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In addition to the physical movements of the players, the game allows players to perform wayward runs, close control of teammates to pass and receive, and take-on the defense.

“The data collected by HyperMotion Technology enables us to build the movement patterns of real players into a simulation that is more responsive and authentic,” said John Chenery, senior designer, gameplay, EA Sports. “The movement patterns aren’t transferred directly to the game — rather it’s used to allow the player to perform wayward running, close control actions, take-on the defense, and make quick passes.

“The system captures the subtleties of each player’s real-life movement patterns – and gives players ways to play and create entirely new ways to play, in a completely new way.”

FIFA UCL 2017 and UEFA Europa League 2017 see the introduction of augmented reality (AR) tools.

The new FIFA UCL 2017 World Club Challenge mini-game sees players take on players from Barcelona and Liverpool in a new AR-enabled match. Also, it allows fans to watch Premier League matches using in-game AR tools.

“Augmented reality allows us to tell real-life stories,” said Domenico Valentino, senior producer of FIFA UCL, World Club Challenge and Club World Cup. “For example, we could build a story around a victory for Liverpool in the Champions League Final. We can then use the same technology to show players from various clubs to play a new video feature, or talk to them about their passions and histories.”

UEFA Euro 2017 sees the new “Berserk” AI Behavior system.

Inspired by the Greek myth of heroes, the Berserk AI system has been improved to accurately react to an attack. It also gives players more control to vary their behavior based on their opponents.

Berserk AI works in a similar way to Real Madrid’s “Dynamax” system.

“FIFA UCL 2017 is one of the most challenging seasons in the history of the World Club Championships,” said Valentino. “UEFA Euro 2017 is equally as challenging. With our players playing against the best teams in the world, both club and country, we are thrilled to have such an innovative technology to work with.



Features Key:

  • Career Mode – Play as both a manager and a player to be the best
  • New cool new ‘teams’
  • Change your team’s style, kits, and stadium to your liking
  • Build your Ultimate Team from more than 1,000 players, including all the new FIFA international stars
  • Classic gameplay enhanced to bring out the real-world feel
  • New Player Abilities like combined moves in one-on-one situations, Free Kicks, and high speed runs
  • Win and lose challenges drive your game
  • Mini-games
  • New game modes across core gameplay, online, ‘Soccer Night’, and FIFA Ultimate Team
  • New Balance balls that feel more true to life
  • Unlocked autosaved game world
  • A new ‘Squad Switch’ camera system
  • Smart new player behavior – now reacts and changes its passes and runs as you direct. Throws you the ball now tells your teammates that you’re passing to them instead
  • New total presentation, including atmospherics and 3D animation
  • Random World Seasons
  • New Team Styles
  • New Stadiums
  • New visual Game Improvements
  • New goal celebration animations


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EA SPORTS FIFA is a series of association football video games published by Electronic Arts. The game has been published continuously since its first release in 1993, and continues to evolve as the sport of association football changes around the world.

What is FIFA?

EA SPORTS FIFA is a series of association football video games published by Electronic Arts. The game has been published continuously since its first release in 1993, and continues to evolve as the sport of association football changes around the world.

Can I play as another team when I’m with players from another team?

Yes. Teams can play with multiple subs to create the most authentic connection. Players can switch between FUT teams at any point.

What can players do while on a training ground pitch?

Teams can take part in training and team-based exercises.

What if my players want to leave the team?

Players can leave a team at any point in-game (subject to team regulations).

Are the venues different to the real ones?

Yes. The venues in FIFA have been significantly enhanced, and replicas of iconic stadiums are included. The atmosphere of stadiums is also more varied than in previous versions of the game.

What is time and weather doing?

Time continues to run over the course of a match, and the weather will change as the seasons progress.

What is the ball doing?

FIFA players will experience a wider range of shot types than ever before. Propelled only by EA SPORT’s latest ball physics model, they behave, react and spin in many different ways.

Will the new ball physics affect the way I can play?

The new ball physics does not affect gameplay.

How many players can play on a team?

Up to 24 players can play per team, and eight teams can compete at a time.

Do the new cards work with a controller?

The New Focus Pass card slot accepts a FIFA Ultimate Team card with a microchip.

Is my gameplay affected by weather and time?

Yes, there are many factors that may affect gameplay in different ways. The weather, pitch quality and more are all part of the player experience.

Will I play better if I change my view angle?

Changing your view angle improves your field of view, which will improve your view of the action.

What does the new player intro mean for FIFA Ultimate Team?


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The MUT game mode lets you play in Ultimate Matches, build and manage your Ultimate Team in the new FUT Manager mode and earn, buy and sell all the players, kits and more.

The Journey Pass –
The Journey Pass gives you full access to the Community Centre and all 14 destinations. In addition, your FIFA career will receive an update on your journey so you can progress in the story that led to your arrival at The Community Centre.

3rd Person Camera –
In 3rd person view, you can see every player on the field and create a fully customized experience.

Leagues –
You can compete in the FUT Champions, FUT Cup, FUT Internationals and FUT Premier League Leagues.

Trophies/Awards –
An all new Trophy Manager system allows for managing your FIFA career from a new perspective.

When EA Sports announced the fact that FIFA 20 would be out later this year, fans of the world’s number one football video game were awed. Will this be the year where FIFA finally steps up and leaves the ones behind?

You’d be wrong. This year, FIFA has been borrowing heavily from Madden and Madden Ultimate Team to deliver a football game that feels increasingly more like a Sim. There’s not just a new virtual Pro you can build and control – there’s a new player you can manage. The new levels, new career modes and new ways to play FIFA 20 all combine to give you a very different FIFA experience.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, you will be able to assemble a team of well-known, highly rated, members of the FIFA community and play in online matches. The end result will be an all-new-player experience that looks, feels and plays almost exactly like FIFA. Maybe even more so. But FIFA Ultimate Team will cost you an extra $30.

This should be a game that everyone picks up. As a football fan, you should want to try it out.

You’ll be able to be your own manager in a new career mode called FUT Manager. This is a full-on version of FUT. You’ll not only be able to manage a single club for a season in FUT Manager, but you’ll be able to create multiple clubs in the career mode. This means you’ll be able to follow your club from whichever division it comes from, all the way up to the Premier League. Sounds exciting.



What’s new:

  • CREATE your own team with iconic FIFA Pro-A-Team and National Team players and build your dream squad by seamlessly trading between your FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) cards and the real-life FIFA squad.
  • New stadium interactivity – go behind the scenes on the new stadiums in FIFA 22 and see the transformation of some of the most iconic stadia throughout the world in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • New System Link feature – The Manager AI Unit adapts to better how your squad plays on the pitch, train in the changing room, manage the media and interact with fans.
  • New Player On-Field Behaviour – Players adapt their styles of play and individual strategies based on the game situation. AI teammates seek out the ball, making advanced passes and rescuing when things go wrong.
  • UEFA Pro License: Fight for supremacy in all 8,717 UEFA Leagues and Cups from Get ready to send, score, and receive free kicks from the referee with Pro-License mode.
  • UEFA Cup & Trophy Seasons: Play knockout rounds and a Tournoi de France, now featuring 15 teams from all 7 regions and including a secondary Elite Route. UEFA Pro-License and additional RUM cards available.
  • Global Online Pass: Play single or multiplayer with all your clubs – online or off-line. Earn FIFA points to earn items from the FIFA Store, clubs and also unlock additional content in the “Online Pass Collector” achievement. Available for Xbox One and PS4.
  • Football ID Creation: Design and re-order your own Team IDs and creating your National Team ID now includes a new 2D presentation editor.


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FIFA is the most influential football video game series of all time. First published by EA Canada on PC, PlayStation® and Sega Saturn® in September 1993, FIFA sold over 15 million copies and firmly cemented the series’ legacy as one of gaming’s most-beloved franchises. Over the decades that followed, FIFA titles continued to meet the highest of expectations while introducing new features and refinements to cement its reputation as the undisputed king of football games. FIFA 20 takes the series to new heights. New coach, new career mode, new kits and new roster of top stars as well as iconic stadiums that capture the feel of the sport’s biggest events. With powerful new gameplay innovations, franchise mode and online gameplay, FIFA 20 is the deepest and most authentic FIFA yet.


Live Roster Creation – Players have been added to FIFA 20 rosters throughout the years, but this year there’s never been a better time to make your squad your own. With more than 25 years of FIFA history and a new robust roster editor, we’re introducing new features such as advanced import and export options, facial scans and high-quality facial mappings to craft the perfect team.

Introducing Arena Teams – In addition to adding a new Rivals mode, we’ve introduced the ability for players to create Arena Teams, the fans’ ultimate club sides featuring retired global legends.

Premiere Clubs – With three new brand new teams in addition to the twenty-four returning Club license holders, all Club license holders will be able to control twelve global teams.

International Teams – With over 300 players with over 100 available on any license, this year’s FIFA is the largest collection of football players ever. The worldwide roster has never been more diverse, with more than 300 players from more than 100 countries, across six regions, on nearly 100 licensed clubs.

Roster Builder – Create your starting XI as you’ve never seen the game before with a full-featured Roster Builder. From training to gameplay to tournament progression, the roster manager gives you the tools you need to shape your team.

World Cup 2022 – A host nation, and home nation, of course! FIFA 20 introduces Brazil 2022. Select from three host cities – Brasilia, Feira de Santana and Guarulhos – and prepare for football’s greatest tournament.

New FIFA 20 Roster – Welcome to the new


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System Requirements:

1.4 GHz Processor or better
512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
3 GB available storage space
6 DoF with 3.5mm trackpad (preferably Bluetooth 3.0)
Bluetooth 4.0
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