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Takeo Kajiwara

is a Japanese former footballer who plays as a defender.


Loan to Cerezo Osaka
On 13 August 2016, Kajiwara joined Japanese J2 League club Cerezo Osaka on a six-month loan deal. He made his debut appearance on 10 September 2016 in Cerezo’s 2016 J.League Cup campaign against Fujieda MYFC.

Return to Yokohama FC
On 6 January 2017, Kajiwara returned to his former club Yokohama FC, signing a 1.5 year contract.

Club statistics

National team career statistics

Appearances in major competitions


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“Why the name?”

For me, the name of the repo embodies my feelings about what the project
does. When I’m being paranoid and removing it, I think “Why the name?” So I
unfortunately had to come up with this theme.

“What is the goal with ZeroMQ?”

To have a single easy-to-use library that works in terms of performance and
possesses all of the functionality of the alternative libraries out there
(including zero-configuration).

“Is this lib any better than libevent?”

It’s _much_ better, mainly because it’s written in C and has much higher
performance, and also because it can natively use sockets of different kinds
(you can pass “native” to the constructor, or, at runtime, you can specify
different sockets to use).

“Is it open source?”

Yes, fully. We’re currently under the MIT license.

“Why not require a library or something?”

The reason for this is performance. This is a fork of ZeroMQ under
ZeroMQ/libzmq, which is under the GNU LGPL 3. ZeroMQ itself is

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Outlook Web Access and email opening in calendar

I have an Outlook Web Access account for my work. I have 2 email accounts in the account. Each is on a different calendar within the same Outlook Web Access account. I have no problem with one being on one calendar and one being on another, but I get the incorrect calendar when I try to open an email. In the sidebar of the email, the To: is in the correct calendar, but the Subject: and Reply To: are in the incorrect calendar.
If I open the calendar directly, it displays the correct calendar, but the emails don’t open there.
How can I get my email to open in the correct calendar when I open them through Outlook Web Access?


This is most likely a feature of OWA – not Outlook. It is not unusual for emails to land at the wrong location in Outlook due to the folder on the server that each user logs into.
Your new email would be kept in OWA’s “On-line folder”.
This folder is often “Calendar” based, but it’s also possible to use a “Personal Folders” based one. The difference between the two is that “On-line” still uses the SMTP server to send emails whereas “Personal Folders” use an Exchange server.
Workarounds can be somewhat elaborate. Try “Using unique email addresses” as an account setting to make them available and unique to the use of that specific OWA account.



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