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* **Draw:** You can use the pencil tool to draw freely. The drawing options include linetypes, curved linetypes, and text. Some drawing tools enable you to use colors, brushes, and gradient fills.
* **Fill:** You can fill areas of an image with linear and gradient fills.
* **Levels:** Choose from a menu of presets for white balance, exposure, and contrast, or create your own from a level gauge.
* **Magic Wand:** You can select an area of an image based on color, shape, or an intensity value.
* **Layers:** With layers you can combine several elements of an image together to create multiple layers and move them back and forth in an image with the Move tool, copy and paste, or shift them on a canvas. You can crop each layer and then delete a layer or combine many layers to build a new image. When you are using the Lasso tool, you can make selections by just drawing. You can crop an image by choosing a box from a menu.
* **Mask:** You can use a selection (area) tool to create a cutout or mask or use the Fill/Shade tool to paint the background color in or paint over an image. You can crop the selection and define the shape of the mask, and you can move the mask with the move tool.
* **Paintbrush:** You can draw using the paintbrush tool. It uses a paint bucket instead of a brush, but you can apply any type of brush. Each brush preset defines the size of the brush, color of the brush, and color of the paint bucket. You can copy and paste different types of brushes (for example, brushes in the Foreground/Background category) and use the Eraser tool to erase areas of an image.
* **Pencil:** You can draw freehand, using the pencil tool, which allows you to draw shapes and create lines with the tool. It works like the drawing tool, but you can draw with brushes and gradients.
* **Select:** You can select parts of an image using a selection tool. When you choose a color, a shape, or any other predefined feature, the canvas is filled with the color of the selected feature. You can choose the outline for the selection, draw on the canvas to make the selection, or paint with the color of the selection to fill it. You

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How to debug SQL “Invalid object name” error in ASP.Net MVC 5

I have ASP.Net MVC 5 application and I need to call stored procedure using Dapper. I have SQL Server database and everything working when I execute stored procedure from SQL Server Management Studio. But now when I try to do it in ASP.Net MVC I get Invalid object name “update_dbo.dbo.students.udpdated_students”. So what I tried to do is to
try {
var result = conn.ExecuteReader(
“call update_dbo.dbo.students.udpdated_students”,
new { query = “select * from students where date_of_birth=@date_of_birth” });
if (result == null)
throw new Exception(string.Format(
“Could not update person’s information. {0}”,
“Failed to select record or no record has been selected for update.”));
using (result)
while (result.Read())
foreach (var item in result)
//db.students.udpdated_students(item[“id_student”], item[“forename”], item[“surname”]);

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Cameron Stewart

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Develop, produce and/or license high-end video content and work with the CFL to make sure the league’s creative content is seen and heard across the globe

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System Requirements:

Each run requires: A video card with dedicated video memory to be allocated by the Operating System (includes one megabyte of dedicated video memory); A device capable of playing stereo audio, and at least 128 Kb of RAM; One serial port (to set up the cross-platform audio driver); A CD-R or CD-RW drive (to set up the bootloader); An installation CD-ROM or floppy disk (containing a bootloader) or alternatively an SD card (as for a portable machine); A machine with 80386 or newer architecture CPU; A C64 or ZX



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