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HDR photography, when viewed on an appropriate display, is quite eye-catching in a way that SDR images would never be able to measure. While newer phone cameras manage to fuse multiple SDR exposures into a final HDR image, professional photographers usually prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, by capturing multiple exposures with their dedicated cameras and manually fusing them together in post-editing.
Eclipse HDR PRO is the type of software to handle such a task, and it works as you would expect: import a set of differently-exposed shots, and the tool will automatically create an HDR photo. Much like with any photo editor, there are lost of parameters that users can freely modify.
Tweak the signal
The program is relatively easy to get started with, so no problems should arise from normal use. If you're not ready to add your photos in, you can try modifying the sample shots that the program offers: select them all, and interact with the Create HDR Project option. The set of photos will then be converted into a singular HDR image, which the users can freely alter as they see fit.
Dynamic tone mapping values can be adjusted to match your preferences, it's entirely up to you to strike a balance — or none at all — between gradation and brightness for your new HDR image. You can also work on color correction, and the Natural Mode feature works to complement that by having the app automatically adjust nuances.
Relight and Denoise
To further tweak the HDR presentation of your work, the Relight function lends itself well to adjusting the lighting of your shots by allowing users to target the light sources in their photo, in an effort to modify the picture's brightness.
If your HDR photo contains unwanted noise, Denoise can help by automatically smoothing out the image without losing much detail in the process.
In conclusion
If you want to get into HDR photography, software such as Eclipse HDR PRO can help you bridge the gap between SDR and HDR by providing an efficient workflow to manage and modify high dynamic range content.


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Fused images, tone mapped images, dark images and light images are often used in digital photography and broadcasting. Eclipse presents the Eclipse HDRPRO software to help photographers and editors tackle HDR imaging even though they have no experience with HDR. Eclipse is a modern HDR solving tool that runs faster, produces higher image quality and is easier to use than most existing tools. Eclipse will do the hard work of optimizing your input images into HDR projects automatically and intelligently and then produce the best results. The package supports virtually any image format such as JPEG, RAW or EXR-RTD.
The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. Eclipse will auto-calculate the exposure settings for each image and offer the correct correction. Picked images can be automatically processed with the use of white balance, automatic exposure, neutral tone mapping and dynamic adjustment of tonal ranges.
– All HDR processing of the automatic mode is done at full resolution.
– Auto HDR exposure setting optimization on input photos
– Auto HDR DNG processing
– White balance correction
– Automatic exposure correction
– Dynamic range adjustment
– Tone mapping
– Image resizing
– Image alignment
– Image cleaning
– Image cropping
– Image grading with color balance, contrast, saturation and blur strength adjustment
– Naming and combining image files
– Organizing files in a project
– Support for layered PSD files
– Output images in the format of JPEG, JPEG 2000, TIFF, PNG, GIF or RAW
– Output images to the file system or over the network
– Support for 16-, 32-, 64-, and 128-bit color depth.
– Support for Adobe Photoshop PSD files
– Support for Adobe Photoshop TIFF images
– Support for DNG RAW imagesA novel non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, PBF 1136, exerts its effect on inflammation through suppression of cellular kinases involved in phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase (PI-3-K) activation in human neutrophils.
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Eclipse HDR Pro

Eclipse HDR Pro is a powerful yet easy to use HDR workflow software. You can process your single raw photos to generate a most exciting, colorful and breathtaking HDR photo. You have the freedom to choose different HDR styles for your shots, define the workflow, adjust HDR Tone Mapping, process, adjust each shot individually, adjust all the HDR images after merging.
Download Eclipse HDR Pro
Use Eclipse HDR Pro to process your raw single photo into a most breathtaking and colorful HDR photo with one simple click:
It can create a single HDR photo directly from a series of HDR images with time and date stamp, or merge into a single HDR image from separate photos with different exposures on time and date and auto-adjust parameters for better tone mapping and image effect.
You also can apply HDR workflow by predefine or use the 3rd party tools from Adobe, Capture One, Apple to Automate Aperture, Lightroom, Aperture or Aperture to M-lbr, Capture One, Lightroom or Aperture to Twofish after HDR shooting. All these tools can be used as standalone applications.
Introduction Eclipse HDR Pro is an intuitive GUI-based HDR photo workflow software, it can help users to process raw single photos into stunning HDR images. You can set up and edit workflow with ease with lots of free parameters provided.
Eclipse HDR PRO Features:
– Automatically combine separate RAW photos into one in one click or process them individually and use 3rd party tools on time and date stamp if needed.
– Easily combine any number of RAW, JPEG and TIFF HDR photos into one in one click and apply different workflows.
– Adjust time and date stamp and save them to the temporary RAW photos if needed, also adjust HDR Tone Mapping, Auto Exposure Bracketing or Non-HDR exposures.
– Adjust light values, auto exposure, white balance, tone mapping and much more for the best image effect.
– Export the combined images to jpg, jpeg, png, webp, jpg, gif, ico, tiff, bmp or psd format.
– You can use the program to quick process your RAW photos to create a web gallery as wallpaper.
– You can use the program to create a single RAW photo directly from your RAW files with date and time stamp, then it can be edited into incredible color and high dynamic range photos. You can share your images on social networks for better exposure and improve your photography skills.
Supported RAW, JPEG

What’s New in the Eclipse HDR Pro?

Eclipse HDR PRO is a versatile HDR photo editor that offers a complete set of adjustable tweaking parameters.
If you are in need of a tool to edit HDR photos and bridge the gap between SDR and HDR, then Eclipse HDR Pro is a great choice. It offers an intuitive and easy to use interface as well as a comprehensive collection of tools, including popular ones such as cropping and selection tools, exposure controls and data merging.
Eclipse HDR PRO also allows users to customize their experience by customizing the way they like the HDR photos presented to them, as it offers options for changing the way the photo is backlit, how the image is exposed, how the colors are represented, tone mapping, and much more.
Additionally, if you would like to manually create your own HDR photos, Eclipse HDR PRO allows you to do this by enabling you to import your original SDR images and create an HDR image yourself. Eclipse HDR PRO even allows you to use your own images to create a HDR file, which can be a great tool to create photographic content you normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to create.
With Eclipse HDR PRO, you can edit SDR photographs for print and display, and create a final HDR image that can be shared to different formats.
Eclipse HDR PRO Review:
Eclipse HDR PRO can be used to share photos and quickly create high dynamic range shots.
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Create amazing looking HDR images with your smartphone or DSLR by combining multiple exposures to produce a single, near-photographic image. In this course, learn how to expose properly for HDR images by watching how HDR photographers work their gear, how to use their editing software, and how to properly create light and balance your images. In the final segment, learn how to create your own HDR images, including best practices, tips and tricks and the right software. By the end of this course you will have mastered HDR photography and can take your skill up a notch.
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Mac OS X Lion 10.7 or later,
Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or later,
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Mac OS X Leopard (10.3),
Mac OS X Jaguar (10.2),
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Mac OS X Tiger (10.2),
Mac OS X Leopard (10.2),
Mac OS X Panther (10.


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