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“After months of play testing and laser scanning, we’re thrilled to present this incredible new technology. It just works, it feels right, it enhances the game experience and it adds a lot of variety to the experience of FIFA gameplay,” said Oliver Halley, VP of FIFA. “We’ve also added more players, the ball physics, field of view, rebalance of the ball models, player control of the ball, on-ball dynamics and many other mechanics that enhance gameplay.”

In addition to a host of gameplay enhancements, a number of improvements have been made to player characteristics. Players now have a wider variety of skill sets than previous titles and they can play with more physicality than ever before. Beyond that, you will also be able to see players that are injured and those who will be suspended. This new information will help when evaluating your prospects for new players or your captaincy.

“With the introduction of the new player characteristics, it’s an exciting time to be a FIFA player. I can’t wait to see you capture the moments on the field and take them into your FIFA Ultimate Team,” said Fifa 22 Product Key Executive Producer, Lars Bakken.

Major Changes:

New Player Characteristics:

New Player Traits:

New Player Types:

New Progression System:

New Formation System:

Football Operations:

Live Spectator Match:

Roster Update:

Technical Improvements:

User Interface Improvements:

New Player Traits:










New Player Types:





New Progression System:






New Formation System:



Football Operations:

Switch to Formation

Defender Choice

Defender Strength

Goalkeeper Choice

Playmaker Choice

Striker Choice

Online Usability Improvements:

Customise Match Length

Change Player Roles

My Team

My Friend’s Team


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Get back on course for the FIFA Career as you build your player career and become a legend in your club.
  • Enjoy new control schemes and responsive controls, making FIFA feel more engaging than ever.
  • Build, train, and manage your squad.
  • Enjoy incredible new game modes including Club World Cup, FA Cup, Champions League, FIFA Premier League and the Visa World Cup.
  • Innovations such as HyperMotion Soccer, FIFA You, Kinect for season, new Pro Clubs, KICK OFF FORUM, cover both and individual and team gameplay modes, in-game messages, and the ability to log in to the FIFA Network or EA SPORTS™ Ultimate Team.
  • Winning Team Performance for PES Pro Clubs.
  • Enhanced physics engine and EXPERIENCE THE NEW FIFA Soccer.
  • Player DNA for better talent prediction, movement, set-up and skills.


  • FIFA Ultimate Team – expand your collection of footballers and put together the ultimate squad.
  • EXPERIENCE THE NEW FIFA Soccer – a more athletic, natural and elegant game which brings football back to its roots.
  • FIFI for Kinect – Enjoy an enhanced sensitivity to new gestures and movements.


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FIFA 20 is where we left off in the careers of Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Neymar Jr., Lionel Messi and many more of the world’s biggest footballing stars. If you prefer to build your own squad, then FIFA Ultimate Team is where your journey begins. Every club has its own distinct playing style, and buying the best players from around the world gives you the best chance of winning. FIFA Ultimate Team also gives you the chance to take part in the FIFA 20 player shortlisting, where you and your friends can compete for a FIFA 20 football – as you would in real life – by choosing from the players shortlisted by the community.

EA SPORTS FIFA 20 will launch worldwide on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch on Sept. 27.

Supported Languages:









Chinese (Simplified)




Chinese (Traditional)


Simplified & Traditional Chinese





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Fifa 22 Free Download

FIFA 22 comes with the brand new Ultimate Team feature that will allow you to construct the greatest side and compete in online challenges against your friends. Now you’ll be able to build a squad of over 350 real-world players, drawn from over 100 leagues and competitions, as you compete in real-life challenges by earning packs of virtual coins in gameplay through daily activities. FUT lets you play your favorite clubs and discover exciting new players in one of the most innovative FIFA leagues ever.

Social features –
“I think the most important part of FUT is the fact that it allows you to play with a whole community of people you wouldn’t normally meet,” said Leixson. “It’s easy to get into the competitive game, which is great, but I think for those who are passionate about football and have found a community like that, FUT is perfect.”

Official fantasy game –
The Official Fantasy Game allows you to enter the spirit of the transfer market and follow the evolution of more than 45,000 players around the world. The Official Fantasy Game is a digital version of The Fantasy Game which was first played by professional footballers and is now played by football fans, allowing them to create their very own virtual leagues, clubs and players.

In addition to all of the new features you can find that all players can enjoy, who else wants to know about the other game modes that can be played with the game? They are often played by the players themselves. The players would like to know what there is what you can do, because that is also a factor of the popularity and the fun to play in the game.

Story-mode for small children
Now a FIFA game is even launched with a puzzle game mode. You can try this with children around 9 years. The storyline will even be shown to your kid and tell you about the development of their soccer team. Or if your child plays soccer, you can set up games so that they get a little hint of a virtual career in real soccer. There are several options that the game will offer, so that you will find the right one for your child. One thing I do not like is the extremely small text. The print that is large enough for you to read (font size: 7,8) is not readable for the younger players in the family. Also, the graphics of the Soccer game are relatively old.

The style is similar to the cartoon series “Kid Cu


What’s new in Fifa 22:


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