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• In this fantasy world, where ancient gods exist, the Elden Ring is a symbol of power.
• To obtain the True Elden Ring, an item of great power, you must be blessed by the gods.
• The Ring grants extraordinary abilities and powers to its bearer.
• The player becomes a hero of myth, and the fate of the world is in their hands.

The game is hacked to be already running in a closed beta (multiple players can have the same account).
Please read the following.

1. Please make sure that you have a different account from the testing account. This testing account will be reset once the test is over. Please make sure that you have saved all the data in the testing account before logging into the testing account on a different account.

2. As you login to the testing account, the game will ask you to use the data of the account you are logged in with. Please follow the instructions that appear on your screen and proceed without any problems.

3. If you find any bugs that were not present in the official version, please report it in the comments below, in the forum or via mail to [email protected]

The player may control multiple characters in the game, and you can contact the staff members here.

1. Friends.
You can see the friends list in the lower-left corner of the Friends menu.
There are two modes of friends management -Friend List & Friend List & Friends.
Friend List: You can directly communicate and play with your friend directly.
Friend List & Friends: You can choose to view the friends list and the friends list, and you can play with them immediately. In addition, if you reach the Buddy Level of 5, you will be able to send gifts to your friends.
※ The profile picture of a friend that is in friend list but not in the friend list & friends list & friends list is showing as grey. If you want to add them, please enter their name and register them in the “Friend List”.

2. Players & Guilds.
You can see who plays the game and who the guilds are in the players & guilds.
You can send the player a message by either a /message or a [message] on your keyboard.
※ When you send a message, if it is a private message, it will be sent to the whole guild in the


Features Key:

  • Basic features
  • Complete freedom to create the character you’d like to play.
  • Implementing a unified graphical user interface to enable even first-time players to easily understand the operation of the game.
  • Various options to customize your gameplay experience, such as the inventory UI and graphics settings.
  • Elden Ring Story:

    The Lands Between: a land of legend and mysticism filled with adventures.
    • The World Between: both a small and a vast world.
    • High-dimensional Despair: a world where the soul of every living creature that walks the earth ends its journey.
    • The Moblin: living beings who roam the oblivion of despair.
    • The Hero of the Lands Between: a character with the ability to bring the soul of a moblin back to the world.
    • A Dedicated Campaign: an epic story that spans a total of 10 episodes.
    • New System to Increase the Interest in Factions: two conditions of doom are attached to your character, one for each faction. Occurrences that occur can increase your faction’s status, making you even more powerful.
    • Cross-play: play with many players from your PC around the world in an asynchronous environment.
    • Exploration: a journey full of story and variety.

    Elden Ring Support

    • Bot Software ‘iSense’: automatically plays the game based on the user’s situation and game. You can leave that to the game and use your time to enjoy yourself. (Application software is required to use this feature)
    • High-quality English voice-overs: to achieve a more heightened sense of immersion.
    • Various interface modifications: to enhance user experience.

    Elden Ring


    Elden Ring Free

    > In Battle City: The Goddess of Beauty and War, you must fight and create beautiful units to accomplish your quest. You can also use your beauty skills to beautify the surrounding environment, and not only does this add a secondary element of battle for you to use, it also enhances the aesthetics of the beautiful landscape you find yourself in.

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    > Dynamic Dungeon Dash: The game play is fairly simple. You have to move the stick from side to side to move your character. There is a tilt function that allows you to swing from side to side with your character. The game play elements seem to be quite simple, but the game play is addicting and will keep you coming back for more.

    > In this game, you can create your own hero to roam your own medieval world, controlling your warrior. You can take part in a story that will unfold as you increase your skills. With your time in the world of ALdia, your warrior will develop and become stronger.

    > Arcadu: Let’s have some fun. The rules are simple. Hold the right trigger. And as you may have guessed, this will in turn be the number that will kill you. Or, at least, it would. From now on, the end will be you, although I promise that you will not go down alone.

    > Dragon Quest: Heroes is an RPG on the Super Famicom. The game has a very simplistic art style with not many character models; however, the game’s battles are quite fun. The battles are mainly to keep you busy while you explore your surroundings and try to save as many people as you can. The combat system is fairly straightforward. Using the A and B buttons while making a specific direction will use a specific attack to defeat your opponents. Selecting the correct attack will determine the amount of hit points you’ll have when you finish a battle. Other systems like holding up/down will have different effects.


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    **The game is a combination of RPG games such as Knights of the Old Republic and the Final Fantasy XIII series. The story begins when the hero meets the final boss and as the story progresses the player solves various mysteries along the way. The story and the gameplay are interconnected and it takes about 20 hours or so to get the entire story. For example, if you enjoy dialogue events it will take you about 3 hours to complete the first chapter.


    The game uses an auto-navigation map system, and navigation is easy so you can easily play the game at any time. Since you can create your own character, this allows you to play in any way you want. However, the book written in the story that you get during the main questline has precise instructions on how to play, and this style is easy to play, so I recommend that you read it first.


    At the heart of Fantasy Adventure games, both on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, the classic action RPG genre, is a series of RPG games, developed by SquareSoft, where players can enjoy countless hours of game play. There are games that consider “escaping from everyday life” as a core element of the genre, and just like the previous generation of games, there will be some time when you’re not online, playing.

    For the genre enthusiasts, there are many favorite games such as “Knights of the Old Republic”, “Sword of the Stars”, “Oblivion”, “The Elder Scrolls: Skyblivion”, and the “Chronicles of Isamu: Fukigen na Mononokean” (“A Tale of Two Sisters”), and more recent games such as “Dragon Age”, “Final Fantasy XIII-2”, and “Dragon Age II”.

    Each game has its own themes, world, characters and stories, but they are all about characters who live in an ideal world. Each story unfolds as the players proceed to the next stage, and they all have central characters that connect the story with the gameplay. As a result, each game provides its own sense of adventure so you want to continue playing it regardless of whether you are playing solo or with a friend.

    In the light of these games, “The


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Mon, 14 Feb 2017 16:37:27 +0000Jonas Lejonheim, TarnishedNPC #7 – the Traveler

    The Traveler NPC#7 is available in Tarnished right now, ask your NPC broker to get it!

    Travel far and wide and talk to other people to return back home! The Traveler is a new NPC that has been researched and who must be helped and befriended in your travels to take the path to the afterlife!

    He appeared via a message from the Gods as simple folk were drifting into deep sleep to dream.

    The Traveler wishes to walk with all peoples of the world and wants you to befriend him!

    The Traveler also has a reason for being persistent, as he can be the only person who will be going at the same pace as you & until you improve his Muscularity!

    You need to guide him through three seasons in order to get to his limit level (muscularity value) and then talk to him again, and – after a period of time – again!

    In order to get around, he needs to Learn a Mount. You can choose him when he is sleeping, and provide him with a Woodcutting skill and a Basic Blessing, which will help him in his travels!

    Gather logs, mine ore, farm the animals, get wood and – all together, to make your Traveler be the best Traveler!

    Mon, 14 Feb 2017 16:35:19 +0000Jonas Lejonheim, TarnishedNPC #6 – The Knight

    The Knight NPC#6 is available in Tarnished right now, ask your NPC broker to get it!

    A knight come out of the realm of the Gods. He needs to become a member of the realm and be a horse riding soldier in the army


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download The Recommended File From The Registered Link .
  • Run The Setup Or Crack
  • Wait For The Loading Process
  • Go To “Run”. 
  • Click On The Crack Patch Image Or Scan and upload to crack
  • Copy and Paste:

    Making a copy of the Crack for viewing later in the game.

    Copying the Key To Steam ID For Making New Account or Transfer To Subscribed Account.

    Copying the Code To Your Games Account, Then Copying To Other Game.

    Opening VLC Media Player and Exiting the game and opening the COD folder on File Manager and locating the Maps COD folder then deleting maps.xml and vice.xml and replace with new maps.xml

    Go back to the game and open game settings then ( Tapping F3 ) “ Application Bar”.





    The Game Needs Administrator Privileges





    How To Install From Origin Or Link To Download The Origin Origin Client From Their Website Below:

    1. A Window Opened

    2. Clicking On “Activate a Product key” In The Bottom Right Corner



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
    Processor: Intel Core i3/2.5Ghz
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    DirectX: Version 11
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
    Resolution: 1280 x 720
    DirectX: Version




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