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Auto Dialer Pro Free

Auto Dialer Pro Full Crack is a program designed specifically for helping you automate the process of making phone calls. You can use it for making sales fund and announcements, earning survey money and general administrative work.
+ Automatic dialer for making phone calls from a custom list (WAV files and phone numbers are automatically dialed via commands)
+ Automatic dialer for making pre-recorded outbound calls from a custom list
+ Automatic dialer for playing messages from a custom list (i.e. a WAV file can be automatically played as soon as the receiver picks up)
+ Automatic dialer for playing messages from a plain text file
+ Automatic dialer for detecting silence on the line and playing messages from a plain text file
+ Automatic dialer for reading words from a plain text file and playing them over the phone
+ Automatic dialer for calculating the number of missed calls on a phone number
+ Automatic dialer for recording phone conversations to a WAV file
+ Web interface
+ Raw access to program configurations (all settings and all profiles)
+ Raw access to profiles
+ Raw access to phone numbers
+ Raw access to WAV files to be played over the phone
+ Raw access to the phone list
+ Raw access to the log file
+ Raw access to the dialing log
+ Raw access to the profile
+ Raw access to the logging schedule
+ Raw access to the script file
+ Raw access to the demo file
+ Raw access to the user file
+ Raw access to the profile file
+ Raw access to the phone list file
+ Raw access to the WAV file
+ Raw access to the phone status files
+ Raw access to the port file
+ Raw access to the display file
+ Raw access to the scripts folder
+ Raw access to the hotlist folder
+ Raw access to the history folder
+ Raw access to the control panel
+ Raw access to the help file
+ Auto Dialer Pro is a powerful program for helping you automate the process of making phone calls
+ Interface is well-designed
+ Comprehensive and intuitive feature set
+ Program has the potential to save you a lot of time and money
+ Useful utilities like the text-to-speech translator
+ Easy to use and navigate the interface and dial by keywords
+ Excellent balance between a Windows-based application and a console
+ Wide array of advanced features
+ Ability to save multiple profiles
+ The program includes an automatic

Auto Dialer Pro

A comprehensive.NET Phone Dialer with 40 features:
Find and dial busy numbers
Custom dialing rules and simultaneous dialing
Custom dialing lists
Pre-recorded WAV files
Voice cloning from PC
Line monitoring
Home office monitoring
Call forwarding
Spam prevention
Virtual phone numbers
Simultaneous dialing
Prior configuration settings
When you run the utility for the first time, you are asked to set up several parameters related to your current location, namely country/region, area/city code, carrier code, dial number and phone system (tone or pulse dialing).
Dialing rules
Auto Dialer Pro keeps a list with all your configured locations. You can use area code rules in order to determine how phone numbers are dialed from your current area code to other locations within your area code. Rules can be set up by specifying the area code and including all prefixes within the area code or only some custom ones.
Importing/exporting options
You may import the phone list from CSV, XLS or Skype contacts, save the phone list to CSV file format, generate phone numbers using the internal phone list or Excel spreadsheet, as well as print outgoing and incoming call logs.
Automatic calling features
Auto Dialer Pro is able to consecutively dial numbers from a phone list and automatically play pre-recorded audio messages (WAV file format) to the phone line.
In addition, you may schedule calls, assign different WAV messages to each entry, play messages after the silence on the line has been detected (you may adjust the silence parameters), read words from a plain text file to the phone line, and record the phone conversation to WAV file.
You may enhance the overall functionality of the program using scripts in order to opt for a manual or automatic disconnection, start and stop the dialing at a scheduled time, carry out automated dialing tasks from the command-line console, and redial busy numbers and move them to the end of the queue.
Last but not least, the tool allows you to create and save multiple profiles (each one includes a phone list and WAV files to be played over the phone), and automatically remove logs after a given period of time.
Bottom line
All things considered, Auto Dialer Pro comes with a decent feature pack for helping you dial phone numbers from a custom list. However, some of the program’s features and configuration settings are not quite intuitive and easy to work with.
Automatic dialing with

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• 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
• DirectX 10 compatible graphics card
• USB 2.0 interface


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