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The recent Fire Emblem series that broke the genre’s conventions and shattered the old norms is highly popular. This time, we’re bringing together the design power of the Nintendo Switch and the strong characters of the Fire Emblem series.

* The Fire Emblem world of the Nintendo Switch™ offers a variety of battles with rich story and deeper lore in a multiplayer and single player mode.

* Thanks to the power of the Nintendo Switch, you can play with friends and experience exciting new adventures.

* The skill trees of the heroes from Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Heroes are also included.

* The three heroes in this game are Celica, Byleth, and Alm, and the story will also expand upon their continuing battle against the mysterious, ruthless man known as Thracia and the mysterious high lords called the Bianca.

This is the last of the Fire Emblem Awakening heroes on the 3DS and new characters from Fire Emblem Heroes will appear in the game.

Please make sure to make use of the “Store” function to purchase the game directly and make sure to read the full-page instructions. You will need a Nintendo Account and Nintendo Switch system (log in to your Nintendo Account to start up the game) in order to be able to make use of the “Store” function to purchase the game directly.

System Requirements

CPU / GPU CPU: 1.1 GHz or faster

1.1 GHz or faster RAM: 2 GB or more

2 GB or more OS: supported by the software

Supported by the software Storage: 2 GB or more

How to Purchase the FIRE EMBLE AWAKENING & FIRE EMBLE HEROES BUNDLE on the 3DS eShop on Nintendo Switch

1. Please make sure to make use of the “Store” function to purchase the game directly from the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch system.

2. You can purchase the Fire Emblem Awakening Heroes Bundle in the Nintendo eShop.

The content available in this Fire Emblem Heroes bundle is as follows:

(1) Fire Emblem Awakening: Lords Pack: Including the Fire Emblem Awakening base game and the additional Fire Emblem Awakening Hero Artbook.

(2) Fire Emblem Heroes: The Fire Emblem Awakening Awakening Bundle: This bundle allows you to obtain the Fire Emblem Heroes base game as well as the Fire Emblem Awakening Heroes Hero Pack.

* The Fire Emblem


Features Key:

  • Online Open Play
  • Unlimited combat and loot
  • Weapon and equipment designing tools
  • Several different enemies
  • A wealth of items and equipment

    Elden Ring reveals art, highlights multiplayer, and explains how to participate in Elden Ring right now screenshot

    Read more…

    Thu, 29 Mar 2014 15:42:01 +0000Video: Elden Ring Revealed Official Elemental Gates App for iOS Screencast Series
    Click here if you’re on a mobile browser.

    The Elden Ring just announced the official Elemental Gates app for iOS devices.

    The app lets you fight against fellow users in free combat by tapping on them with your sword, while players have to defeat the Wild with their weapons to build their creatures. The fights are rated by how many times you successfully attack an opponent, and your final score depends on how much damage you inflict during the fight.


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    After joining Lance and Artemis as a full time operative, Jack must navigate through the games underworld to fight off a mysterious group known as the Cabal. In this episode, we meet up with the Cabal and Jack has a run-in with them that will really set the course of the game. Find out more:

    Join us live on Wednesday nights at 10:00p CST as we take this epic RPG for a spin and jump right into character creation.



    After joining Lance and Artemis as a full time operative, Jack must navigate through the games underworld to fight off a mysterious group known as the Cabal. In this episode, we meet up with the Cabal and Jack has a run-in with them that will really set the course of the game. Find out more:

    Join us live on Wednesday nights at 10:00p CST as we take this epic RPG for a spin and jump right into character creation.



    Join Niflheim and her allied forces as they try to take down the forbidden citadel that is the object of their quest. Fight through the enemies and obstacles that Niflheim brings to the battle field with ease! Use her Elden magic and you can even use


    Elden Ring For PC

    RPG fantasy game where you will play as a character that is born from the very being of a young man known as a younger brother of Yggdrasil, the world tree.

    You will take on the role of a young man of about twenty years old who becomes embroiled in a clash between an “unexpectedly large” and fearsome enemy, and the powerful Elden, a race of specialized warriors who cultivate mysterious and powerful magical powers.

    By giving you the power of the Elden Ring, the power to utilize the magic that your character learns, you must emerge as a new hero, to defeat the enemy and come into your own as a true hero.

    All of this is made possible by the Tarnished Ring: a special item that has become tainted since its inception.

    Your character is born into a world that does not appreciate what his race has accomplished.

    Your pride will be your greatest strength and your greatest weakness, as your only way out is to become an Elden Lord that has fully succeeded and that is second to no one.

    You will take on a variety of tasks that are difficult to complete in a world where people around you are trying to thwart you.

    You will find yourself in a situation where you will meet your greatest friends, and you will realize that your true friends are those that stand by you.

    Experience a world where characters from different times and places collide and where your choices and actions lead to unforeseen results.

    Build a team of characters and enjoy a story with depth and a rich background, filled with events that will direct you to your destiny as an Elder.

    Summon your first partner as your party, and enjoy the thrill of actions as a party in a real-time event with another party.

    Change your party members as you take on battles and defeat your enemies.

    In battle, realize your actions in terms of a unique, interconnected character growth system where your battle strength is increased through experience and abilities.

    Use the powerful magic and spirits of the Elden Ring to bring evil beings to their knees.

    Develop an epic-style adventure and enjoy a heavy story full of suspense and excitement.

    A smartphone-compatible game that offers full online play and advanced matching, AI support, and spectacular battles in real time.

    New added features and changes to the game you can only find in


    What’s new:

    1-button Ban the Raun, a real time action game based in the French comic book saga
    Ban the Raun is a game inspired by the spirit of Franco-Belgian comics of the sixties. A classic action game full of spectacle: balls and projectiles collide frenetically. The strategy? Move carefully or you will die! You yourself dictate the action!

    Monster Machine V – The best-seller in the West with a 2500% increase in sales

    3D fighter with deformation DOTA style
    This monster. This war.
    Follow the unique storyline of Mal’Doom – stand without wings, fight without sword, and overpower enemies without magic.
    – Mal’Doom’s bat – the mysterious “Holy Bat” which has been regarded as a holy object for the boy scouts – appearance models are on view with extraordinary effects!
    – War chest: There is also a “war chest” in which you can charge your skills. The charge of skills is saved, but if the same skill is charged with several times, the usage condition will not change.
    – Weapons can be changed depending on the character’s ability. The base is the “Murakumo”. Its specialty is “Trance”, while its drawback is an increased “Reform” skill charge.

    Furuchi Love Live 2D Action Video Adventure Game

    Love is a victory or a defeat.
    Start your Love Live with a game and let your emotions flow!
    ■ Difficulty: difficulty Level 2. Endlessly path of Play.
    – Choose an original character of your choice from three different girls. Fight the ranks of the “Ranks” or the “Colors” with your original girl, and through your action you can freely move around the town.
    – Many girls to choose from, 3 different girls with their own story.
    – Immerse yourself in the pink paradise of the Love Live.
    – A large number of characters with its own story. And many girls to choose from, 3 different characters with their own stories.
    – More than 80 event scenes in Tokyo, Kyoto, Okayama, Osaka, and another 30 locations. Explore the latest parts of the Love Live.
    – Exquisite action thanks to the large number of girls in the game.
    – Many


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    System Requirements:

    For best experience, we recommend a 1GB graphics card or higher, Intel processor and 16GB RAM.
    -Windows 7 or later
    -Intel Core i5 3.4 GHz CPU
    -16 GB RAM
    -Intel Core i7 3.4 GHz CPU
    The System Requirements for non-steam version will be released shortly
    Steam version is no longer available on Origin
    Updated on September 4th, 2019
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