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Claasmercator75instrukcjapdfdownload [TOP]



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Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Long-Term Evolution, also known as LTE, is a mobile technology standard from the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) for bringing higher data rates to mobile network operators. The standard is specified by a series of documents which include the 3GPP Technical Specification on the Physical Layer Aspects of LTE (TS 36.211) and the 3GPP Technical Specification on the Radio Resource Control (TS 36.331). Operation LTE defines a number of new features for mobile wireless data communications beyond traditional circuit-switched voice channels. The core features include licensed-assisted access, data-only Evolved UTRAN, VoLTE, and LTE-Advance. Licensed-assisted access is a telecommunications technique that allows the use of licensed-spectrum, but with certain conditions, to achieve better spectrum utilization and increase maximum data rates. Data-only Evolved UTRAN is a feature that allows for transfer of user data only, with negligible control signaling transfer for the purpose of improving throughput, latency and quality of service (QoS). LTE provides voice services with variable bandwidth—contingent on factors such as user activity, application traffic, and the amount of available licensed-spectrum—and supports prioritized traffic to enhance quality of experience. It is designed to allow utilization of licensed spectrum for data service with minimal interference from traditional voice services. VoLTE, a feature of the LTE standard, provides for the continuity of voice calls during a data session. Data, voice and video services take place on separate bands in LTE. While the bands are shared, the allowed maximum number of simultaneous users is 8, 16 or 32. Spectrum allocation In accordance with LTE specifications, the total available bandwidth is divided into individual radio resources, each defined as a specific set of frequency and timeslots. There are bandwidth classes ranging from 1.4 MHz to 20 MHz. There is a method of allocating frequency assignments through the use of physical-resource blocks. If a user is using 20 MHz, the full 20 MHz is physically split into 20 × 0.5 MHz blocks. If a user is only using 10 MHz, only 10 × 0.5 MHz of the 20 MHz is assigned to that user. The actual time-frequency allocation of these physical resources may be decided by the operator, but normally the system provides a fixed allocation

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