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Faulty controllers can sometimes be a huge problem, especially if you're aiming to be as precise as possible in executing certain game actions. Now, if you're unsure, before actually deciding to either repair or even buy a new controller, it would be best to test and see if the buttons respond accordingly, and if subsequently, the fault lies elsewhere. Emma's Controller Tester is a simple program designed to asses your controller capabilities, the button functions and the response these send back to your gaming device.
Why is this application worth using?
It's quite simple, really. It does the job without asking for a ton of permissions and/or settings before actually doing anything. The procedure is as simple as plugging or connecting your controller to your PC and pressing buttons on it to see if there is any change in the on-screen coordinates. Aside from being able to test up to 4 controllers simultaneously, you can also test keyboards. This is most convenient for small second-hand shops that often purchase items from common users of such devices. These need to be properly checked, yet in a quick and efficient manner. This program offers all of these in a tiny package.
How to use the application for testing?
There really isn't any button or setting you need to press/adjust. Just go ahead and launch the application and it will be instantly available for use. Don't forget to connect your controller or keyboard. It doesn't matter if you connect your device before or after launching the app. To check that your controller functions as expected, simply press buttons and check the on-screen feedback.
You should see 100 popping out for one particular entry for each button. The joysticks, when moved, will read coordinates, which are a tad more difficult to translate. If you notice button feedback to be less than 100, it means there is an issue with your controller. For keyboards, a number will pop out every time you press a particular button. No number when pressing a button means you're dealing with a possible issue.
Emma's Controller Tester is a simple application that can help you test your controller's health, be it for commercial purposes or simply to have an idea about how well your device performs. Additionally, you can use it to test keyboard health which can also be for the above two reasons. It's easy to use and efficient, which is why it should be taken into consideration by anyone looking to know if they're dealing with faulty equipment or not.


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Emma 039;s Controller Tester [Latest 2022]

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