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Randomness has long been identified as a source of inspiration – not only for authors of fiction, poetry, and visual art, but also for businesspeople, scientists or creative thinkers of any type.
Techniques such as “cut-up”, “collage”, “cut ‘n’ mix” and “mashup” are all based on a process of recombining previously unrelated words, sounds or images. In business, this process is often referred to as “lateral thinking” – a way to derail the train of thought from it’s linear, predictable route into more uncharted, creative territories.
Available online since 1997, the Cut ‘n’ Mix Word Machine is a word processing application with advanced randomization capabilities.
Cut’n’Mix users include authors, poets, rock musicians and almost anybody who is looking for some means to stimulate creativity or just have some fun with words.
Cut’n’Mix is a useful and easy to use application designed to  generate creative ideas through the juxtaposition of unrelated words or phrases.
The traditional cut-up method usually involves scissors: you take books, magazines or typed pages and snip out individual words, phrases or sentence fragments and reassemble them either randomly or according to some predefined pattern.


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System Requirements:

-Windows XP or higher
-Mac OS 10.10 or higher
-PC keyboard and mouse
-MOUSE for the support of the right-click
-JAVA with JMV 1.0 or higher, and Adobe Flash Player or higher
-FULL SCREEN CONTROL, and USB2.0 connectivity
-The program file is about 700 MB
(For Macintosh)
-Mac OS 10.4 or later
-Mac OSX menu bar icon


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