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“Our aim at FIFA is to make it easy to enjoy and get immersed into a unique football experience,” said Producer Andy Chown, “a new ball physics system ensures that each of the 22 players controls the ball with a realistic movement of their real-life body, enabling multiple ways of dribbling and passing.”

“The new intuitive Live Player Trajectory makes it easy to understand where the ball will move for every specific action performed, including dribbling, passing, shooting and striking.”

The official FIFA 22 trailer is now available on EA’s website.

More information about the new ball physics system, including a live demonstration is available here.

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Features Key:

  • Gameplay-driven presentation.
  • Linear transfer system.
  • More customization, more options.
  • Greater freedom to wage on-field battles.

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  • Simplicity.
  • Realism.
  • Tradition.
  • Simulation.

What’s new in FIFA 21?

  • Modern gameplay and new pass, shoot and control mechanics.
  • Revamped ball physics and improved player weighting.
  • Incredibly intuitive controls.
  • Each goalkeeper brings a new dimension to your club.

Xbox One X Enhanced

  • Xbox One X Enhanced.
  • Reduced input lag and increased frame-rate.
  • Ultra-smooth gameplay.
  • PlayStation 4 Pro Enhanced.
  • Experienced framerate and overall improvements.
  • Increased resolution and support for sharper visuals.
  • PlayStation VR Compatible.

Gameplay-driven presentation

  • FIFA 21 features all-new, improved camerawork features, so you can see players all over the field, tracked by their real-world position.
  • Improved animations and showcasing of player position on the pitch.
  • Improved player movement, more realistic and engaging viewing angles.
  • All-new dynamic goal celebration system with more goals, more music and, of course, epic player tributes.
  • New, cutting-edge graphics technology by EA
  • Beautifully detailed players, authentic ball physics, fully customizable pitch textures, re-designed ball dribbling and pass riding, all-new player weights, and the Professional Player Career mode.


Fifa 22 Free

FIFA is the best-selling sports series on the planet. Offering a host of authentic football action, FIFA features the authentic sounds of the sport including crowd reactions, players talking, and the whistles of the referee. Upcoming game launches are scheduled to run on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, with ongoing live services and frequent content updates on the FIFA channels on YouTube and Twitch. For more information, please visit:

In 2018 FIFA 19, the game’s lead development studio in Brazil, EA SPORTS, set out to develop the best possible game experience, ensuring the audio and visual quality of the game remains the pinnacle of the genre. With over 80 licensed players, EA SPORTS’ FIFA 19 delivers the most complete fantasy football experience ever. FIFA 19 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC features a myriad of improvements, including the ability to set custom formations in all online modes, assign coaches to create custom tactics on the fly and the ability to edit players’ equipment in Career Mode.

This year’s game features the most creative and authentic matches and moments in gameplay yet, with new animations, improved player AI and more. FIFA 19 brings all the action, controversy and unpredictability of the real world into the virtual realm.

Special Tournaments

Leagues : The UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, and others will be featured in Career Mode and Leagues.

: The UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, and others will be featured in Career Mode and Leagues. Cups: Major national cup competitions, including the FA Cup, Carabao Cup, Copa América, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Champions League, Europa League and more.

Major national cup competitions, including the FA Cup, Carabao Cup, Copa América, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Champions League, Europa League and more. Matches : There are a number of matches featuring classic fixtures, including the following classic matches:

• The Miracle in Munich

• The Maracanazo

• The Battle of Santiago

• The Battle of the Alamo

• The Battle of Kakslauttanen

• The Battle of El Salvador

• The Battle of Maldonada

• The Battle of the Maine

• The Battle of Algiers

• The Battle


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Build the ultimate team of the world’s greatest players. Take your favorite real-world and real-life footballers to create an unstoppable squad. Train your team to reach the pinnacle of the game with hundreds of skills and abilities. Unlock a new player every week and become a legend.

Local Connection – Multiple leagues in multiple countries. Create the new club you have always wanted, run multiple teams in multiple countries, and play in several different leagues at the same time. Expand your experience in a footballing experience unlike any other.

Player Careers – Authentically recreate the whole career of an individual player including managing a career path, resumé creation and earnings, being able to play in multiple leagues and competitions at the same time, analysis of each individual career, and details on how to achieve each level of success.

Kit Customisation – Build your dream kit with up to 20 different kits to select from, including your very own personalised re-coloured kits and third party kits that you can choose from.

Stadium Customisation – Design and recreate the most iconic stadiums from the world’s most popular football leagues on the planet, such as the legendary Anfield stadium in the Premier League. Create your own masterpiece or buy the stadium of your dreams.


Club Management – Manage and control your club from the transfer market to your training facilities, to your stadium, to your kit, and to your club image. Create a board of directors, coaches, and be paid as your club rises up through the ranks. Manage your club across the world in multiple leagues and locations at the same time. Make sure your club is in ultimate condition, and constantly improve your skills so that you can stay ahead of the competition and achieve even greater success than your club has ever seen before.


Detailed statistics – Players accrue careers stats as they play, so you get to see exactly what your team is doing in your games, across all competitions, in all leagues.

Detailed team statistics – Each game provides detailed information for the team as a whole, including playing formations, performance, how your players are doing, and a gallery of your team’s key moments for every game.

Detailed player statistics – At the end of each game, a detailed and dedicated data page allows you to review your players, where they are playing, and how they are performing in every game.




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