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The game is based on the popular augmented reality technology, widely used in modern smart phones, which empowers players to interact with the world around them and experience realistic digital gaming through the camera of the smart phone. Using the Smartphone that is integrated with the device, players can map out a virtual obstacle course and perform certain actions while using the device for navigation.

After reading the QR code on the menu for that night, take a photo of the QR code with the smartphone camera. Then, the map of the area will appear in the form of the augmented reality on the screen. Once the player and their pursuers are identified, the chase begins.

Your primary objective is to complete a series of missions until you successfully clear the zone. Each mission has a different task. There are also auto-completion options, giving you more chances to earn special rewards.

Key Features:

· A variety of AI opponents with different attributes that can be engaged in multiple matches· Offer nocturnal missions· 8 different weapons, ranging from melee to assault rifles· Fully enclosed zone, allowing you to play anytime and anywhere· Made with immersive graphics and fully interactive gameplay· Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and web

JK is supported by the National Health & Medical Research Council of Australia (APP1112484).

Availability of data and materials {#FPar2}

All data generated or analysed during this study are included in this published article and its additional files.

SM and JK designed the study, wrote the first draft of the manuscript, and interpreted the data. GPF, ALW, MT, BW, and MCZ conducted participant interviews and completed data entry. GPF and SM contributed to the final version of the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

Ethics approval and consent to participate {#FPar3}

This study was approved by the Deakin University Human Ethics Committee (\#2011–140). All patients provided written informed consent.

Consent for publication {#FPar4}

Not applicable.

Competing interests {#FPar5}

SM, JK and GPF receive grant funding from the National Health & Medical Research Council of Australia (APP1112484). JK is a coinvestigator on a grant (APP1059319) with the Movember Foundation; she has received travel expenses


Features Key:

  • 4 difficulty levels (1-4 player)
  • A deep, immersive environment
  • European inspired
  • Fine detailed gameplay (on the mobile phone device)
  • Extremely addictive gameplay

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Disclaimer: The game is free to play, however, some items can be purchased in game. In-app purchases can be prohibited by adjusting your device settings.


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Home Away for Kids

Home Away for Kids Game Key features:

  • 4 difficulty levels (1-4 player)
  • A realistic VR playground
  • Fine detailed gameplay (on the mobile phone device)
  • Extremely addictive gameplay


Dark Roll: Free Kick Challenge

In the beginning there was the Earth, then came the dark. In the dark, there was only chaos. Then, there was The Emperor. He raised hell upon the land. He had the greatest army the earth had ever seen.
He demanded all who dared to stand against him would be crushed under his iron fist.
One by one, he vanquished all the armies standing against him. The emperor had supreme power and was not to be touched by anyone. His enemies were forgotten.
But the emperor wasn’t finished yet. He took the power of the Pale spirits and used it to bring even more chaos upon the world. He built a machine, and used it to invade our planet. He used dark magic to obtain the powers of the past and the future. He conquered the Pale spirits and The Dark Lord. He has ransacked the land, and brought us to the brink of extinction.
You play as The Dark Lord. You are now free to impose your will upon the world once more. Save the planet and those who inhabit it. Defeat the Pale spirits and their allies, and you’ll earn your freedom.

REGULAR PRICING: $4.99 – 7 Day Free Trial – once you sign in it unlocks for the life of the game – includes ALL updates (Events, Levels, Weapons, New Characters) – WE WILL REQUIRE PAYPAL ACCEPTANCE or EXTERNAL SHIPPING –

About The Game:
Dark Roll is a revolutionary indie game where you play a god. Rather than controlling weapons or energy, you control the Dark Lord by taking complete control of gravity.

It’s an experience where battles are won by denying the enemy the ability to move freely. You must outsmart, outplay and outlast your enemies as you level up the Dark Lord and his spells.

Each level presents a new battleground, and with it comes new monsters, traps and puzzles to solve. Solve them, and keep the Dark Lord powered up with bonuses and powerful scrolls.


Build a deck from over 50 spells to battle with.

Team up with the Pale spirits as you take control of them to aid in battle.

Improve the Dark Lord, his energy and abilities by recharging his abilities.

Level up the Dark Lord to defeat your enemies.

Master new special attacks.

The game will be released in English and Romanian.

The game will be released in English


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If you’re playing Facebook, email me: [email protected]

If you’re playing in an online tournament, email me: [email protected]


You are allowed to play 3 games in one match. In the first game, use whatever is normally used in that match. In the 2nd game, you can do whatever you want as long as it is fair. In the 3rd game, use the official rules.

In the 1st game, you must play “cross-ups” as that is the strategy you will be used to in the tournament. You may use all 5 ball placements and all 5 types of shots. In the 2nd game, you may play cross-ups with any combination, but you must play all 5 ball placements and all 5 types of shots. In the 3rd game, you may only use 3 ball placements and 4 types of shots.

There are 6 types of shots available.

Deflection – plays inside the post

Indirect – off side of post

Centre – in the middle of the goal

Scoring – in the goal

Corner – kicks the ball off the pitch

Freeski – kicks the ball off the pitch using an aggressive hit

There are 3 ball placements available.

Low – kicks the ball from the ground

High – kicks the ball with a high arc

Outside – kicks the ball off the pitch (ie, it doesn’t have to be in the air)

There are 6 types of passes available.

Short pass – A short pass is passed over the player’s head and below shoulder height. If there is no defender in the defensive zone, you may pass to a teammate on the side of the pitch

Long pass – A long pass is passed above the head and above shoulder height. If there is no defender in the defensive zone, you may pass to a teammate on the side of the pitch.

Dribble – A dribble pass is not exactly a pass, but it is pass-like. You must dribble around the defender

Backward pass – A backward pass is basically the reverse of a dribble. You must dribble around the defender

Tripping – Throwing an elbow/ forearm to the face of an opponent. It can also be the placement of an elbow/ forearm across the neck of


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