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dtSearch Desktop with Spider is a feature-rich program which comes equipped with a wide range of advanced filters to help you perform file searches. It's mainly geared toward experienced users.
At startup, you can specify a custom folder for storing all your configuration data inside, as well as enable automatic checkups for software updates.
Apply search filters and other advanced settings
Wrapped up in a user-friendly interface, dtSearch Desktop with Spider lets you conduct search operations by specifying a wide range of details, such as indexed word list, indexes to scan, search request, along with various features, like stemming, phonic, fuzzy searching or synonym searching.
Additional options are available to narrow down scan operations. For example, you can limit the search results to the best matching files, set file filters for matching and not matching names, indicate the file modification and size, and establish the search type between indexed or unindexed search only, or a combination between the two.
Build an index and view search results
It's possible to examine search history, print information or save it to file, copy file names, use a basic search function for the results, create a new index using advanced options (e.g. cache documents, case sensitive), update or manage indexes, and list index contents.
Moreover, dtSearch Desktop with Spider lets you inspect document information, view retrieved files in report format, check out any image files associated with the current document, change the dtSearch personal folder previously defined at startup, or create an options package and handpick the settings you want to include.
Customize numerous program preferences
You can tinker with settings concerning the indexing (e.g. document properties, filenames as text), letters and words (e.g. noise word list, maximum word length), filtering (e.b. binary files, languages to include), indexing resources, file segmentation, text fields, file types, Spider options and passwords, search options and results, user thesaurus, macros, document display, fonts and colors, PDF viewing, and external viewers.
Evaluation and conclusion
The app used low-to-moderate RAM and low CPU in our tests while conducting search operations. It returned results in reasonable time and didn't trigger the operating system to hang, crash or display error messages.
All things considered, dtSearch Desktop with Spider proves to be a comprehensive software application for rapidly performing file searches by applying advanced filters.







FileCleaner Torrent (Activation Code) [2022-Latest]

FileCleaner Crack Keygen is a easy-to-use and powerful file cleaner utility. It can safely and effectively remove unnecessary files, including temporary, junk, broken and duplicated files, system registry errors, malware, and Windows boot files. It can also assist you to uninstall or remove some miscellaneous programs and programs from the system that you have no need.
A fast, simple and powerful file cleaner
Using the plain and intuitive interface, you can easily customize a schedule for cleaning up files. You can also open a right-click panel to choose what kind of files you want to delete, and what kind of option you want to choose.
Selection of file extensions is possible, even though FileCleaner For Windows 10 Crack doesn’t scan the entire hard drive or memory completely. You can even choose to filter a certain type of file, for example, the files that are over 90 MB, or those that are in the deleted Windows startup folder.
Select file extensions and what kind of file types you want to delete
Moreover, you can also set options for most file cleaning methods. Cracked FileCleaner With Keygen supports:
– delete broken file to recover space
– free up disk space
– clean registry errors
– cleanup junk files
– speed up computer
– optimize system
– safe cleaning
– uninstall unwanted program
– delete recovery partition
– delete virus
– repair disk errors
Supported file extensions: All the popular formats are supported.
FileCleaner Cracked Version supports a variety of file formats, including popular data formats such as:

FileCleaner Crack

FileCleaner is a unique disk cleanup tool that allows you to scan, fix, delete, recover, undelete or restore any corrupted system files. From system tools to system processors, Software managers to printer drivers and system entries to disk sectors, FileCleaner is the most powerful software to scan, recover, fix and get rid of all your corrupted files and system files.
FileCleaner helps you to save your valuable time when your system files get corrupted due to poor data transfer, program installation, virus attack or other reasons. If your disk is infected by viruses, corrupt files or system files, it will lead to a lot of problems and may even cause permanent damage to your system. In order to solve this problem, all Windows users rely on using system tools to scan, recover, fix or clean corrupt windows files. But, system tools are not that powerful as FileCleaner is. The main purpose of FileCleaner is to scan, fix, recover, undelete or restore corrupted files and system files that may cause damage to your system.
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FileCleaner Download [32|64bit]

This safe and free utility will help you scan, clean and defrag your hard drive, and can even retrieve lost or deleted files, defrag your hard drive, clean and defrag your hard drive, and can even retrieve lost or deleted files.
This program can make your PC runs slowly! If you see it, do not hesitate to uninstall. And use the shortcut.
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This is a free, easy-to-use application that can send email through SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which is the default method for sending emails. Just fill-in the email address and text as the body and choose an attachment. It can combine multiple attachments into one or separate attachments by one or multiple file types. It can also set headers and authenticate with server.
1.This tool cannot send emails without the internet and internet service provider.
2. Please click the back button to exit this page when the email was sent.
If the message window does not display, please reopen the program.
Program features:
1, very easy to use: just write down or copy the email address, text in body, select the attachment, and click the button, you can even specify the sender and multiple recipients.
2, can combine multiple attachments into one or separate attachments by one or multiple file types.
3, can set email headers, you can write header information, make the headers of the message including: to, from, subject, body,…
4, can specify the Attachments name, file path, file name, and content types, which is particularly suitable for sending large attachments.
5, supports SMTP authentication with the accounts in the server, and can retrieve the lost emails from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live, Microsoft ActiveSync, AOL, and more.
6, save the output to both a HTML and Plain Text formats, save the sent email address, subject and sent date to the file.
7, can directly save the email to the Sent Items folder of MS Outlook, and in Gmail, it can be saved in the drafts folder.
8, it is free and safe to use, and it can defrag the hard drive and clean the junk files.
9, you can drag the files or folders from computer to clipboard to the email body.
This tool only works with MS Outlook.
The program is installed, after installing, you can put the files or folders

What’s New In?

FileCleaner is a utility that helps you to remove unwanted files, unused registry keys, invalid shortcuts and other garbage from your computer, which could help to increase the speed and performance of your computer. It is not only suitable for computers in home use, but also for business users. This tool can process the items in both Windows XP and Windows 7.
Use the possibility to view your desktop on an external device. You can use your computer as a classic mobile phone, a TV screen, a tablet, or a projector.
Review of the program
FileCleaner is a Windows application that can remove different files such as programs, installed files, shortcuts, lock icons, web browser history, recycle bin, temporary files, etc. If you are having problems with faster or slower PC, this tool is probably one of the most useful.
Manages files removal easily
If you do not want to have to uninstall files and folders manually, this tool is really helpful. Just press on the button and you can easily view which files are opened, deleted, unused or not executable. Do not miss the chance to check out this program, because it works the way you want. This application is clean and easy to use, but it is useful for professional use as well.
Removes everything
This tool is not only a software for cleaning your computer, but also for other purposes. You can easily remove unused programs or remove the files from your recycle bin. Note that this program doesn’t only work for Windows computers, but for any other operating system as well, such as Mac, or Linux.
Applications is not only for users who are having problems with their computer, but also for beginners. It is a software made with a new concept, easy-to-use. It is one of the most powerful tools for cleaning your computer.
Requires no installation
If you want to remove files, recycle bin, or remove cache, this tool will help you. It is a very useful tool to keep things clean, but it also removes all the files on your computer. It is a great and powerful tool, and it allows you to do more than what you think. It is the easiest tool to use, yet powerful software. It is also a free software, so you don’t have to worry about spending a penny.
The program is easy to learn
Anyone who uses this application will be amazed by its very easy-to-use interface. It is simple, yet powerful. It is not like other applications that are used for

System Requirements:

Supported operating systems:
OS: 64-bit Intel or AMD
Hard disk:
OS: 25 GB available space
Graphics card:
OS: Windows 7 compatible graphics card.
OS: Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0
Video: Windows 7 compatible video card.
Input: Keyboard and mouse
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