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Name Elden Ring
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Elden Ring is an online action RPG, set in a fantasy world. In this game, you can freely choose your own character and have a party of up to six members.
You, along with a party of other heroes, will go on a journey through time, while not being separated in gameplay.
Through battling monsters, clearing dungeons, and working together to form a team, your character will obtain a variety of weapons and augment their abilities by equipping items.
There will be an original story that takes place in the Lands Between, as well as a high level of mini-games and content that will keep you glued to your keyboard.

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Elden Ring


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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.96 / 5 ( 4405 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An accurate depiction of the dazzling Elden Ring and the Lands Between
  • An original setting with a rich world view that will surely make you feel the thrill of adventure
  • A new mode that emphasizes realistic, suspenseful fight sequences
  • A battle system that emphasizes a good sense of timing and skill requirements
  • A varied amount of quests and dungeons
  • A wide variety of items and equipment that can enhance your character
  • A character creation system that allows you to freely modify your character
  • A multitude of charismatic and riotous characters and a variety of sub-characters that may appear to assist you
  • A customizable user interface that allows you to freely select a sound, colors, and effects to fit your preference
  • A large main map that will keep you immersed in the game
  • Observatory (original title in Japanese is, “1 or 2 of 2”)Fri, 03 May 2014 12:04:00 +0000ohvxg29m0s: “Hiding in a Hollow Sky” Discussion is listed on the TDP]]> for a new adventure, you want to seek “In a Hollow Sky” (IOS version will be translated into English), the game of the title, but you can’t find a player that would play.
    So we decided to start a discussion about it, and we will have it here!]]> “Elden Enclave”


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    Elden Ring With License Key Free X64

    • Unique melee combat
    While the coverable area around you is wide, melee attacks are fast, so you can fight from a distance without wasting time or being in a dangerous situation.

    • Unique special moves
    The special moves with a variety of techniques can be used freely. By drawing attacks using the swipe button, you can chain special moves with ease. Since special moves are unlocked as you level up, you can enjoy the freedom of high-end combat.

    • Freely enter or leave dungeons
    When you enter a dungeon, your current enemies are deleted, and you can freely enter the dungeon without the fear of being interrupted. When you exit from a dungeon, any enemies you killed in the dungeon are also deleted.

    • Evolving dungeons
    The vastness of the Lands Between offers infinite ways to explore. Its design allows you to roam across vast open areas and vast dungeons.


    • Multiplayer with other players
    Connect with other players and battle together using a variety of systems.

    • Real-time online battle
    You can play the game together using one of three different battle modes. The battles can take various forms, and you can chain special moves as you wish.

    • Public battle
    You can enter the online battle that took place in the previous day.

    Player description:

    ※Dungeon information and link to player information page and player profile page
    Dungeon mode, are available to navigate.
    Players can select a dungeon to enter.
    “Dungeon” refers to an overall battle mode and “Dungeon mode” refers to a battle mode which can be entered after completing the entrance.
    Players can view information about monsters, battle features, etc.
    Players can enter a “battle” against other players.

    Player explanation in the preparation phase
    Players can access the “Help” button in the bottom left corner for instructions and explanations on how to prepare for battle.

    Player explanations in the scene of battle
    Players can exit battle mode and continue the game by clicking on the “Back” button in the bottom right corner.
    Players can leave battle mode and return to the main menu by clicking the “Back” button in the bottom right corner.
    Players can switch weapons by clicking the number button (refer to the back row).
    Players can change the direction (up, down, left, and right) by using the arrow buttons.
    Players can


    What’s new:

    At some point it isn’t enough to explore the lands and create your own legend; we also have to be there to support you in the moment of your victory. 

    So, are you ready to take on the Lands Between? Check on: 



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    Free Elden Ring X64 2022

    1. Extract all the rar / zip archive and run the setup file.
    2. Do not install the game yet, but launch the game after the installation.
    3. Follow the game instructions.
    4. Enjoy!

    How to install and play ELDEN RING crack in HTML5:

    1. The game is fully playable in HTML5 / mobile devices without any limitations, and is optimized to run on these platforms.
    2. Run the game.
    3. Please note: Depending on your device, the minimum screen resolution is 1024×600

    What’s next?

    After the release of ELDEN RING 2nd (EDGE), followed by the release of the ELDEN RING for Nintendo Switch (EDGE), I will continue to update the game. The most important thing that I want to add will be a community! From now on, I intend to expand the development team and dedicate more time to the community, and from now on I will support the community by inviting our subscribers to both events and forums. We’ll see what we can do together in the years to come!

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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  • After complete success, close all programs and windows, open the game and launch the game.
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