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BeamNG is a first person physics based racing simulator. There’s no dialogue or guns and no unrealistic stunts, you just sit in a hyperbolic racing car and race through the awesomely realistic high-def simulation city of Neonopolis.
You’re dropped into the world of Neonopolis, a high-tech racing city where the cars are all controlled remotely. You’re immediately put to work, and if you are good enough you’re promoted to the next race class. It’s a simple and magical journey around the neon-themed city.
You can race virtually any vehicle in the game, and practice with them all in the practice track. The game is made with love and a lot of passion, and we hope you will all enjoy the game as much as we do.
Key Features:
– No Boring Backdrops and No Forced Learning Curve
– 20+ Cars to race in the main game (more to come in the future)
– Custom Cars (in the form of upgrades)
– Updated AI and Racing Etiquette
– Gimmick and Custom Tracks
– Physics with a little magic
– Simulation that is super fun to play
– Hilarious soundtrack and voice acting
– Full Retina Support
– Android Tablet support
– Gameplay is designed to be intuitive, and everything happens automatically. Our gaming direction was no doubt influenced by Hot Shots Golf 2, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and Super Tux Kart.
We wanted to give the player a sense of power, and provide a fun sense of immediacy. If the player does not have the technical know-how to drive a racing car, they need not worry. We have built a system that will just keep you entertained, and allow you to jump in and take a spin around the track with your favorite ‘test driver’.
We are currently working on adding more cars, and supporting a large number of tablets. If you want to get in on the action, follow us on Twitter @beamnggame
What’s New in Version 1.1.1:
-Fixed DLC support for playing on iPad and Android tablets (Minor bug fix)
-All DLC is now redeemable (Free DLC)
-Additional cars for each race class
-Other small bug fixesQ:

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  • Action RPG gameplay
  • Mimic game rules
  • Job system
  • Character creation and management
  • Ground-breaking art style and lighting
  • A new character type, NPC
  • Interactive action scenes
  • A number of side quests
  • Training your skills
  • A number of collectibles
  • Interactive and creative gameplay
  • Variety in dungeons
  • A dynamic camera system
  • Two main quests from chapter one
  • Beautiful hand drawn art
  • Different upgrade systems
  • Various achievements
  • System requirements

    • Processor: 2 Ghz intel cell or better x86 single core support
    • RAM: 2 GB

    Known problems

    • Sometimes the game does not start correctly, close it and then start it again

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    You can choose from a variety of cars, and then improve them with parts. You can also upgrade your car with additional brakes.

    There are over 3000 tasks, including Traffic, Hotlanes, Drift, Junctions, Speedbumps, Winter Tracks, Cup Races, and Acceleration.

    You can also be inspired with other people’s achievements and go to the Challenges section to find out how to do it yourself.

    There’s also an offline editor and two different trophies.

    In addition to the game itself, we’ve put together a social network and forum which you can visit at: – Forums: – Facebook: – Twitter:

    – What’s New

    – The Start Screen has been improved

    – You can now share an image of the game to Facebook, Twitter, or send an email

    – New Graphics: Performance has been improved

    – We’ve added additional cars: 9 more cars: BMW, Merc, Lexus, Bentley, Ford, Jeep, Aston Martin, Infiniti, and Land Cruiser

    – You can now easily create a shortcut for your game

    – We’ve fixed a variety of problems

    – Game now supports the iPad

    – You can now easily use an external mouse to play the game

    – New levels and new events

    – Fixed some crashes and other bugs

    – Added a bar at the top of the screen with live statistics: Players, Cars, and Time Left

    – There are now more options for a wide variety of different race events

    – We’ve added a car resell button

    – You can now upload your images to Facebook

    – We’ve fixed a few bugs

    – Fixed several crashes

    – Many other improvements and fixes

    What’s New

    Version 3.0.1

    The Start Screen has been improved

    You can now share an image of the game to Facebook, Twitter, or send an email

    New Graphics: Performance has been improved

    We’ve added additional cars: 9 more cars: BMW, Merc, Lexus

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