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Download Adobe Photoshop Cs4 Portable Free Download [Latest 2022]

* **Layer**. Layers are an important feature of Photoshop. A layer is an editing area on the canvas. It is where you can add and combine various elements and effects, and even cut and paste them. When you are working on a layer, you add and alter it through the Layers window. Use the Layers window to create, move, resize, and delete layers.

After an image is loaded into Photoshop, it’s converted to pixels, which make up the actual image. Each pixel on the canvas represents a dot on the print. Now, an important concept to remember is that the pixels in an image actually determine the quality of that image. A higher-resolution image means more pixels. Higher-quality images can do certain things better, such as have more color and detail. However, at some point, a higher-resolution image doesn’t really make a bigger difference for smaller sizes of print, so many designers often create a higher-resolution image just for display purposes.

When you create and use a layer, you create a new editing area. You can use layers to turn an image into a special effect or to separate specific areas of an image for a specific purpose. For example, you might separate a subject in a photograph from the background, making the subject easier to identify. You might use layers to cut out an interesting object or photo out of an image, or you might place a transparent layer over an area of the image that needs to be hidden in order to make the entire image fit on a page. You can even create a layer to combine two different effects. The possibilities are endless.

Generally, you use layers to perform a variety of functions, ranging from adding special effects, separating objects from one another, and masking, to compositing, animating, and creating 3-D effects.

* **Clipping paths**. One of the most useful tools in Photoshop is a _clipping path_. You can use a clipping path to create specialized shapes that act as guides for a particular area of an image. For example, you can use a clipping path to outline the edges of a logo. You can then add a color effect over the entire logo and use the path as a frame to separate the logo from the background.

* **Brushes**. All the design tools are packaged in Photoshop so that you can use them to apply different effects to your artwork. There are many types of brush, but the ones you’ll use the most

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This article is about the professional version of Photoshop, not Elements, which is referred to as Photoshop.

To start, it is important to know that the industry standard way to perform any type of editing in Photoshop is to use Filter > Noise > Gaussian Blur.

It is the easiest way to remove noise from an image or create a blurred or watermarked effect.

You can learn everything about noise and blur in my tutorial series from the link below:

Noise and Blur Tutorial:

How to Make Seamless Blur in Photoshop

How to Make Watermarked Text in Photoshop

Create a Watermarked Text in Photoshop


Download Adobe Photoshop

Download the Photoshop Extended 20.0

Launch Photoshop Extended 20.0

Open your image

Click File > Automate > Unsharp Mask

Input Image Size, Radius, Threshold:


Input Mask Slope:


Input Angle:


Input Center Point:

20, 20

Output Output File Size:

100, 100

Input Output Size:

Original, Original

Input Amount:


Input Soften:


Input Feather:


Output Sharp:




Step 1.1

Click Add Effect > Noise > Gaussian Blur

Step 2

Leave the settings at default and click OK

Step 3.1

Drag the Filter icon up to Layer

Step 3.2

Name the layer ‘Noise’

Step 3.3

Double-click ‘Noise’ to open the Properties Panel

Step 3.4

Change the mode to ‘Color’

Step 3.5

Change the blend mode to ‘Normal’

Step 3.6

Click OK

Select Eraser Tool

Step 4

Click outside of the image area

Step 5

Use the Eraser Tool to drag the shadow outline to the left until it looks like the below image.

Step 6

Repeat the same process for the remaining shadow outline

Step 7

Move the remaining shadow outlines

Step 8

Select the Gradient Tool

Step 9

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The Dodge and Burn tools mimic the look of movie film that was exposed using lights shining on a particular color (dodge) or creating a dark band that would be the film over the highlights of a picture (burn). These tools are useful for removing unwanted areas of an image and can also be used to increase the overall contrast, tone, or saturation of an image.

The Dodge and Burn tools mimic the look of movie film that was exposed using lights shining on a particular color (dodge) or creating a dark band that would be the film over the highlights of a picture (burn). These tools are useful for removing unwanted areas of an image and can also be used to increase the overall contrast, tone, or saturation of an image.

The Hue/Saturation tool can be used to add color or tone to black and white images. The Hue/Saturation tool can be used to increase or decrease the color, saturation, and contrast of an image.
Fonts in Photoshop are designed to make text stand out from the rest of the image. This allows you to easily add text to an image and still have it be clear and easy to read.
Graphic Effects in Photoshop are tools that are used to add visual interest to images. There are several different effects available in Photoshop.

Image transform effects allow you to distort the image (including photo-retouching effects). The image-manipulation tools that come with Photoshop include a bevel and emboss effect that creates a soft or hard glossy look to an image.

Grayscale images are used to simulate black and white photographs. Many graphic artists work with grayscale images. The grayscale effect changes the values of an image by introducing negative numbers. A grayscale image with a value of -50 reduces the color intensity in an image.

Poster Effects allow you to add a retro poster look to an image. The poster effect can be used to increase the contrast of the image.

Style effects allow you to apply effects such as grunge, vintage or watercolor. This effect applies a subtle and non-distinctive blur to the image.

Rotate Image effects allow you to rotate or flip an image. This tool is used to easily get a 180-degree spin on an image.

The Pen Tool allows for easy and accurate drawing. This tool is similar to the pencil tool in image editing software. The Pen Tool allows you to create lines with some type of

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