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A folder named **Photoshop Artistic** is available to all of the Photoshop image editing programs.

Photoshop can be used to do the following:

* **Correct and fix a photo.** Correct is the technical term, and usually describes what you want to do to make a picture look better. Photoshop enables you to correct some kinds of things, such as making colors look more natural, removing blemishes, or straightening crooked or out of focus images. Fix is the term for what you want to do to repair an image. Fixing means you can correct some problems, such as making a portrait not so crooked or removing dust that’s on a fabric.
* **Apply special effects and alter colors.** Photoshop enables you to create special effects, such as snow, fire, glass, refraction, and perspective, which can be fun to use. And Photoshop enables you to change the colors in your image, doing things like changing the colors of skin to look different or adding more red to a sunset.
* **Recolorize your image.** A recolor is when you change a color value to make it look different, such as swapping blue for orange, changing the pattern on an elephant’s skin, or replacing the blue in a cloud.
* **Edit images.** Pixels are the basic unit of an image, and you can change your image to make different things happen, such as changing the perspective of a picture, adding some special effects, or changing the color in a solid area of an image.
* **Combine images.** You can place two or more photos together to create new images. This is a way to make interesting pictures that you can save to a CD or display in a web gallery. You can combine two, three, four, or more photos to create something really cool.
* **Draw.** You can use brushes to draw directly onto an image. You can create a brush using the tools in the toolbox, as shown in Figure 6-1, or using the paint bucket tool. For example, you can use a brush to remove objects from a picture, paint a special pattern on an image, and even add text.

Figure 6-1: Use the toolbox to choose brushes and patterns for creating various special effects.

* **Combine images into a single file.** You can combine two, three, four, or more photos into a single file. If you use this feature

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Adobe Photoshop Elements: Pricing, Usability & Pricing

Photoshop Elements offers three different editions: Starter ($39.99), Home ($59.99) and Creative (Beginner). The price of these are surprisingly low, but compared to paying for a full version of Photoshop, it’s not all that great.

It’s usually easier to buy a full-version of Photoshop than to upgrade your Elements. Using the trial features of Photoshop Elements, you will have the full capacity of Photoshop. However, you won’t be allowed to save your creations as you don’t have a subscription.

Note that you can upgrade to a full version of Photoshop even if you have a previous version.

Usability and Price

I am someone who buys software over the internet. I have no problem paying to get my hands on something, but it has to be of good quality, and has to be worth the money. For that reason, I buy software from the stores, not over the internet.

Why would I spend money to buy something over the internet when I have access to it when I buy it?

There are two factors at play here. The first is usability. Most software stores have a good review section, and the reviews are usually honest and some times decent. There are a few bad review though, and it’s pretty much impossible to trust a software store review on Photoshop Elements.

The worst thing is that you’ll find that the newer the software, the more bad reviews it gets. Most software stores seem to be in competition to each other to sell the latest software. They don’t seem to care about the value of the software and this leads to much more bad reviews than good ones.

The second factor is price. Some software stores will set some minimum cost for a software, and you’ll never find a photo editor that doesn’t have a minimum cost on it. It’s usually too high to cover the cost of running a software store, and these minimum cost are often for something that is more expensive than the software itself.

This is not true for the Adobe software stores. They’re the only software store that has good ratings for Photoshop Elements. You’ll find that the minimum cost for Photoshop Elements is around $40.

There are many software on the Adobe software stores, and this tells us that they pay close attention to the

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Exercise group {#s3d1}

In the 6-week exercise program, participants will perform three supervised aerobic and four resistance exercise sessions per week. Exercises will be completed 3 times a week on alternate days (1–3 for resistance and 4–6 for aerobic). The proportion of the total exercise volume (as resistance and aerobic) in the intervention groups will be one-third resistance and two-thirds aerobic to prevent participants in the aerobic exercise group from exercising more than the resistance exercise group. The volume of each type of exercise will be individually prescribed based on each participant’s limitations and preferences to ensure adherence. Each session will begin with warm-up exercises which consist of a brisk walk followed by a 10 min session of balance and flexibility exercises.

[Table 2](#T2){ref-type=”table”} outlines the resistance and aerobic exercise programs included in the intervention. The program is designed so that resistance training and aerobic exercise will be performed on alternate days, with one day for each type of exercise. Intervals for the aerobic exercise will vary from 10 to 60 s during which the energy expenditure will be between 75% and 85% of the predicted maximal heart rate. The recommended total session duration (including warm-up time) will be 40–60 min per session. Participants will perform three to six sets of exercises for each muscle group (eg, chest, leg, arm), with a resting time between sets of 10–15 s. Repetitions will be 3–5 depending on the intensity of the exercise and the participant’s muscul

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The Woodpecker

Can the noises and aerial acrobatics of the male woodpecker been channeled into a disc jockey, who hears the rhythms of traditional soul, blues, rap, and reggae and remixes them with the beat of future?


In the grove of a house in Ridgewood, Queens, a half-dozen woodpeckers are attacking an old tree in the backyard. It has sharp thorns that grow from the branch tips and poke out the tawny bark. A cluster of circular holes burns in the bark, the holes in the shape of concave ears. A few pecks later, the woodpeckers break off and fly into the air, then down again, leaving a puddle of black blood in the center of the tree.

A few days before this happened, sound recordist Mihai Ilie Georgescu was approaching the tree to collect its music. “I have a nice sound system and I want to test it out,” he says. “I collect these sounds to make a soundtrack.”

Mr. Georgescu is a Romanian music producer who lives in Queens and is the founder of the Ridgewood-based label, Departamento Records. Born in the mid-’80s, he was a teenager when he first saw the music of Radiohead and the Rolling Stones. Two years later, he was looking for new releases and discovered hip-hop.

“I was starting to understand,” he says. “It was a product of the new working class.”

The new-working-class sound made Mr. Georgescu curious about other music-makers of his new generation.

“I came across this new place called Brooklyn,” he says. “It was hip-hop, dark garage rap, and it was the first time I heard these sounds that were coming from the people who weren’t playing music for fame or money.”

Toward the end of the ’90s, Mr. Georgescu returned to Romania, where he began teaching music theory at a community college. One of his students wrote a song he later picked up on his record player. The song, by Mr. Georgescu’s fledgling recording alias, The Woodpecker, sounded like a hook or a drum beat in the background

System Requirements:

Memory: 64 MB
Video RAM: 128 MB
Rendering RAM: 128 MB
Video adapter: 256 MB or better
Hard disk: 3 GB or better
Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, are known to be compatible with the NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS and 8500 GS.
You can find the complete list of compatible models here.
In addition, other recent NVIDIA products are also supported: GeForce GTX 260, GeForce GT 330, GeForce GT 340, GeForce GT 350, and GeForce GT 420 (GT 330 M



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