the required text or inserting images.

■ PDF editing. Edit existing PDF documents which were created with another program.

■ PDF search. The utility allows you to search and navigate through PDF documents. It is not an easy task since the search results are not presented in an organized manner. However, the results can be filtered by the size, document type and the page number.

FREEDESKTOP’s new PDF editor can be used to create, edit and search for PDF documents.

The program offers a comprehensive set of functions which make it an ideal utility for the everyday user. Just double-click on the PDF file in order to open it in the editor, and you will easily be able to perform the required tasks.

The main feature of the new free editor is that it does not need Adobe Acrobat to operate. There are 10 functions for opening and exporting PDF files. The files can be saved on the clipboard, edited, searched and changed for optimized settings.

In addition to the simple editing and viewing, the new PDF editor comes with the advanced function of converting PDF files into images. This way, all the information on the page, including links, images, and other functions, can be saved and converted into vector images which can then be used as logos, charts, logos etc. The new features further increase the functionality of the PDF editor which makes the program a versatile utility for users.

FREEDESKTOP ( is a non-profit organization that specializes in developing open source software which offers great value for its users and developers. The team consists of programmers and other developers of different countries who come from various working backgrounds. The core objective of the organization is to create new free desktop software for daily use and to offer it to the public for free.

Free Image Resize is a free, easy to use, downloadable software that will help you create and keep track of the many image files you create on a daily basis.

Never again worry about managing the size of your image files as it will allow you to crop, resize, crop again, and even add a watermark to your images on Windows machines.

Using simple filters and allowing

What’s New in the?

– Compresses PDF documents in order to save storage space on hard disk
– Uses seven different compression rates
– Allows you to automatically save PDFs in the “eBook” format for mobile devices
– Compresses the file in one click
– Supports automatic saving of PDF to the “Desktop PC”
– Allows to remove the “app icon” from the desktop
– Encryption: zero-end encryption
– Drag and drop support
– Unlimited number of PDF files
– Works with all recent versions of Windows
– Command line parameters are included
– Reports compression ratio during the process
– All settings are explained in the user guide included in the download
– Replaces the display of the previously used settings
– Fixes many bugsQ:

Parse: ClassName where in object

This is my problem:
I have a class called “Film”, I want to retrieve all objects like this:
[@”1.1.11″] // Where the “1.1.11” is a timestamp.
I try to do that by:
NSPredicate *predicate = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@”booleanValue == YES”];

[self.objectController.query.findObjectsInBackgroundWithBlock:^(NSArray *results, NSError *error) {
if (!error){
if(results.count >0)
for (NSDictionary *result in results)
Film *result = [result objectForKey:@”Film”];

System Requirements:

Windows 7 SP1 or newer.
2 GB of RAM
4 GB of available space
OS X 10.7 or newer.
Linux 2.6 or newer.
2 GB of available space
Minimum of a 64-bit processor and operating system, with 32-bit processor support for older drivers and other non-game-play components.
AMD/ATI Catalyst™ 13.4 or newer.
ATI Mobility


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