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You are called to the Lands Between. “Tarnished,” “Elden Ring,” “Elden Lord.” This land lies between the lands of the living and the dead. All that remains of a time past are remnants that have been forgotten by the human beings of the present, and are now a world of pure legend. To the lost memories of these lands are the Guardians of the Elden Ring, who protect the hopes and dreams of the children of the Dunes and the Hills. In your task are to help the Guardians in the restoration of this lost land, to help return the world to its former glory.
In this game, you’ll be able to create your own character and venture through the Lands Between to help the Guardians. You can freely develop your character according to your play style, and the way that you progress through the game will vary depending on your tactics and decisions.
It’s an epic story set in the Lands Between, a fantasy action role-playing game where you can forge a strong partnership with NPCs, and will experience the excitement of an online game that loosely connects you to other players.
* The regions of the game are only fictitious. All characters, places, and events are purely fictional.
* The game is free to play with limited content. You can enjoy a variety of contents for free by passing verification of your payment method.
* Any content that is expressed as downloadable content (DLC), including additional parts, may require additional fees depending on the platform and region.
* Sony may charge fees for using the payment service PlayStation Network. Fees are levied whenever you access the PlayStation Network, including during offline access to your account. Additional fees apply, depending on your country. Contact your account representative for more details.
* We recommend only accepting cheques that are not directly connected to your bank account. Sony accepts no liability should Sony change the amount of any cheque accepted by Sony, and it is your responsibility to check that the cheque is sufficient to cover your fees and any costs that you incur.
* The amount of the balance of any cheque to be accepted by Sony is determined by your country’s laws. Sony does not accept any responsibility for any costs that you incur or for any balances that you may be charged for use of cheques accepted by Sony.
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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The Elden Ring, a Fantasy Action RPG!
  • An open-ended unique RPG system
  • Action, Adventure, and Exploration
  • Open world with open missions system
  • Unique Boss encounters and rare enemy encounters
  • Hundreds of Items and Armor Pieces
  • Choose your own play style—Become a Tough Muscle Power Kill Or a Dashing Magic User?
  • PVP Arena—Face legendary opponents!
  • Tactical, Support, Guardian, and Boss Skills for various play styles
  • Online play where you can connect with other players and travel together
  • Character creation system that allows you to express your individuality
  • Intricate Storyline that uniquely intertwines storylines of other players in the online environment
  • A variety of dungeons featuring diverse three-dimensional designs
  • Audioblaster Co-operation Hunting

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    Elden Ring [April-2022]


    ▷ Choose the Marks

    Before a game begins, the main menu will appear. From here you can select your Marks and equipment. To change your mark, select “Set Marks”.

    ▷ Addition of Item Storage

    Before a game begins, a menu allowing you to add an item storage to your character will appear.

    ▷ Character Selection

    To select a character that you want to use in the game, press the “Select a Character” button, and then select an avatar from the list.

    ▷ Movement

    The movement of your character will appear on the map. You can move by pressing the “Move” button, or by double-clicking on the map, and then select a destination.

    ▷ Combat

    To attack an enemy, press the “Attack” button. When performing a skill, pressing the button will unlock it, and use it when the cooldown period is over. When you have exhausted your MP, you will automatically receive damage. If the results of your attack exceed the enemy’s defense, the enemy will begin to take damage.

    ▷ Skill Selection

    To add a new skill to the party, press the “Skill” button, and then select a skill from the list.

    ▷ Skill Using

    To use a skill, press the “Use” button. To cancel the skill, press the “Cancel” button. If a skill is cancelled, the button will return to normal. The “Use” button will glow when a skill is under your control.

    ▷ Skill Display

    To check the skill cooldown period of a skill, press the “Cooldown” button.

    ▷ Hunting

    To hunt an enemy, select the “Hunt” button, and then select an enemy from the map. You will be able to clearly see the item name of an enemy that you are currently hunting.

    ▷ Monster Hunting

    When you are close to an enemy that you are hunting, press the “Hunt” button, and then select an enemy from the map. You will be able to clearly see the item name of an enemy that you are currently hunting.

    ▷ Battle

    To attack an enemy, select the “Battle” button. If you are unsuccessful in your attack, you will have lost


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Game Features

    ・A character with a strength that surpasses imagination
    A bygone era unfolds in a vast world
    Enjoy a thoughtfully designed high-quality 2D action adventure game
    The first-ever fantasy RPG for mobile devices with 3D graphics

    ・Main Features (Advanced Features)
    【Item Exchange】

    • You can exchange obtained items from your deployment journey with other players’ characters. The amount of items that can be exchanged depends on your level. The exchange rate and the number of items that can be exchanged will vary depending on the item.

    【Hermit Base】

    • Freely develop your character in the hermit base. Increase your character’s level, skills, and skillsets. Enhance attributes, add magic skills, and make preparations for battles against the Chaos.
    • Recruit and train new troops and rare monsters.


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