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The current version of Photoshop as of this writing (CS6) is an incredible achievement for a program that’s 20 years old. The price keeps dropping year after year, and you can grab a copy of the latest version for free.

Creating image documents

A Photoshop document is a container that holds various layers that you can manipulate as you need to. The most useful thing you can do with a layer is to copy a layer to a different location. This way, you can keep certain layers out of the view of other layers to keep them from being hidden and mutilated. Layers can also be easily clipped and put in between other layers to create new ones, making them easy to manipulate and move around as you create a finished project. A finished project can be just one layer or more, depending on how many layers you create, but you always need at least one to start. When you’re done creating layers, either delete them or save them, depending on how many layers you have.

Photoshop provides automatic sorting of your layers so that any layer with a lighter color overlay is placed behind the others. However, Photoshop’s default settings are for the best view when you work with color, but that won’t necessarily be the case for you if you’re making black-and-white or grayscale works. To view your colors in their natural state, click the Toolbars button, click the Color tab at the top, and select Edit ⇒ Curves. After you do this, you can see the underlying colors that make up all the layers in your document. If you don’t like how this looks, you can use Photoshop’s Layers palette to rearrange the order of your layers, moving some behind others. You can also duplicate your existing layers to create duplicate layers that you can use if necessary. You can add other background images by opening an image in Photoshop and placing it inside the document. Just make sure that it’s the last thing you do before you close the document.

Figure 2-1 shows a typical Photoshop document at the top of the screen. You have a background layer (the figure shows a large version of the document) and a layer at the top that you may have created when you first opened the document. If you have a grouping of image layers within your document, you can easily switch between them by clicking the Layer Navigation tool (rightmost icon in the figure). If you have a lot of layers and they’re spread across the document, you can save time by making all

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.4 is supported on:

Home | About Adobe Photoshop Elements (Adobe Photoshop) Read on for help with Adobe Photoshop Elements (Adobe Photoshop) and video tutorials on how to use it.

Visit the Adobe Photoshop Elements forums to get help from the community, learn tips and tricks, and enjoy the discussion. The Adobe Photoshop Elements website has a lot of resources for installing and using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Before launching Adobe Photoshop Elements, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements by clicking the orange Adobe Photoshop Elements icon in your menu bar.

Useful keyboard shortcuts

The tools and keyboard shortcuts listed below will help you edit images in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

The spaces in the following links are placeholder text only.

press space. command. to open the main menu.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements: Use the Ribbon to access all of the Photoshop Elements features. Press… Add new items to the main menu. Select… Adjust colors and lighting. Use the adjustment tools. Pan (drag) and zoom the canvas. Make a selection. Open an image in the browser. Display the options panel. Display the properties panel. Create a new layer. Select a tool from the options panel. Zoom in and out. Open a new image. Select a color scheme.

Keyboard shortcuts

Move or select an object with the keyboard. Control mouse pointer with arrow keys or Control + click.

Keyboard shortcuts are listed on the keys to activate menu options.

Move the mouse pointer to make the mouse pointer blink. Open the Options panel. Open the Image Window. Open the Layers Panel. Open the Paths panel. Open the Pixel Preview panel. Open the New Image window. Open the Image Layers panel. Open the Tools panel. Zoom in or out with the Page Up and Page Down keys. Zoom in or out with the +/- keys. Zoom in or out with the + or – keys.

The following keyboard shortcuts are not listed on the keys to activate menu options but are available as default actions for each tool. Press the keys to change the tool’s options. Press the keys to move objects in the image.

Edit an image with Adobe Photoshop Elements

The Photoshop Elements tools are arranged in four panels:

The Tools panel contains actions, tools, and panels. The Tools panel contains actions, tools, and panels.

The Layers panel shows and

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How to re-export an existing JavaFX scene into a Scene Builder project

I have an existing JavaFX project (using Scene Builder for the GUI) and I want to take its JavaFX scene and re-export it into a new Scene Builder project.
Essentially, I’d like the export to look exactly the same as the original scene and re-import it into the new Scene Builder project.
I’m using Scene Builder 2.12.2 to generate the new project and the existing project is running on JavaFX 2.2.


You can re-export a JavaFX scene as a scene file in Scene Builder.
If you right click on an FXML node and select “Export Scene As”, a dialogue window will open up.
Select “Scene” from the “Export as” drop down menu.
Then make sure that “Export (selected elements only)” is checked and a location for the scene file is selected.


Do we need to uninstall Eclipse plugins when upgrading eclipse to a new release?

After upgrading eclipse, I am finding myself confused with the details regarding the eclipse plugins that we have installed. Are they somehow lingering in the old version of eclipse? Can we download these plugins from the new eclipse installation or should we remove them manually?


Re-installing the plugins that we have installed is not a problem at all –
Just a piece of advice, I highly discourage you from removing the plugins that are not needed for your work. If there is a plugin that you are using from some time and you can’t find it in new version – download it and install that way.
Generally I have also found that the updates downloaded from eclipse site are a bit faster and generally perform better than those from the eclipse marketplace.


How to start new activity from a different class that doesn’t extend Activity?

I have a question – I am making an app with a timer that counts down.
the problem is that I have a “stop” button that stops the timer and then goes back to the main menu of the app.
When I run the app there is no problem. But when I press the button to start the timer again, it doesn’t work.
I would really like a solution that doesn’t involve using Handlers.
So, If my timer class extends Activity, i need to use the Handlers to start

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How to change wordpress images with new content

i have a wordpress site and i need to change all the images when i have new content…
is there a way to change it so on publish date i get a file in the directory.
it is an ongoing site so i don’t want to have to change the folder and make a new one..
any ideas?


I would suggest that your best solution would be to add some code (maybe via a plugin) to your theme that would create the images dynamically when the post is published.
As to how to do it from within WordPress I’m not sure there is a built-in method. Here are some links that could be of help to you:

You are here

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System Requirements:

There is a lot of information online about the game’s requirements, but I want to go through a few things in detail. As far as the minimum requirements are concerned, it should run on computers with at least 1.6GHz processor and 2GB of RAM (the game has no issues running on a slower machine, but you will need to be vigilant for any bugs and crashes). For the best experience, the recommended specs are at least 3GHz processor and 4GB of RAM. It is suggested that you run the game in fullscreen, so it has a bit of/


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