Download [NEW] Endrypts Advanced V1.2

Download [NEW] Endrypts Advanced V1.2

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Download Endrypts Advanced V1.2

Endrypts advanced v1.2
Endrypts advanced v1.2

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Download endrypts advanced v1.2 –
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Endrypts advanced v1.2

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How to apply update

Step1: Download the latest version of the application for free on your cell phone or tablet.
Step2: Click the Menu icon on the right side of the application to open the Settings menu.
Step3: Scroll down to

I don’t think I could do it by myself, someone should be able to help me out. Could you please give the details, what eNDryptS Advanced v1.2, where to download it and how to execute it?

I feel like I’m struggling in a dark dungeon, without a torch and without a guide.

This question has already been asked.


As explained in comments on the above page, you need to download the tools from this link:
When the tool is downloaded you need to have a PC where you have installed Python 2.7 and set the path to the location of the installation (you can open command prompt and type python to check if the python installer is found).
Then you download the eNDryptS Advanced from this link:
You unzip it, move to the dir where you have installed the Python module and run ./encryptsdk_v1.2_setup.exe which will ask you to login with your account. Then you will be asked the path to your downloaded ROM (the file you want to encrypt). This is where you download the tools to encrypt it. You don’t need to install the tools on your PC, just have the ROM.
After that you need to move to the dir where you have installed the eNDryptS Advanced tools (they are in the tools dir), type encryptsdk_v1.2_adv.exe -v (if you are not in a directory with the tools, you need to specify the full path) and it will show you some info about the ROM you are going to encrypt. Click on “Trust me, I’m the developer” button and you are done. I did this on a few ROMs and it worked fine. Then you need to enter a key for your ROM:

it can be a hard-coded key (as I did with the R4 kernel for NDS games, or a password for your Google account, or a password for your account. Usually I use the password of my account.

Then you will be asked for the account password and for two PIN numbers

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