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In the fantasy world of Kain, the warm, mature civilization of Kain, lies a distant land, the Lands Between, which stands by itself. Much of the Lands Between and its dark atmosphere have long been sealed away from civilization. There exist in the Lands Between an endless supply of man-eating monsters, and ancient ruins that have still not been investigated.
Among the most mysterious ruins in the Lands Between is the Elden Ring. A mysterious, immense city that stands alone. A true symbol of eld in this world. A place where the ruins of forgotten monsters exist, an unending labyrinth where a war against the monsters of all times and places unfolds.
With a sense of salvation in your heart, you take the role of a Tarnished, a hero who does not return from the Lands Between. Rise and grasp the power of the Elden Ring in the Lands Between, the country of the fallen empire of Kain, and the homeland of heroes.


# 마지막에 서버 설치 한번



## 먼저 설치

# 마지막에 서버 설치 한번

$ sudo dpkg -i –ignore-debian-keywords -i EdKey.gpg && sudo apt-get -y -o Acquire::gpgv=4 update



## Start

# 시작한 다음

$ sudo service apache2 start



## 엔딩




# APACHE 설정 시작한 다음




## 프로


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • World Ranking System: Start your adventure ranked in the global world rankings, and progress on your way to becoming an Elden Lord. Come back as often as you like, and stay up-to-date with how you rank in the world with a convenient live rating.
    • Authentic Storyline with an Unparalleled Drama: The universe where your actions will be recorded is like no other, the result of multidisciplinary collaboration in development, with a manga-inspired art design by artist Takuma Akai.
      • Comprehensive Experience: An entire story with multiple playable characters and over 70 endings, with the ability to fight alongside the likes of Zelda, Arin, Signum, and Shie Valentine through seamless online play.
        • Open Story and Ambient Gameplay: A large and easy-to-navigate map, with a story that is communicated through visual material to make for an enjoyable, easy-to-understand experience.
          • Ambience: Learn about the story from the looks of the environment and the reverberation of the dialogue.
            • Monochrome: The story can only be understood when the player reads the dialogue from start to end.
  • Blood and Gore Style Attack: Battles are filled with thunderous magic patterns, blood-splattered battlefields, and blood flowing down from your blade. All attacks are executed with a high level of believability, with a visceral realism to facilitate comfortable multiplayer play.
    • Breathtaking Impact and the Tactical Feel of Running: Battalions are brought together in the battlefield, and a thunderous crush accompanies every strike with a unique martial artistry. Army formations, monsters, and attacks are smoothly incorporated, while the tactical flow of battle are presented in such a way that the effect of every action is always clear.
      • Dagger Clang: A combat art that packs deep punch based on the impact of the heaving blade.
        • Aether Bubble: Dive into the power of a soft blow, causing


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          Experience the new fantasy action RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between!

          It is time to join the Tribes – Band of Tarnished Heroes who defend the Lands Between, and to combine your skills and become an Elden Lord. With your Ranger and Creature, in this difficult and tumultuous world, you will explore various sectors – such as the Outlands, Scar, Caln, and the Field of Transparent Snows – to explore how this world was born.

          Moreover, be sure to be careful of the hostile worlds – such as the Dark Plains, Stratum Altus, and the Fields of the Dead – that lurk in the depths of the Lands Between, or you will find yourself in great danger.

          Note that from the start of your game-life, you will be able to display your progress by viewing your character’s information.

          ▲ When it comes to combat, it’s possible to perform action-repeating attacks depending on your action meter.
          ▲ While walking, you can attack with your character’s weapons and/or with your other party members, and even use magic.
          ▲ Please enjoy the multimedia experience of this fantasy action RPG with the latest graphics engine.

          ◆ Features

          From your first action, as an


          Elden Ring Crack With Full Keygen




          60FPS Graphics




          FPS: MechAction : First-person Shooter :

          The Fight against the darkness and the Tarnished the endless winter

          The Tarnished, who have long waited for the Red Moon’s return, are enslaved by Xentar, the demon king who rules above the realm of the Red Moon. They meet the despair of death and are confronted with unspeakable evil, but must also accept their destiny of being the Elden Lords of the Red Moon.

          The fate of the worlds awaits the player’s judgement.

          Key Features

          — Excellent graphics

          — 4 different classes : warrior, knight, paladin, and witch

          — Up to 6 players at the same time

          4 Classes: Warrior, Knight, Paladin, and Witch

          Personal class levels can be raised

          Dual class combination

          Boundaries are undetermined, so each combination can take its own shape

          Progression of class levels allows the player to adapt their character for various situations.

          — Customization

          A total of 100 variants for the appearance, hair, facial expressions, and uniforms are available for each class.


          Nine skills are available per character class:

          Power Attack

          Power Attack is the basic attacking skill.

          Hard Attack

          Hard Attack is a critical-hit attack that allows you to reflect your opponent’s attack back on them.


          Parry allows you to return an opponent’s attack by keeping the defense activation rate (such as auto attack) at 100%.


          Guard enables you to keep the conditions of your eyes, ears, and breathing from your opponent.


          Defend increases the defense of your own character.


          Recovery enables you to recover the HP that you have consumed when you use items.

          Recovery Shot

          Recovery Shot recovers the amount of HP that you have consumed when you use items.


          Sight allows you to discover the location of your opponent by enabling the vision part of each of their body parts.

          Throw Attack

          Throw Attack is a method for attacking by throwing your character’s weapon at your opponent.

          Attacks Speed


          What’s new in Elden Ring:

          The new fantasy action RPG, The Tarnished Seeker, will release in the Americas on November 29, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as in Europe on December 2, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Pre-orders and store pre-sales are available in the following country. You can also take the official approach to reserve your copy on the official website.

          Xbox Store: 360: Europe:
          of the official approaches

          To learn more about The Tarnished Seeker, visit The Tarnished Seeker official site.

          NOTE: There may be an additional restocking fee.

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          1) Install game (please turn off the anti-virus programs)2) Download TAR file (redistributable) from the link below3) Unpack the tar file4) Run Redistributable and click on “Install”5) Play The game6) Enjoy 😉

          1. Unzip the rar to a temporary folder (Name it something different). This will avoid issues when you want to install on different computers.

          2. Go to your game folder, go to the installer folder and open it with winrar.

          3. Go into the “redist.properties” folder and open the configuration file with winrar (see picture).

          4. Look for the “game.properties” file. Make sure it is set like the picture below.

          5. After you got the game to work, make sure the “game.properties” and “redist.properties” files are in the same folder, and for the game folder, there are a couple extra folders. What you need to do is double click the “game” folder.

          6. Copy the “Elden Ring” Folder to the game folder. (NOTE: You must have a game folder to install a patch. You might need to create a new game folder. If you do not have a game folder, you need to make a game folder and follow the rest of the steps here. If you do not have a game folder, create one using 7zip or something similar)

          7. Then open the “redist.properties” config file. Copy the file into the game folder.

          8. Install the game.

          9. Then open the “redist.properties” file again, and copy the contents of the file into the game folder.

          10. Uninstall the game.

          11. Install the game again.

          12. Reinstall the “redist.properties” file into the game folder.

          13. (Optional) Restart the game. (Skip this step if you are not installing a patch. Make sure that the game folder is the same as the “redist.properties” folder and that the “redist.properties” file is in the game folder)

          How install and crack ELDEN RING game:

          1) Install game (please turn


          How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

        • Unpack To Other Folder:
          1. Click here to download and save the.rar
          2. Unzip the downloaded.rar
          3. Go to the folder where you saved the.rar
          4. You will see a CRACKED.INI file
          5. Navigate to the folder where you saved the.rar
        • Install:
          1. Close your current game
          2. Make sure you have.NET Framework Ver.4.0 installed
          3. Open the exe file
          4. When the process is complete, launch and play with your Crack version
        • Activate :
          1. Go to your games folder
          2. Find game entry called Crack.ini
          3. Find the Cracked Flag (default is 1)
          4. Set the Cracked flag to 0
          5. Play
          6. Enjoy

        Thanks to Reddit user bmoloney for the walkthrough! 🙂

        BE AWARE:

        1- This Software works on PC.
        2- Use of crack programs, cheats, jailbreakers, or other modifications may cause damage to your devices or items. We do not accept any responsibility for your actions.
        3- MY-CHEAT has no connection with CDisplay.com. I do not even know who they are.
        4- CDisplay does not guarantee any of their content. Any product names are the trademarks of the product companies.

        import { CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA, RefComponent } from “c/Ref”;
        import { CSS_TYPES } from “c/types”;

        const AutoRef: RefComponent = {};

        const isReference: boolean = false;

        interface Options {
        * Text directly above a reference
        * @default “”
        before?: string |



        System Requirements:

        Requires a Pentium 4 or later compatible computer with a 64 MB RAM.
        A copy of Microsoft® Windows® XP or Windows Vista® is
        Microsoft Windows® 7/8 is not supported.
        You should have at least 16 MB of free hard disk space.
        If you have the following:
        Windows® 7 or Windows® 8, 64-bit editions (installation files or ISO)
        If you do not have the following:
        Windows® 7


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