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This is very useful program and I guess this is not the only program that is doing this.
I saw a site that I saved in my favourites, I searched there and saw also programs doing this.
So, here is the site I saved in my favourites:


Your data is a result of a webserver session, probably from a scraper or an automated script running in a browser.

The site you visited shows ads for fake antiviruses. Let’s analyze some cookies!
There are more than one way of collecting data. They are putting cookies in three kinds of files: local, secure, session.

Local cookies are kept in the browser, so you won’t find it there. There are some of them, though.

secure cookies. They are kept only in the browser, so that all computers on a LAN can access them. When you open a website, your computer sends cookies, containing sensitive information (passwords, session IDs, etc). So if a website collects sensitive data using secure cookies, your are not safe.
session cookies. They are sent from one computer to another. They let a website store data about a user’s session.

Session cookies are used when a website wants to know your IP address, your e-mail address or your password, for example.
During a session, a browser or a script sends a request to a website, and the server replies. This can be done several times until the server finishes the reply. What you see is a sequence of HTTP requests.
A webserver, on the other hand, usually listens continuously on port 80. When a browser makes a request, it sends the contents of the page you are on. The webserver replies by sending the page contents again to the browser.
So your data is a result of a webserver session.
It could also come from a scraper or even an automated script running in a browser. A scraper is a program that collects or removes data from a page. It can be used to create a database of all your searches or download and mine content from websites. It can be used for many purposes. But we are not here to talk about scrappers.
The automated script is, instead, a program that automatically downloads websites to your computer, usually using a specific file format. Torrents

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12 January 2011

The oxide layer formed on the surface of the liquid metal droplets might be the reason for most of the existing color changes and therefore the reason for the definition of the color scale.

Colors are present in the rainbow, but not exactly in the same way they are in the rainbow. This is possibly the reason why the definitions of colors change and differ from one another. However, a study of a liquid metal in water shows that it is possible to make color studies of the liquid metal by simple methods.

Each color, as red, green, blue, etc. has a composition of white, black, yellow, etc. and vice versa. It is possible to make a study of the color of a liquid metal and the composition of the constituent parts of the rainbow by making a study of the color-change in the liquid metal as a function of time. In this manner a study could be made of the color of a liquid metal droplet of a particular shape and size. This study was made by Artjukse et al., [1] on a liquid metal droplet of one square centimeter in the container for the time period of ten hours.

The liquid metal droplet is a very unusual shape for a liquid metal in terms of the aspect ratio, which describes the shape of the droplet as the ratio of the length of the diagonal of the droplet compared to the length of the edge of the liquid metal droplet. For many liquids the aspect ratio is equal to one. Hence, in the aspect ratio of the liquid metal droplet, a value of almost two was achieved. The aspect ratio of the droplet was a function of the force used to create a droplet in the container and the height of the fluid. A negative force works to make the droplet taller while a positive force works to make the droplet shorter. Thus, the aspect ratio of the droplet in this study depended on the height of the fluid.

When the droplet was under vacuum conditions, the color of the droplet was a distinct green color. When the vacuum was removed and the liquid was in a water environment, the color changed. This became black to red in color. When the liquid was put in a container, the droplet became even blacker because the contact area of the liquid with the liquid metal droplet became larger


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