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Is the winner on Day Zero (and the runner up) determined by the paper count or by the contestants?

I have just started following a course on the Coursera MOOC that has the following problem:

Problem: Day Zero

In the course, there is a learning game called Day Zero. Three players are matched as follows:

Alice: $G$ has won 5, Alex has won 3, and Bob has won 2.
Steve: $G$ has won 7, Alex has won 2, and Bob has won 4.

In this game, each player starts with 4 prizes. The first player to run out of prizes wins everything. (Ideally, you can give up prizes or not.)
Each contestant is to submit an Excel sheet containing two columns: Prize and Amount. The prize column is sorted by Prize increasing left to right and Amount increasing up. The amount column should have the currency values as entered, and zeroed in the Prize column.
The prize amounts are based on an ISO 20 (see reference), and the first player to run out of prizes at the end of Day Zero wins the ISO 20 Prize.
You can use any currency that you like, of course. One caveat is that you will have to handle any currency conversions at the end of your work.
How can you determine the winner and the runner-up?
You must submit an Excel or Google Sheets file with the following format:
Prize Amount
Isabella ?10
Isabella ?20
Mia ?10
Bob ?5

The spreadsheet should be sortable by Prize in descending order. The prizes are based on an ISO 20 standard that is defined here.

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