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Create kind of ‘child’ namespace on object instance in PHP

I’ve spent some hours googling and reading the documentation, but I just can’t seem to find a solution to my problem. I’ve created a sample app. I want to create multiple child namespaces based on the type of content.
|- [news]
| |- news1.php
| |- album1.php
|- [records]
| |- me.php
+- index.php

So what I want to achieve is have a different directory path for each file. I use a class to create the files. I have 2 classes, one for the root and one for the child. Here is the code snippet that I use to create a namespace:
$file = substr($type, 0, -4);

if($type == ‘news’)
$childs = explode(‘.’, $file);

if($childs[0] == “news” and $childs[1] == “1”)
elseif($childs[0] == “news” and $childs[1] == “2”)

elseif($type == ‘gallery’)
$childs = explode(‘.’, $file);

if($childs[0] == “album” and $childs[1] == “1”)

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