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A: Use the following function which splits the string by the punctuation + create a dictionary for each item in the dictionary and then check if any of the items in the list has the character and adds it to the text file. with open(“result.txt”,”w”) as result: for i in infile: if i.isspace(): continue else: z = i.split(“.”) if len(z)!= 2: continue if “.” in z[1] and z[1].lower() == “true”: result.write(i) else: for j in z[1].lower(): if j in z[0].lower(): result.write(i) If you want to include some invalid characters, say the comma, just replace if ‘.’ in z[1] with if z[1] == ‘,’. It seems that you are trying to insert in the text file all the items in the dictionary regardless of the values of z[0]. If so, use this: for j in z[1].lower(): if j in z[0].lower(): result.write(i) Note that the code as written will create file.txt and inside each item in the file, a comma is written (result.txt). If you want to output only each item after a comma without the comma, use this: for j in z[1].lower(): if j in z[0].lower():

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