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In addition to the core gameplay advancements, FIFA 21 introduced AI assistant named Marco Polo, which can identify formations, tactical situations, scouting and passing angles for your players in the “Shape the Future” mode, and it understands how your players are being used in your club’s tactics.

The Move the Pixels beta, which supports FIFA 21, will be released at 10:00AM ET on September 9 and end on September 11, 2018. Users will have the opportunity to try out the new “Shape the Future” mode, and they will be able to access the Move the Pixels beta for a limited period of time. No internet connection is required to participate.

What are the key features of FIFA 21?

We have introduced some of the most exciting and new gameplay innovations to the series, including:

Skill Match – players can use one of four shooting modes depending on the situation: Speed Shot – choose from four shooting styles: speed shot, one-timer, pin-point, powerful shot – all with various timed shot clocks. Throwing Shot – choose from four throw styles: long throw, underarm throw, overarm throw or rising throw, and unlock new throwing animations based on your playing style. Goalkeeper Throwing Style – unlock a variety of new goalkeeper throwing animations, including flat kick, rising kick, diving kick and dive kick, all with a wide variety of throw animations. Shooting Zones – create and save your own custom shooting zones with unique attributes, which players can then use in Career Mode or online matches in Multiplayer, similar to how FIFA 20 introduced Goalkeeper Draft. Changeable Goalkeeper Pivot – add more flexibility to keeper’s stance and allow them to rotate their body more toward and away from the goal. Height-based Shot Times – time shots depending on player height and throw height for Throwing Shot and Height-based Shot Times for Throwing Shot. Pro Player Movements – add more realism by allowing real player movements, which are based on data from real players, with the new Pro Player Data Collection System. Massive Improvements to Player Intelligence – while players previously relied on static external sources of data, our data now builds off the results of your players’ decisions. Players now fully understand their roles and responsibilities, from situations to training. New Awareness System – helps players with poor passing and shooting techniques improve their overall player intelligence. New Tactical Intelligence – allows you to affect your opponents’ tactics by influencing their formation, roles, formations and roles,


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New features – FIFA 22 is full of new features which allow you to enhance your game and make your experience more immersive and rewarding.
  • Superstar players and manager – Get to know the new FIFA 22 All-Stars with the All-New Player models you will be presented with when you select a new fantasy team.
  • Create a squad – Use FIFA 22 App to build your dream team featuring players such as Messi and Ronaldo to create the strongest squads ever and dominate online modes and on the pitch. Change your game every time by creating a custom team with your favourite players all the time. You can also create a squad with real players.
  • Rapid player reactions – With new body types and variations, you will be amazed at how the players respond to contact, or how quickly they recover after a tackle. Instinctive actions make the pressure effect feel more realistic when chipping and shooting.
  • Gameplay options – Additional controls for players add a personal touch and mechanics such as Shadow Pass, which make Football a deeper experience.
  • Visuals and atmosphere – The atmosphere and detail of new stadium – the Matchday Edition featuring 12 stadiums – is capable of creating a realistic matchday atmosphere anytime and anywhere you decide to play. With the Matchday Edition, you are no longer forced to play at the perfect time to capture the perfect view.
  • HD and 4K resolution modes – FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM, FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM TV and FIFA on consoles allow for smoother game play and look awesome on the new displays of each system.
  • FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM on Facebook – FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM is tailor made for the social networking experience. From stats to friends, matchday features to your fantasy team, everything is at your fingertips and action-packed. You can share screenshots of your new team in-action, upload your wins and show off your rise in the rankings with your friends.
  • Individual player attributes – Players react to each other and the opposition in new ways with individual player attributes. The reaction ranges from the pass, dribble and shot styles of players.
  • Real feeling running – Experience the other side of the game and run with the ball and have less control, but it’s more fun.
  • Additional customisation – Additional customisation includes additional goal


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    The technology behind FIFA allows us to collect and share training data for every real player in the game. This data is then used to simulate how a player will perform in an online match. This ensures that the gameplay we deliver in FIFA is more authentic than ever.

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    FIFA ONLINE 2 features

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    FIFA Mobile brings the FIFA experience to Nintendo Switch, the first time the game has been released on a mobile platform.

    New User Experience

    FIFA Mobile features a more streamlined user experience with improved navigation and visuals.

    Experience Inspired by Football Manager 2020

    Enjoy the evolution of the tutorial and discover


    Fifa 22

    This is a brand new way to play – take the most authentic method to build the Ultimate Team, from choosing your starting line-up to interacting with the new *MyClub** feature and more. The A.I. will help you craft your ultimate team but you also get to have more input and more decision-making over how you build your team.

    EA SPORTS Transfer Market – See a new icon from top to bottom in the card view that explains what it means and how it works.

    GAMING CONTROLS – The Xbox One has dual-analog sticks and buttons for precise on-the-fly adjustments, so you have more ways to play and more authentic gameplay.

    Provide feedback on the upcoming release through the FIFA Insider. The score and play tracking features will be introduced with the FIFA Insider Beta.

    The PC community will receive the same features as the Xbox One with the full FIFA Insider release in late 2013.

    *MyClub – Play as your favorite clubs, such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Roma, or create your very own club from scratch and compete with other players around the world.

    **MyClub makes it easier for you to get started playing by giving you more tools to customize your club and interact with your MyClub mates. Customize your team, your stadium, and your kits to make your club stand out from the rest, or start from scratch.

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    Download FIFA™ 22 via Xbox LIVE™ Games on Demand for Xbox One. Visit the Xbox LIVE Games on Demand website at or click on the Xbox Live button on the bottom of your Xbox One. Register at to sign-in and purchase the latest content.

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    This announcement is embargoed until Tuesday, September 10, 2013.

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    What’s new:

    • New Seasons: The autumn and winter seasons are now spread over a full year with each having its own Autumn and Winter squads, as well as 14 newly added seasonal stadiums where you can win fan-favorite bonuses.
    • Enhanced Experience: New animations, realistic pitch physics, improved ball physics, and play styles, and more. Brand new, more advanced animations for pass and shoot. Better ball control and close control.
    • Homegrown: Create your dream team of young local prospects. Choose between Homegrown players or a combination of your existing players and Homegrown players.
    • New Goalkeeping Challenges: Keep the ball out of the net in new realistic goalkeeping challenge, including the area above the bar.
    • First Touch Control: Gliding on the ball is no longer exclusive to boots – players can control the ball with any foot, and pass out for free kicks with their hands and receive passes with their feet. New “hybrid” player styles let you balance all of your skill and tactics options in one squad.
    • “Coach Mode”: Play the role of a manager and study your team’s strengths and weaknesses, tactics and formation. Plan your strategy on the pitch and unlock a host of tactical advice and insights.
    • Career Challenges: Receive rewards, titles, and awards for completing a number of challenges.
    • New Custom Roadshow: Drive a custom car on a country-by-country tour that will take you to new locations every time you play. Change your car’s color and body style to match your country, rank, and you avatar skill.
    • FIFA TV: Attend live matches and look forward to exclusive content shows, VFX, and partner announcements.


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    What’s New in FIFA 22?

    FIFA 22 introduces a brand-new season: English Premier League. The revised graphics engine, new ball physics, and on-field gameplay are all tuned to bring Premier League action to life.

    • New England Revolution and Montreal Impact clubs are included in the English Premier League roster. • A new campaign featuring The Real Madrid, Manchester City, Schalke 04, Atlético Madrid, Chelsea, and Bayern München sides, who all compete for the Premier League title.

    • A new momentum mechanic that impacts gameplay of both offense and defense. Players start their moves in different directions, and can have their momentum carry them through movement or towards the ball. This also affects how the ball is handled, impacting the flick and roll, and use of the wall.

    • New defensive alignments for the Champions League, English Premier League, and English National League. Defenders can now be shifted laterally and upwards to provide a greater depth of the defensive line, and new give-and-go combination plays are available.

    • Champions League knockout phase games are now played in a two-game Final, while English teams can compete in a two-game semi-final.

    FIFA Player Ratings

    Get the in-depth ratings for your favorite players and teams. Get all the stats, stats, stats, and more stats.

    • Player ratings are back in FIFA 22, and it features a brand-new set of ratings. Be a fan and root for your favorite teams, players and managers.

    • The new system provides a specific rating on each player’s playmaking ability, vision, dribbling and passing, defense, physicality, and pace.

    • FUT Cup teams can now be rated using the FUT 21 methodology, and vice versa.

    FIFA Ultimate Team


    • Create your Ultimate Team and quickly start building your dream squad from 50+ of the world’s top players.

    • Add yourself to your Ultimate Team, then use your profile to invite your friends and earn rewards for inviting them


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