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Name Elden Ring
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Haven’t you ever desired to take part in epic battles, to fight for your honor, and to achieve your own greatness?

• The Lord of the Ring has been defeated!
Fantasy adventurers have now lost their role of a hero, living in a world where they are worshipped.

As the living legend of the new age of the Elden Ring Serial Key, you must now make a complete turnabout.

• Make your Mark in the Tarnished Age
The protagonist is a young orphan born in the Holy Kingdom. He is confused as a result of the change in the world, and struggles to master his skills.

As the main character in the new fantasy action RPG adventure, the first person view seamlessly pans the action as you explore the vast world.

The consequence of your actions and choices will define your character’s fate and mark their name on the world. The epic drama and quest system offer a fun and deep story to enjoy.

A fantasy action RPG with the first-person view.
• A Powerful, Unique Battle System That Pushes You to the Edge
Set the pace of your own battle in real time by attacking your enemies with different combinations of skill moves. The battles are exhilarating and show your prowess.

An RPG system that brings back your enjoyment of the game after you finish it.
• Powerful, Customizable Skills
You can learn a variety of skills that you can equip and use in battle. Spend your skill points to support your role as a party member or as a warrior, raising your ability.

• Detailed, Next-Gen Graphics
The graphics feature rich detail, and players will find the battle that is in their full movement. With specific features for mobile phones and tablets, the battle that is full of content will be enjoyed on all devices.


The next-generation human interface provides a unique experience for touch devices and displays.

The interactive menus and shared file system make the world of the game more accessible.

The dynamic environment is more enjoyable than ever.


Classic RPG game. There are three difficulty levels that the player can choose from.
Simple requires you to master the player’s basic combat and interact with the world.
Medium requires you to master the player’s basic combat and magic, but do


Features Key:

  • Play as one of 8 classes, each with various strengths and weaknesses, over a vast world, where you can freely decide your own play style and evolution path.
  • The game world is densely filled with large dungeons, providing a sense of being in an expansive space.
  • The whole game world is available as a seamless background.
  • The local map has a graphical size that does not change while exploring, providing a sense of familiarity.
  • Please visit for more information on each of the 16 languages.


    • Story mode DLC available in 4 weeks after launch.
    • Renown mode DLC with the possibility to have Multiple Elden Lords. Prices and release dates are yet to be determined.

    Please visit to learn more about Rhythm of Dragons.

    PHASE 1

    • Playable demo available on launch day, pre-order includes additional rewards.

    Please visit for more information on the game.

    Playable Demo

    The game will be released at a cost of 6,900 yen ($65.75 USD). The Standard Edition will include the game and the Standard Edition Booster Pack. The Standard Edition Booster Pack will include the following items, sold separately:

    • Special PS Vita Limited Edition Pack, pre-order content, bonus sound track
    • Pelarion Accessory Code, game data, artbook, music CD

    On the other hand, the Standard Edition will include the game.

    On May 8th, 2015, a playable demo version of the game will be


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    “It is another amazing title from STILL ONE and the gorgeous artwork

    and fluidity are a joy to behold. I’ve yet to open a JRPG on my

    PlayStation 4 but Elden Ring has completely blown me away.” –

    GamerNexus (7.5/10)

    “Any JRPG fan should definitely keep an eye on this one.”

    GameTunnel (8/10)

    “I don’t want to go back to the mainstream brands. I want to

    experience good games. This is a true gem of a title, and it has so

    many great elements to it.” – Gamevillage (8/10)

    Story, Gameplay, Graphics/Presentation

    The story of the game is that there’s a deity that makes a deal with the

    Superhuman, and that deity is Amdo, a goddess who is beautiful and

    caring. Everything is great until Amdo becomes part of the underworld’s

    plan to destroy humanity. This leads to the creation of the Elden Ring,

    and you, the protagonist, are part of this family. The world of the Elden

    Ring is incredibly massive, and it would require a plethora of other games

    to fully experience it. The story and characters are not unlike the Final

    Fantasy series. As for gameplay, it’s deep enough to be considered

    complex, and it’s simple enough for a beginner to be absorbed in. The

    controls are fairly simple. One button brings up your menu, and you can

    interact through use of the touch screen. There’s also auto-attack and

    auto-guard. The latter occurs when you get surrounded, and the other

    player attacks you, which is a fun occurrence.

    The graphics of the game are stunning, and the many battles are very

    smooth. In addition to that, the background music in the game is rather

    breathtaking, and the voices of all the characters are solid. There’s also

    a voice act for every member of the Elden Ring, so you don’t feel as if you

    talked to a robot.

    The presentation of the game itself isn’t the greatest, but the voice work

    and the musical cues are done really well. The battle system is simple

    enough to be easy to understand, but it’s


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    ■ Story of Glory

    In the Lands Between, the first among the Elden was born. While sleeping, he was shaken by an earth tremor. Disheartened, he gave up on his dream of conquering the Lands Between, and hidden away in a cave, he died.

    Devoted to erasing the past, the ruler of this world is entrusted with the responsibility of preserving the sacred books.

    > Image

    > Upcoming News

    We’re here to announce ‘Operation Genesis’, which takes place in Tarnished Soul. Let us explain what this is. ~Plan of Operation Genesis~ Explore Tarnished Soul by yourself in order to gain the honor of the title of ‘Elder’. Become the captain of your own team and fight alongside a friend or ally. “Become Elder” and challenge the whole game. Be the one to reveal the story of this world and save the Elden.

    A plan to save the Elden Ring/Book of Fate, from destruction.

    “Plan of Operation Genesis”!!! The Graphics And Music of the game are much improved since, ‘Search & Conquest’ ~ *Please expand your eyes to admire this fact.*

    The eerie, new music with the OP and ED, featuring the great, everyone-can-appreciate talent, Madness.

    ■ ‘Eternal Kingdom’

    The ruler of this world has been entrusted with the responsibility of preserving the sacred books.

    > Banquet Hall

    The official global broadcast we were referring to earlier has begun. Please pay attention to the topic as it is a more interesting conversation than just a tie-up with a publisher.

    A little hint…

    It is a topic for one of the most exciting titles in the history of Japanese media games…

    > *This is the official site for ‘Little Alien Fighter’ home page*

    ■ Also, The Date Has Been Released…!Yanci Loa

    Yanci Loa (born 13 June 1986) is a Filipino volleyball player. She is part of the Philippine women’s national volleyball team and competed at the 2015 Asian Games.

    She was part of the San Beda Red Warriors squad that captured the Season 77, Season 78 and Season 79 FEU Lady Tamaraws titles.

    Lo was also a member of the San Beda Lady Red Warriors team that won the Season 81 FE


    What’s new:

    ■ Tactics Game Operation Experience

    An intense battle is a battle comprised of countless turns of war. Only by slaying the monsters that roam the land, creating the armies of the allied races with comrades, and strategically using the skills of the materials from the treasure chest and the skills of the allied races can you survive.
    The following are features of the use of combat skill, are as follows.

    ◆ Skill Counter of Turn by Turn

    A counter for use of skill is displayed for each unit that goes into the battlefield, every turn of war, so you can react when the time comes.
    ◆ Priority Display of Turn Based Advances and Skill Counter Detrimental Course

    You can view the priority for use of technique, the advancement to the next war frontier, whether or not it will be detrimental to your own posture, on the same screen as the game screen, as you stay on top of things.

    ◆ Distinguish the Status of Units That Displays a Base Command (Operational Status) and Categories (Advancement Status) on Turn

    In addition to displaying what the base command is, display your rank and change it as you progress. Displaying the operational status on the same screen as the game screen will make it easier for you to have an impression of the operational status when in motion.

    ◆ Examine and Tally of the Base Command Options* and the Advanced Dungeons Game on a Turn-by-Turn Basis*

    Option&Level Screen gives you a complete view of the base command options for a single turn on a map.
    *“Break Item Tool” item option is reflected in the ranking and option but does not break an item.*

    The initial stage and progress of the advanced dungeons game are displayed on the same map screen on the same turn for ease of watching.

    ◆ Beginner’s Tutorial Screen (Can be Used Freely)
    (Learn in-game the methods of operation for beginner’s use)

    A tutorial screen where you see a character button used as a marker for the current position and a tool button that you equip to the button for the use of the associated character. What is


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    How To Crack:

  • First, Download Activation Code & URL below
  • Connect your phone with PC.
  • Save the file to C:\ [Replace C with the correct name of the space where you installed the game]\Elden Ring AutoInstaller.exe
  • Select Update&Launch (If not enabled already)
  • Finished! Restart the game and it will prompt you to activate the game, just choose your serial and you are done
  • How To Activate & Crack

    • First, Download Activation Key. It is provided in the video below
    • Save it to D:\ (Replace D with the correct name of the space where you installed the game. It can be seen while installing the game)
    • Choose “Elden Ring” and select “I don’t have my serial yet. Enter an activation key”
    • Enter the key you saved earlier. A dialog will show up saying the key has been confirmed
    • Choose “Skip” and be done!

    What’s New in Elden Ring:


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