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Listening or watching to podcasts online can be a hindering activity in some cases. A good practice is to download the file locally so that you can get up to date with it at any time.
CatchUp is a simple podcast client that can keep track of the new episode releases and make available the brief description provided by the author so that you know exactly what it is about and if it is worth spending the time with it.
The application does not need to be installed because it deploys as soon as its executable file is double-clicked.
Configuration options
At first launch it prompts you to make some configuration settings, which define where the downloaded files are stored as well as the path for the MP3Gain application; this utility is designed for automatic volume adjustment.
There is also the possibility to provide a storage path for an MP3 device connected to the computer. This allows synchronization with the device after downloading the files.
Simple looks
Looks are far from being impressive, but users should focus more on the features and the functionality they provide rather than the aesthetics of the interface.
You can import the podcast feeds and navigate from one to another easily. Upon selecting one of them all the episodes are shown, allowing you to view the details and download the files to the specified location.
Episode description and download
When downloading an episode there is some information available, such as the progress of the job, release date and status of the file.
Additional files can be sent to download queue so that when one download completes another one begins.
CatchUp is a basic podcast receiver with simple capabilities. There are very few options available that allow viewing the episodes and a brief description of them as well as the possibility to download them.







CatchUp Free [Mac/Win]

Simple application that receives podcast files and downloads all the available episodes.
Imports podcast feeds from different sources.
Can display all the episode details as well as download them in single downloads.
Allows for single and multi- file downloads.
Known issues:
No responsive design: it has very little in terms of design. It does not look good with a 1024×768 screen.
No capacity for notifications: there is no way of subscribing to new episodes.
No remote control: there is no way of changing the progress of the downloads as they are in progress.
No filters: you cannot control what gets in or out.
No way to choose which episodes to download: you must download them all.
No display of episode short descriptions: you will have to search for the episode descriptions from other sources.
No option to choose which episodes to download.
No auto download or auto load system: there is no way of instructing the application to download the files.
No add-on to ‘See the link in your browser’: you have to right-click and choose the link to open the episode description page in your web browser.
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Smart video and podcast client for Macs. CatchUp is a program designed to make managing your podcast and video library effortless. Transfer your podcasts to your computer or your mobile phone with ease, and it will automatically download new episodes on the latest date and location you specified.
You can save your favorite episodes and view their info, including the release date, description, link to the episode page and more – all in the simple interface.
* Podcasts
* Audio and video files
This app has been developed with the following features:
* Automatically downloads new episodes to the software and send them to their corresponding folder.
* Time-based notifications to allow for a better experience when listening to episodes.
* Episode info and playlist support
* Podcast browser to be able to choose episodes or search through all the supported feed URL’s.
* Supports both audio and video files.
* View release date and description of an episode or even download it directly to your computer.
* Post-download configuration option to be able to automatically adjust the volume and some other parameters according to the podcast file selected.
* Comes with a podcast feed URL generator.
– Search through podcast list or choose an episode and get the release date and description.
– Supports both audio and video podcasts.
– Playlist support
– Automatic downloading of new episodes.
– Volume adjustment according to the chosen podcast file.
– Supports both iTunes and RSS feeds.
– Comes with a podcast feed URL generator.
Please contact us for any further questions or to receive our technical support team’s assistance.

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CatchUp For PC

* A simple, lightweight app that can scan your podcast library and download episodes to your computer.
* Highlights are very easy to scan. The status of each podcast is also visible.
* Allows you to view the download progress.
* The file size will be measured in MB.
* Allows you to add new episodes.
* Add and manage podcast feeds.
* Includes a simple Music Visualizer.

Ristretto is the base engine used for all the apps in the Pocketcasts Network.
It features a libnotify notification bar which allows you to download podcasts with notification when new episodes arrive, manage your subscriptions and sort through your podcasts by available info (i.e., title, author, date).
The app can connect to Pocketcasts Network using the “Sync” option. As soon as an update is available, it will be sent to your app to fetch the changes.
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PocketCasts is your digital music. Listen to your favorite internet radio stations, catch up on your news, catch up on TV, discover videos and download them. And if you like, we’ll even help you find the perfect song to play in your MixRadio app. Just look through the trending music, then tap and choose from your own personal playlist right away. From there, PocketCasts is simple and intuitive.
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A series of actions to improve your daily experience while listening to music. Very easy and intuitive.
The app support two kinds of media browser :
– On the desktop: for listening to music, choose your playlist and the song will be played.
– On the phone: stream any streaming protocol we support (Mostly Amazon MP3, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc)
– Display the art of the song.
– Button to add a song to your queue
– Cloud-syncing : catalog is synchronized between devices (local

What’s New in the CatchUp?

Freeware podcast client for Android
Perfect for fans of podcasts. Optimized to minimize battery consumption.
Keeps track of the next episode releases and displays them as soon as they are available in the database.
Downloads and manages the progress of the download of episodes.
Can be configured to download to an SD card.
Supports text-to-speech or mp3gain playback.
Design and format:
main screen is composed of the main panels. The left panel contains the main aspects of the client, such as the name, download location, download queue, detailed path. The play panel and the episode view panel are on the right side.
The download panel is the most important, given that it contains the download status of all the downloads that are being managed in the database. The play panel will display the play status of the main panel and provides quick access to the detailed path location.
The episode view panel shows every episode that is not currently downloading. The description and the download link of the episode are displayed along with the download information. A small button allows direct access to the episode from the main panel.
The Downloads folder is on the SD card, so you can choose where to save the file. There are five types of files that can be downloaded:
MonoText files which allows text-to-speech through TTS functions.
M3U playlist that shows the available episodes and allows them to be easily played through a standard media player.

The main panel shows the first appearance of each of the podcasts included in the library. At the bottom of the panel there is a small button that allows the user to view all the podcasts included in the library.
The play panel shows the main screen of the podcast where the last five episodes are played. The episode view panel provides a better representation of each episode by displaying the complete information with the cover art of the episode.
The bottom of the episode view panel displays a small button that allows the user to download the episode. This feature is disabled for text files because they can be downloaded through a standard media player.
New episodes are marked with a red color to make it easier for the user to identify them. When new episodes are released they are automatically downloaded to the Download folder, so that users can download them later.
The Main panel allows the following options:

Basic download management and features:
Manage download files.
Select location to download files.
Add and remove items.
Put items in a

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista 64bit, Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit
Windows Vista 32bit, Windows 7 32bit, Windows 8 32bit
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz with 3GB RAM
Intel Core i5 3570K 2.90GHz with 4GB RAM
Intel Core i7 4790 3.60GHz with 8GB RAM
AMD Phenom II X6 1075T 2.7GHz with 8GB RAM
AMD Phenom II X4 955


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