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47. In the 1980’s the single digit user community PC changed the landscape for the first time in 40 years. the digital envelope noted us out in further distance of our PC uses than ever before. Since the original personal PC revolution the world has experienced three more digital eras; the desktop PC in the 1980’s, the laptop computer in the 1990’s, and the mobile device or smartphone today. With the significant difference each is its own category. Starting with the desktop first. Second generation PCs as they were originally designed were massive and powerful, emulating the teletype that they were designed to replace. The early PC’s main feature was a display screen on the front, and a keyboard built into the PC case for all the user to connect to (Figure 3, edge piece). A representative model from the 80’s was the IBM PC AT-101. While the desktop PC was designed for home use, the laptop was designed for use on the road. The laptop was a more compact version of the desktop. For instance, the first IBM laptop was the IBM PC XT 300 at 1980 prices. As the name implies, the laptop display screen was built onto the case, not sitting in the desktop. More importantly, the laptop was designed to be portable and carry in the traveler’s briefcase. The original laptop had no removable storage (no floppy drive) and no keyboard. Both of these elements were added with the second generation of laptops starting with the IBM ThinkPad and the Tandy Model 100. For the most part, the laptop was the same size as the first generation desktop PC and used the same XGA, or 1024X768 resolution screen. While it was designed as a portable computer, the first generation laptop did not have the power of today’s devices. That first generation laptop was capable of running applications at a maximum of 640X480 resolution. Because of the low resolution, text was very small and images were blurry. To save money, the laptop used a Sun-3 CPU and the original slow hard drive. The only program that was designed for the first generation laptop was Microsoft Word.


Figure 3: First generation personal computer

The mobile device is distinct from the first generation laptop computer. While the laptop was designed for portability, the mobile device was designed for use with the network, or Internet. A smartphone is designed to be light weight, and to pack a broad range of user programs in its internal memory. The first generation smartphone was the BlackBerry, which was sold in the United States at

GAMETEK – Easy PC conversions
First thing to do is convert each date into the correct Gregorian calendar format (in this case the Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582 in the year 9 of the Julian calendar but we use the Gregorian Calendar so that we know it is using the correct dating and that the years are correct).
The reason we have two dates (btw they are both dates) is that this is the date that it was introduced, the “date” part of the date means the year-month-day not the day etc. So the date 1582-9-01 is the day 1st September in 1582.

Next we will get rid of the leading zeros for the day part of the date. This is done with an update chart. Update chart is added to our dates so that what is on the labels get the zeros. If you have a date of 13 then the chart will put a “1” in the “01” box, so the date will become 1301. Note that if you had a day format of MMDD then we would need to have a different format on the chart so that it knew that a “1” was needed.

Again we use an update chart. It does the same as above but with the months and years instead of the day. Once we have a correct date we can now convert it into a “conventional” and then use a chart to get the correct time.

To get the correct Gregorian calendar we first have to use a chart to take the correct value. And then we need a new chart to convert the right format into the “conventional” format. That is why we have two charts.

User learning path

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So our first PC was in 1971. Since we will be referring back to the 70s we can use the Click Chart Icon on the bottom left corner of the chart to get the 70s in the Legends area.

And of course its Super easy to save the chart as a chart file (see the bottom right corner of the chart box).

So now we have a date we can get a time.

In the bottom right corner we got the time part of the date.

Now we can double click on the small box with the little “?” in it and that will allow us to save the date into a text file.


– We start with the title of the document and add a note with the year and add
three screenshots of the PC in this year.
Year 1989
– The first screenshot is taken from the 29th on the calendar page on the Jan.
We write “the month and year” above the screenshot.
– We write all the PCs name above the screenshot.
– We save the name in a box before the image so we can find it
– On the bottom of the screenshot we write a few notes what we learned.
– We could use different styles of text (bold, italic,…) for the notes.
These are optional styles and can be changed in the Parameters menu.
Month June
– We write the category “Farm Tribe Full Version.”
Notes about the PC
– We write a message about the PC.
– We start with an indented paragraph below the image.
It may be good to keep everything simple.
– The number of sentences depends on the size of your PC.
It’s better to write a short sentence or a paragraph with some information that is useful.
– We also write the date and add a page number.
– We could put a reference at the end of the paragraph.
Let’s do that after the paragraph.
– We could go on with “Take a closer look at this video or information about the lifestyle of a…,”
or you could write something like this:
It is…
Months May/June
We could make the style for the paragraph bold, but it isn’t mandatory.
– We could also add a list with the information the PC did.
– We could add… it’s…
– We could add a reference at the end of the paragraph.
So we always have a reference at the end of the paragraph.
– Now we go to page 30 and we start the new decade.
Year 1991
– We write the category name “Farm Tribe Full Version” above the image.
– We write the version name “Desktop Edition” and its version number.
– We write the name of the PC above the image.
– We write a description of the PC and some information about the years.
– We write the same notes about the PC we wrote for the 1989 sheet.
– Now we go to page 31 and write “the calendar,” then we go to the Oct. page.
– We don’t write “month and year

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Von Eicken, H. (ed.) (1953) Old Lapland: documents of the XIII century, Uppsala: University of Uppsala
Palmer, Thomas T. (1958) The Devil’s Mark, Franklinville, New York: Colonial Press
In Wincy-Mushkin a young boy named Ben Bunny
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Fergusson, J. (1954) Le temps des chasseurs âgés, Paris: PUF
McConnell, R. (1972) Ancient Domains of Thought, Boston: MIT Press
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On the decades sheet we state the category, describe briefly what the PC did. up with a picture of the PC in any past decade for Flashback play (see p.140).
Speck, F.G. (1940) Penobscot Man: the life history of a forest tribe in Maine, Philadelphia:. SPSS Inc. (1989-1999) SPSS for Windows Release 10.0.7. Stark, M. (1993) ‘Re-fitting the “cracked and broken fagade”: the case for empiricism in .
Farm Tribe full crack [PC]
Von Eicken, H. (ed.) (1953) Old Lapland: documents of the XIII century, Uppsala: University of Uppsala
Palmer, Thomas


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