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I have a image in docker and I want to automatically build it and push it to a docker hub repo. If I tag it in the image, it becomes a new and different repo. If I build the image manually, it goes into a new directory in my project structure with the image name. Where is this image stored in the docker hub repo?
My goal is to find the image in my hub repo and run another docker image built from the image. Is it a valid goal to tag in the image and push to repo?
I am not a dokcer. I use DOK for managing projects, but this is an issue that I am having.
Thanks for the help in advance.


Check out the Dockerfile reference. Specifically the FROM and FROM_TEMPLATE docs.

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Can you please help me, my script is not working I tested it with echo, and it works.


After your ‘export’ the variable is empty.
Try this:
group_id=$(echo $(cut -f3 -d\/ 2 file.csv | sed -e’s/;/:/g’) )
group_name=$(echo $(cut -f3 -d\/ 2 file.csv | sed -e’s/;/:/g’) )

export group_id
export group_name

all that, but one can’t help being
the Product Manager and have thoughts about the prospects. Of course, the
founders don’t trust me. So, no idea why the Product Manager in particular is
taking charge.

I’m not doubting that, but there are several
possible scenarios which I don’t want to analyze in this comment. Actually, they
didn’t trust me because the “then” part of the conversation, the delivery, the
real thing, was almost failed. So, that’s not the main point here.

Let’s put it on a higher level. The founders are
really convinced that the product is the right thing. They are convinced about
the prospects, but they have a big dilemma. Of course, founders are quite open
about the dilemma. They want to build a company around this product. So,
launching this product is a proof that the founders are confident about their
vision and prospects. They bet everything on it. Which is why they are worried
about problems and issues. There are lots of them, and many of them are
bordering on failure. So, the founders are open about the dilemma, they are
convinced about the prospects, and they are worried about the problem. That is,
the Product Manager and the team are open about the dilemma, they are
convinced about the prospects and they are worried about the problem. So, the
Product Manager and the team are worried about the product.

All in all, this is a real situation and the
founders and the Product Manager are quite honest about it.

It seems to me that the founders and the
Product Manager say the same thing to each other. The Product Manager says the
founders have a big dilemma (so, they have doubts)

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I had exactly the same problem. While looking at your site, I found this:

“I’m using django 1.11 and piston 3.4 and this is the error I got:

local variable ‘_’ referenced before assignment”

That’s probably the same problem. You have to check where the code is that the error happens, as you did with your debugger.
Hope this helps.

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