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Download —>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


When the team-based online multiplayer mode, Online Seasons, features crowd-moderated teams, each of which consists of real-life real-life players, every decision by the people interacting with each team in the forum will be properly reflected on the field.

PES 2016 introduces “Vision Control,” which features Real Player Motion-Tracking, a technology that has come a long way since it first appeared in FIFA. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power gameplay, delivering a level of realism far superior to that of earlier soccer games in PES’s history.

(ABOVE: “Vision Control” combined with “Real Player Motion-Tracking” delivers a level of realism far superior to that of earlier soccer games in PES’s history.)

Player-Oriented Development (POD)

Soccer games used to be about goalkeeping, goal scoring and short corners, and any game where the player had to leave the pitch to “save” the game was something of a joke.

For the PES series, that’s all changed. With PES 2018, the whole game has been redeveloped, including the development of player models.

FIFA 2019 features:

Oriented Player Development (OPD)

New “Position-Specific Movements”

Player Tracers

Player Interaction

Player Development

New “Opponent Interactions”

FIFA 20 introduced Player-Oriented Development (OPD) technology, the game’s new AI engine, and new “player ratings” that reward players for the talents they showed in the previous year’s game.

FIFA 20 introduced Position-Specific Movements (PSMs) and Player Interaction (PIR) controls.

For FIFA 21, we have made improvements to even more aspects of the game. Alongside a huge number of new modes, new skills and dribble moves, there are also new Player-Oriented Development (OPD) technologies added.

We wanted to be able to measure players’ performance by following the path they took in their dribbling, passing, shooting, tackling and defending movements. This in-game information can be used to improve your performance and so


Features Key:

  • Let your intuition run the show as you take control of every football move as you guide your club through to the Champions League – and beyond. Turn every play into the chance to score as you preview your moves before making them. Choose form, shape and fitness parameters on each player and lift the stats to perfection. The rewards are yours to take.
  • Master communication. Use the Ball Command system to dictate play, and improve your defensive techniques with new Move the Ball reactions. When you’ve got a plan on the ball, you can talk it out with your team-mates, reacting to your opponents to change the game at any point.
  • Ever wondered what it takes to lift The Lion of Spain? Or what gives the best goalkeeper the edge? Live out your future as a football manager or literally go beyond the game with a Pro’s career. Whether you choose to manage, play, watch, share or coach, we’ve designed a completely connected experience, through a new and dynamic gameplay system, to make you more engaged than ever before.
  • Partnerless. Take on rival managers, compete against your friends with new online leaderboard functionality, or join a team to play the most authentic of football. Featuring features like ‘Call to Arms,’ which brings together rivals from around the world for explosive online clashes, to ‘FUT Draft,’ where players can conquer the great rivalries of the game from the safety of your sofa.
  • Test your mettle on new and diverse environments, from tropical beaches to the urban jungle.


Fifa 22 [Mac/Win]

EA Sports’ FIFA franchise is the world’s leading association football video game series. Since the game’s debut on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in late 1994, the series has sold over 150 million copies worldwide.


In FIFA 19, you’ll feel the game’s evolution from pitch to play: Passes are stronger, tackles are more accurate, and goalkeepers make incredible saves. New Team Styles allow you to play and approach the game in your favorite footballing style. And FIFA Ultimate Team™ continues its worldwide domination, showcasing the biggest prize pools in Ultimate Team history.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Build a dream squad of the world’s best and most coveted players with Ultimate Team, and take them on in FIFA Ultimate Team modes. Play Seasons, where you earn coins that you can spend on cards or use to purchase packs of players. Or compete in new modes like Champion Hunt and Go All Or Nothing.

FIFA Game Modes

In Ultimate Team, Get Ball Control and Shoot to Score modes make scoring fun again. Others, like the new My Club mode or new Commentary Experience modes, will immerse you even further in the world of football.

The FIFA Team

Every great team has a great player. The EA SPORTS FIFA Team featured in FIFA 19 will take you through the careers of your favourite players, and allow you to play as some of the world’s most accomplished players.

FIFA 19 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

Connect FIFA games on all the platforms they can be played on, whether that’s Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC. With FIFA 19, come the best free-to-play football experience in the series.

FIFA Mobile

The FIFA Mobile experience is unmatched on mobile with FIFA Ultimate Team, offers realistic, in-depth gameplay and seamless experience, as well as access to the entire FIFA 19 library.

The all-new FIFA Ultimate Team

Need to spend real-world money on FIFA Points to buy better cards, or to unlock the players you love? Look no further. From cards that transfer a whole team’s attributes to one-off dream players, FIFA Ultimate Team gives you access to the biggest prize pools in the history of the sport.

New Commentary Experience

In FIFA 19, you’ll enjoy all-new commentary featuring experiences you can only get from the real thing, as well as first-time guest appearances from football legends past and present


Fifa 22 Activator Free Download PC/Windows

Win matches in FUT using a mix of players from the FIFA universe. Explore the new FUT Companion App to check out new players and super packs, as well as the new FUT Rivals mode. And with new progression rules and XP boosts, the FUT Insider programme gets players even closer to achieving their ultimate dream of owning the best players in the game.

The Journey – Reimagine soccer as you play every minute of every game on or off the pitch with the Journey*. The Journey gives you the chance to lead your club to glory. Earn trophies in-game and through the updated game manager, then unlock unique kit and stadium designs to make your club unique. Seize opportunities on and off the field and face off against other managers in the new FUT Champions mode*.

The Champions League – Play for your club on the biggest stage, representing your country in the FIFA Champions League*. Prove yourself in international friendlies and compete in Group Stage, Round of 16 and Final matches, all based on real-world continental tournaments – from qualifying, through the group stages and right to the knockout stages.

FIFA 2K19 is packed with deeper Career Mode, more authentic gameplay, Ultimate Team, and the brand new FUT Champions to deliver an all-new soccer experience for 2019. FIFA 2K19 is packed with a variety of changes to the game, including the FUT Champions experience, Career Mode, and lots of new features that will make the experience more accessible to even more players.

FIFA 2K19 includes a brand new set of Player Animations. These updated animations capture the emotion of players and have been specifically created to better translate player movement to the game’s fluidity. Players now move with more expression than ever before.

With over 100 real-world licences, the FIFA 2K19 Transfer Packs contain over 3,000 players to draft, and you can now trade construction cards in-game to receive special bonuses, both during construction and once in play.

The FIFA experience is now bigger than ever before with new options for real-time interaction on the pitch via the new in-game CONNECTION feature which lets you experience new things like the brand new Ball Control feature, celebration features, and more. Now, the lines are being blurred between what’s real and what’s interactive.


What’s new:

  • • First-time draft mode integrated with an exciting new scoring system, showing how your current stats and player ratings will affect your draft results.
    • • New draft positions shared across all modes to provide an overall draft overview.
      • • New pro day mode, where you can test yourself against your past stats and records and plan your preparation ahead of your ideal season. This will have a major effect on both your current in-game stats and future performance.


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