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In the pre-season release of the game, specifically before the Fifa 22 Crack Free Download Update, we are offering a chance for FIFA fans all around the world to be a part of the FIFA 22 development process! This will be done in two different ways:

#1: Download the FIFA 22 Beta

The launch of the FIFA 22 Beta will be announced via the FUT 21 Beta Newsletter, which will be going out to selected Beta Testers in the week of August 14th. Please be sure to check the FIFA 21 Beta Newsletter as part of your FUT 20 Beta News Feed which will contain information for you to download and start playing the FIFA 21 Beta at any time in the next few days.

#2: Participate in the Developer Interviews

Between August 13th to August 21st we will conduct 2 in-depth developer interviews focused on the creation of the new team mechanics and AI that go into the game. We will also go into details on the new player data and the new match engine. There will also be an interview with the sound designer at Visceral Games who is responsible for bringing the new audio to life!

You will have the opportunity to get to know the folks behind the magic at EA, asking questions about the new gameplay features, the team mechanics and AI, and the new match engine. Your questions will be answered and you will find out what the EA team is thinking about the game and how to make this one the greatest FIFA ever!

How to Apply:

If you would like to participate in any of the developer interviews, please send in a list of questions to the FIFA 21 Community Manager, Bastien Guerry on Steam or at

Interviews will take place in London during week of August 13th, not necessarily starting on the actual day.

How to submit your questions:

Once a question is submitted it will be reviewed by EA. Once accepted, your question will be used as a part of the final video. If it is rejected for any reason, you have the option to withdraw the question from the program.

What is covered in the interviews:

An EA representative will be available to answer questions about the new team mechanics and AI, as well as details on the new player data and the new match engine.

In a regular interview session the developer will answer all questions submitted by the FIFA Community.

How to submit your questions:

You will be required to


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.
  • Every player in the game has been given a new, highly detailed visual overhaul. Seamlessly design your team’s look by choosing kits, and click through history books to unlock iconic team crests.
  • Within each skill you choose from the new Create-a-Pro system you can have the option to “Upgrade Your Player’s Style” to either a new player’s kit, a single element or even a whole tutorial. Create a player by clicking on their various skills and special abilities, ranging from dribbling to shooting, and then playing with or against them.
  • Realistic player models, along with the new AI system, dynamically adapts to your team’s tactics. Dynamic defending, playing on an intelligent pitch or pressing the right tactics for each player are just a click away.
  • Experienced transfer scouts have been added to scout out the best talent you can buy. Over 100 players from around the world are now available to choose from, with an expanded variety of positions, roles and situations.
  • A new Galvanising Gameweek functionality brings the excitement of the Real Club World Challenge straight into the game. Fantasy Ultimate Team participants can now choose a club from 32 of the world’s top elite sides to face in the Galvanising Gameweek.
  • Worked into the game is the ability to create your own manager through Create-a-Club and Create-a-Pro modes. We have also introduced a new The Platforum vote competition as part of the game to allow you to help decide where your clubs will be playing their football from 2016-17.
  • FIFA 22 comes with a range of new features for every part of the game. From complex decision making to detailed dribbling, enhanced tactical timing and interactive abilities.
  • FIFA


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    EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s most authentic football game. Combining legendary club teams from around the globe, FIFA is the most popular sport in the world and the highest grossing sports game series of all time.

    FIFA is the reason why so many people play football. With modes like Fifa World Cup™, FIFA World Class™, and FIFA Ultimate Team™, FIFA provides a platform for anyone to play the beautiful game in a unique way.

    Create your team and experience the thrill of official matches on the pitch. Choose your play style, build a unique and authentic football club, and play how you want to play. FIFA lets you build the ultimate team, compete in official matches from around the world, and experience the ultimate football experience.

    FIFA on Facebook

    EA SPORTS has launched FIFA on Facebook, our first global social community platform that enables you to play with and compete against friends from around the world in more ways than ever. Explore the community and create your Ultimate Team. Play in live, weekly tournaments. And share your best moments with FIFA World Cup™ Moments.

    Live Match-Day Events – FIFA World Cup™ Moments

    Find out when FIFA World Cup™ Moments are taking place and upload your best FIFA World Cup™ Moments from matches played in the official FIFA World Cup™ tournament to add to the official tournament rankings.

    See how your friends are doing, and invite them to play in official FIFA World Cup™ Moments to earn EA Points.

    Enter-to-Win Contests

    The sheer volume of activities on FIFA on Facebook has seen us launch our first enter-to-win contest. Players are invited to run a Football Bingo game on FIFA on Facebook that is fully integrated into the game, for the chance to win prizes.

    Facebook Playlists

    We are also using FIFA on Facebook to provide football action and activities from around the world to all Facebook users. Football content on FIFA on Facebook includes official match broadcasts from UEFA club competitions, FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League games, plus an assortment of friendly and unofficial games.

    Featured Events

    We have also introduced a new Featured Events section in FIFA on Facebook. This section will appear in the Home tab, and will provide a small amount of guaranteed content to users.


    We are also providing more features to help players from around the world connect and play football together. For example, players can now search for friends and make new friendships based on their


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    Create the ultimate squad of Pro players with FUT, FIFA’s ultimate footballing trading card game. Take your chosen team to a new level of play in a variety of game modes. Begin by picking your favourite team from over 300 real teams in a series of weekly-season tournaments. Once you have created your team you can use FUT coins to purchase players on your team, using real-life prices based on players’ attributes.

    EA SPORTS Elite –
    Create and customise over 500 real-world team kits in FIFA 17, not to mention build your football club in real-time. Decide on your team’s visual identity as you personalise your team, stadium, squad, and more. Sculpt each player using your mouse as you import each one of the game’s over 500 playable players. Create your team’s style with kits, ball, and boots. Train your team and gain experience as you go, competing in live and interactive league matches.

    Mentor Mode –
    Take on your trainer’s duties as he handles everything from player development to tactics, all while competing in virtual cups. Experience the transition from goalkeeper to coach as you become a professional. Plus, launch your club from the grassroots, build a stadium, raise your team, and play in real tournaments. Live the player-coach life through each stage of a club’s evolution, from its debut in a spring-tournament to your involvement in major league tournaments and Champions League. This is the FIFA club experience like no other.

    The FIFA series of video games is a hugely popular game across a wide variety of gaming platforms. The FIFA games have featured teams from all over the world, including the Caribbean, Japan, Korea, and much more. The FIFA series of games were first released for MS-DOS computers in 1991. The games were one of the first multiplayer games to be released. They were extremely successful, and the first ten FIFA games sold over a million copies each. By 2004, FIFA 11 had sold over 10 million copies. The American football version of FIFA was released in 1999. It was one of the most successful sports games ever released, and sold over a million copies. In 2004, EA Sports released the FIFA 07 version of American football. The game was also a huge success, despite having to compete with the Madden series of games. The FIFA games have grown in popularity ever since. In 2006, the original FIFA series was


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • Fixes a variety of match-fixing bugs and anti-cheat systems.
    • Improved live service through server-side patching and updates to the in-game match engine.


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    The only globally available multimedia entertainment sports brand in the world. FIFA is the game that defines football as it is played today. With FIFA, players can enjoy a deep and realistic football experience, with the authentic sounds, sights, emotions and challenges that come with playing the beautiful game.

    FIFA 22’s Gameplay:

    INTERNATIONAL: Authentically recreate the atmosphere of the World’s Game.

    FIFA 22 introduces improvements based on feedback from fans from around the world, giving players greater control over their game experience.

    – Improved dribbling feel – Drag the ball in and out with ease, using the new Acceleration and First Touch controls.

    – Sliding tackles are more responsive and feel natural

    – New second-time shot control, which comes at less risk.

    – Improved ball control and stability on the pitch.

    – Attack your opponents with even more of a purpose.

    – Variations to the artificial intelligence are now more realistic.


    – New situational intelligence: Solve your way to victory, using new tactical options.

    – Plus, more ways to play: A new simple and defensive Fouls to Fouls mode

    – Player attributes have been upgraded, allowing for better situational intelligence


    – Easily spot approaching opponents or calls for sub-stages, giving you visual insight into the next tactical situation.

    – Refrain from panicking, and rally your team around the greatest potential on the pitch.

    – Take each scenario at your own pace.

    – This includes a simple fouls to fouls mode

    – Blitz through each scenario using the most effective tactics to unlock useful items and discover tactical tips and animations on your own.

    – Objectives can now be achieved in multiple ways, making for more exciting gameplay.


    – Play four exciting and enhanced core modes: Career Mode, FUT Champions, Draft Mode and Ultimate Team.


    – Enter the FIFA Interactive World Cup and battle it out with the world’s top players on a global stage.


    – Turn up the excitement and experience an enhanced Draft Mode.


    – Run your club through a simulated Season and compete for glory.



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