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Hi Guys, I recently use the following websie to download a movie the music stuck on my computer but I dosen’t know where they are now. any help would be of great use. Thanks in advance.


You can try the Windows Virtual Floppy Drive browser add-on, a project by Grant Freckle. It has a built-in search box that lets you search through all the files in a virtual floppy drive and specify to display only directories (and only files in those directories).
It can be useful for finding files that were downloaded and files you thought were deleted but aren’t actually gone.


Maybe WinZip will help you. It has a built in search to find files that have been deleted.
It comes with various differencies in different versions but this is the old one with a XP user interface.
EDIT: I can not vouch for the recent versions of this program as I havent used it for a while.
Might also help you, but this is only a possibility.

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