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This tutorial will take you through all aspects of using Photoshop including: layers, selections, filters, and other editing tools. It will teach you how to make basic edits that are extremely easy to understand, but are very useful. You will also learn how to use the brush tools and how to use Adobe’s actions.

This tutorial is intended to be used with Photoshop CS5. The videos may work with other versions but will need to be changed to use the most up-to-date features.

Making a Copy

To start off with, we need to make a copy of the original image. To do this, press Ctrl+N. This will create a new document, which is necessary because we are going to be doing much work on this file, changing it several times.

Why it’s important to use a copy

There are many tutorials online on how to do many things in Photoshop, but there is no way to check which one you are following. Therefore, it’s good to create a copy of your images to ensure that you are following the correct instructions.

Your Own Canvas

The next step is to create a new canvas of the same size as the original image using the Scale tool from the Home toolbar. When your screen looks like this:

It means that you are using the entire screen size. To create your own canvas, do the following:

Click on the New Layer icon from the Home toolbar. Select “New from Scratch”.

Resize the image using the Scale tool.

The new layer will now be at the same size as the original image. While your canvas is still selected, right-click on it, and select “Duplicate Layer.” This will copy the original layer and put it on the canvas.

TIP: If you accidentally delete an image after opening the file, simply load the image into Photoshop again and it will be a blank canvas.

The tips listed above are so that you can create a fresh canvas to work on, but there is another even better reason for doing it: If you change your mind about what you are doing, and decide that you want to edit the layer with another image instead, you can simply click on the white arrow (or press Ctrl+Z) to go back to the previous layer and change it to something else.

TIP: If your image has spaces in it and you need to edit out the spaces, one easy

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This step-by-step Photoshop tutorial will guide you through the entire process of editing and retouching images.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Open Photoshop Elements

If you don’t already have Photoshop Elements, download it from the Adobe website here

Step 2: Create an image

We will use the same image and add some new ones in this tutorial.

Go to File -> New to bring up the Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor window.

Photoshop Elements Editor

Choose Document and click Next.

Choose File -> New.

The New Document window will appear. Select the image file you wish to open.

The image I used for this tutorial is in the first image in the post.

Add more images.

Choose File -> New.

Choose File -> Folder and click Next to navigate to the folder where your files are saved.

Open the images you wish to add to your document. Select all the images you wish to add to your document.

To add more images, do one of the following:

Drag and drop images into the document window.

Select the images, click and hold them and drag and drop them into the document window.

Step 3: Setting up the image for editing

Click the Window menu and select the Crop tab.

Crop Tab

Select the crop tools and set the crop settings.

Select the Crop tools

Set the canvas size with the steps and press Enter.

Photoshop Elements Editor

The crop tools are located in the upper-left corner. They are located next to the trashcan and file tabs.

You can see the selections and the crop tool in the upper-left corner.

Here is what the crop options look like.

The crop tools

Create a new layer for your editing and click OK.

You can create a new layer for each image.

Step 4: Editing the image and retouching it

Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Levels and make sure that the Black Point sliders are set to Black in the top left.

Click the pop up box in the upper-right corner and select Midtones.

Midtones Tab

Set the Black Point slider to 6% and set the White Point slider to 0.

Change the White Point to 34% and set the Black Point

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I’m using powershell 2.0 and am trying to figure out how to recursively iterate through the current directory’s subdirectories and perform my operation.
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What I’m trying to do is recursively iterate through the current directory, identify all the directories that contain images and compress them to a zip file before transferring the new zip file into another folder. So I’d think the result would look something like:



Try this:
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System Requirements For Ps Adobe Photoshop Download Gratis:

To help us run as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to meet these requirements:
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