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In addition to the “HyperMotion” technology, FIFA 22 will introduce Precision Dribbling, which adds physical player behavior and interaction to gameplay. The Precision Dribbling system models player body position, speed, size, weight, field position and where in the field he is as he faces up and down the pitch, and simulates the player’s touch, balance and reaction to avoid or control opponents while dribbling.

Finally, a new Passing System introduces players’ position on the pitch, with defenders adjusting positions to your where you pass. This gives defenders new position awareness, which makes them react more quickly to anticipate your pass.

“I look forward to delivering even more realism and intensity in FIFA 22,” said Producer David Rutter. “The ‘HyperMotion’ and Precision Dribbling systems offer a whole new level of player movement and interaction that is sure to delight players, as well as the game’s development teams. We will soon see the new skills that we have introduced to the game through the Precision Dribbling system starting to emerge, with teammates now responding to your actions, opposition players adjusting their positions, and defenders adapting their footwork and movement, amongst many other new elements.”

“Our new ‘HyperMotion’ player movement system plays a major part in the new gameplay features which we are implementing for FIFA 22,” said EA SPORTS FIFA Lead Engineer, Ian Shepherd. “Players are more active and immediately interact with each other on the pitch. They move more and drive the action. Players move using a new physics-based animation and the smaller movements of players are more realistic, creating reactions off the ball with more realism and intensity.”

“The Precision Dribbling system makes players more responsive and easier to control by placing the ball at the player’s feet and matching it perfectly to his movement,” added Ian. “The whole game plays more like a real match now.”

Sheet of Stadiums Features – FIFA 22’s all-new Stadiums feature now includes 250 stadiums and 250 club kits across 28 different countries. This high-resolution, in-game representation of the stadiums allows for teams to be represented by their club colors, with the new Stadium feature being a key driver behind the inclusion of new club kit designs. New Stadiums are also available through the Premium Item Shop.

Player Impact Engine – The


Features Key:

  • Introducing “HyperMotion” Movement
  • Enhanced animation and fidelity
  • New “Evolve Gameplay”
  • New Stadiums
  • New Kits
  • Retro kits
  • New Player Traits
  • Player Intelligence
  • New Player Behaviors
  • New Players
  • Improved performance
  • Loading speed
  • Online gameplay and more social features
  • Unprecedented authenticity
  • FIFA Experience
  • Challenge friends to Career Challenges
  • Personalise your Player card
  • Unprecedented levels of control
  • New Captaincy Experiences
  • In-game creation suite
  • Compete for the Ball
  • Create genuine challenges with Goalscoring
  • Shot Controls and further changes to Ball Physics
  • New Offside
  • Players’ positioning behind the ball


Fifa 22 X64

FIFA is a leading global sports brand with a 100-year history of offering a premium FIFA experience, offering more gameplay depth and personalisation features than any other sports game in history.

FIFA is also the world’s number one sports game franchise, having sold over 350 million licences since its launch in 1994.


Feedback from recent FIFA games means that we’re changing the game for the better, thanks to the FIFA community.

Our focus this year is on a new season of innovation across the entire franchise.

With a new gameplay engine, new control system and new modes, FIFA is looking sharper than ever before.

Fans can experience the improvements first-hand in EA SPORTS FIFA 20, which will launch on October 27th and is available to pre-order now.


Players are now more focused, faster and fitter, with enhanced dribbling and passing

Clear passes and tackles are a thing of the past

Improved goalkeeper animations help better control the game

Improved AI gameplay that allows defenders to move better and better


Pressing RB allows players to move the ball around the pitch

Pressing LT allows players to cut inside

Pressing LT+RT allows players to make sharp turning movements (Ikeball)

Pressing LT+LK allows players to pull out a pass

Pressing RK allows players to perform a ‘shimmy’ or spin


Passing with the right analogue stick allows players to use a variety of pass styles

Passing with the left analogue stick allows players to use a variety of pass styles

Cuts inside are a thing of the past and are all now provided by the left analogue stick

Moving the ball from left to right with the right analogue stick allows players to use a variety of play styles

Cuts outside are a thing of the past and are all now provided by the right analogue stick

Breaks are now provided by pressing the right analogue stick and moving the left one and vice versa

Reflections are now provided by pressing the left analogue stick

Style of play

Players are now more focused and fitter, with enhanced dribbling and passing

Clear passes and tackles are a thing of the past

Improved goalkeeper animations help better control the game


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FIFA Ultimate Team is back as the Ultimate Game and introduces all-new ways to build your very own dream squad. With 100 different cards, all-new presentations and animations, more ways to play your way and your very own Manager AI, FIFA Ultimate Team has been updated for the ultimate football experience. Play as your very own player, or choose from the best footballers in the world – with over 1,200 official players available, you’re never short of inspiration when creating the ultimate team.

Updated player cards– 100 new cards to unlock, including former PFA Players and Football Heroes.

New cards –

Ball Mastery – The new Ball Mastery presents dribbling skills and passing abilities at the touch of a button.

Collect ’em All – Discover and collect coins, that can be used to unlock a wealth of new items.

Voiceover – 2 New languages!

Competition – There are four new competitions added to the game that you can now experience in-game.

Create your own stadium in FIFA 22 and build your dream team. In Career Mode, you can even manage your club, create your own kit, and run a staff of experts to help you reach the top. Both modes feature an all-new, immersive presentation, and one-of-a-kind story lines that let you live out your fantasy of playing football.

This game is sure to please all the football fans. The game brings a lot of deep change in the game. The game is well balanced. The game is tough as well. You can win matches easily by using the right skills. The game is more professional than other games like FIFA.

FIFA is still the king of football games. But in FIFA 20, the game has taken a big leap forward. The game is much better than the previous versions. The game is well-balanced and offers a great experience for all ages. This game is great for the casual soccer fans and the hardcore ones.

The ball is the center stage in this game. Play as the superstar or strive to be one in a soccer career mode. Make your own team and compete with the rest in the regular season, the league, and the playoffs. Or create your own stadium and fill it with superstars, including yourself and your friends.

The gameplay will be fluid and the touch screen controls are responsive in this game. The graphics are stunning with the game world, stadiums, and players. All of the licensed national


What’s new:

  • New and improved Career Mode.
  • New Match Day includes new in-match decisions, the Impact Player Ratings have been enhanced.
  • Statistics tools have been updated, simple game console based. The stats from the shape of your pitch, stadium and stadium hardware, visuals and players are now available.
  • New teammates to select, immersive new animation system, and glossary of in-game terminology.
  • Friendlies (UK) improved. Used to be you would match against England in a match, then when England leave it would switch to the France. Now you get own team playing opposition of England’s usual opposition. That way you can experience some pressure and foce conditions more like those at the start of the season.
  • New starting kits, training kits, and altered player appearance on kits.
  • New stadium design templates. From all new football stadiums to advanced staduim designs from the archive, find new stadiums from all over Europe.
  • New professional leagues, un professional leagues, and national leagues. From the English fourth tier to France. All new national kits and stadium designs, plus all new players.
  • There is a new benefits system in the game so you can distribute the benefits to your clubs or players. Give them extra money, more wages, better fittings, improved kit and much more. Which means you can shape your club the way you want it.
  • Fixes and Improvements include goalkeepers improved going back cross, general gameplay fixes and animation improvements and much more.


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How does one get points?

A player’s points will be based on skill and performance in the game. The eGamer rankings are subjective and will include factors such as commentary, skill level, game tactics and overall game feel.

How do I change my ranking?

You can modify your own ranking anytime. To do this, you can log into your 2K account and the eGamer rankings page should be listed on the top right hand side of the page. Select the Edit My Rankings link, then update your current rank, and your new position will be taken into effect.

How does the live leaderboard work?

The live leaderboard is updated every time there is a change to a current ranking.

Can I replay an opponent’s game and view their ranking?

No. The game is played for the first time, and any rankings are therefore based on the first match.

Can I see my own ranking?

Yes. You can view your rank by clicking on your name in the top left hand corner of the page.

Can I read someone else’s ranking?

Yes. You can view a players’ ranking by clicking on their name in the top left hand corner of the page.

Is my rank influenced by the number of games I play?

No. Your ranking is based on the number of games you play with no impact on skill.

Will I receive the same number of points for playing a highly rated opponent as I would if I played a lower rated opponent?

No. The number of points received for a game is determined based on several factors, such as: level of player skill, the quality of the opponent, and the day of the week that the game is played.



How To Crack:

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System Requirements:

Windows Vista/7/8/10
Intel Mac or Apple iMac
2560×1440 resolution display
Minimum 2GB of RAM
8GB free hard disk space
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