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Drifta Crack + Activator [Mac/Win]

Narrow and watch more channels
Remember what you are interested in
Real-time “channel list”
Easy and simple to use
Drifta – The easiest way to watch DStv

What’s New in this Version:
Integrated download support for Android
Drifta Mobile now supports downloading content from DStv on Android devices (requires the DStv Download Manager (DVPN) component to be installed on your Android device). The settings screen and main window are now automatically updated when the DVPN component is installed on your Android device.
Improved Android library
Drifta now uses a new Android library that allows automatic library updates at run time. This improves the stability of the application and makes it a lot faster to update the channel list.
Drifta v.

Version 2.7.3
Requires a new version of Drifta Droid or new Nova-P5 firmware.
Drifta v.2.7.3

Version 2.7.2
Requires a new version of Drifta Droid or new Nova-P5 firmware.
Drifta v.2.7.2

Version 2.7.1
The channel list format has changed

New in this release:
New Android library
Fixed an issue where the Android library would not work with iOS devices

Version 2.7
Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher
Support for iOS devices added
Bug fixes

Drifta v.2.7
New in this release:
Remove all channels except the top 5 most-watched channels
Support for iOS devices added

Version 2.6
Fixed an issue where the Android library would not work with iOS devices

New in this release:
More support for Android
Read from analog only for iOS devices, which means no USB dongle!
Drifta now supports removing iOS and Android channels

Version 2.5
Fixed an issue where certain channels would not be listed on iOS devices

Version 2.4
Fixed an issue where Android devices would not show the channel list properly

Version 2.3
Added an option to skip pre-roll advertising

Drifta v.2.3
Fixed an issue where Android devices would not display all channels

Version 2.2
Fixed an issue where the Android library would not

Drifta Crack Free Download

The Drifta application is used to watch the following mobile TV channels on your computer (Windows Vista, XP, 7):

What’s New in the?

Watch DStv Mobile or GOtv Mobile’s channels on your PC.
Watch mobile TV directly through your PC’s screen, monitor and webcam.
Add your mobile numbers to your list and watch all your favourite DStv channels on your computer.
You no longer need to buy a TV set just to watch your favourite DStv channels.

Watch DStv Mobile’s channels from your PC
You will need a USB mobile decoder connected to your PC.
Download the Drifta application
Run the Drifta application and click “Add”
The screen will display all the DStv Mobile channels
Select one of the available channels and click “Watch”, then “Download”

Supported Addresses:

Downstream / Upstream TV

DStv Mobile

Gate TV



Go Broadband






Your Own Mobile Number

Call your mobile number on the app and select iView

Downloading channels from other people’s mobile decoders

You need to download channels from a DStv Mobile decoder using the Drifta application.

Downloading channels from Drifta

Download the channels you want from the Drifta application, then run the Drifta application.

Add Your Numbers

Click “Add” and add your mobile phone numbers to your list.


Click “Filter” and click “Add to filter list” to add your mobile phone numbers to the filter.

Mobile Number

Click “Mobile Number” and type the mobile number you want to add to your list.

Add numbers

Click “Add numbers” to add additional mobile numbers to your list.

Right-click and select “Move”

You can move a mobile number to another position within your list by right-clicking the mobile number and select “Move”.

You can delete a mobile number from your list by selecting it and clicking “Delete”.

You can add a mobile number to the filter list by selecting the mobile number and clicking “Add to filter list”.

Unable to connect to DStv Mobile

You will not be able to use Drifta to watch DStv Mobile channels if your computer cannot connect to the correct address for your mobile number.

Downloading channels from Drift

System Requirements:

Mac OS X Version 10.11.3 or later is required.
Intel-based Macs with a 64-bit CPU and 64-bit operating system are recommended.
The official soundtrack is included in the game.
One USB 2.0 port, and one audio cable with 5.1 channel output is required.
Screen Resolution:
The optimum screen resolution is 1280×720 or higher. If the screen resolution is lower than this, the frame rate will lower and the response will lag.



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