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Features Key:

  • Explore the island of Shangri-La in a climactic space battle!
  • Conquer and research numerous advanced technologies
  • Crusade against the Dreadnaught and destroy the military installations scattered throughout the planet
  • Spy on your enemies and choose between an offensive and defensive gameplay
  • Craft powerful weapons of war in our “black powder” factory
  • Купить Режим игры Softonic — онлайн браузер Softonic Бесплатные Плюсы Установить Отображается онлайн бесплатно Немного лучше, чем ОК Как сделать Продолжительность: 11:04 Loading… Продолжительность: 11:04 Просмотры: Оставить весть Режимах игры Авторы: Keith Bulmer Описание: The year is 2145 and Earth has expanded its corporate influence across the Solar System. Space has become a battleground, however, and the rogue Terran privateer, Hank Avery, has severed all contact with his home ship the Paladin, and has taken a group of fugitive compatriots to Shangri-La and the ruins of an Earth Government space station there known as the Cloud Nine. With fate dangling over them, the group continues its rapid descent down a trail of blood and destruction as it struggles to maintain its position as the most lethal crew around…


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    All CG illustrations were made by a group of freelance artists from Antworks, Inc. led by Chris Taylor. A lot of music is by Alex Clark. The game was designed by Robin Hunicke and Cam Banks. Procedural and hand-drawn environments were by Matt Kimmerly. ============================ Credits ============================ Matt Kimmerly, graphics, sound, motion, and original system design. Cam Banks, music, sound, motion. Daigo Umehara, original idea, original script, original story, original game plan. Chris Taylor, music, sound, motion. Alex Clark, music, sound, motion. Daniel DesRochers, 3D modeling, 3D asset production. Logan Hathcock, author of the artwork for the original game Shangri-La. Robin Hunicke, story, original concept. André Fachat, original concept, original concept of a story about the Seven Lucky Gods. The Author ============================ About the game ============================ What is a Game Architect? ============================ I make games. However, people have mistaken me for a programmer. ============================ Main Menu/Dress/Objects ============================ Dress -There are 10 choices of a dress (with different hairstyles) for a girl. -There are 11 choices of a dress (with different hairstyles) for a guy. -Headgear like a hat, scarf, hair tie, and hairpins are available. -Eyebrows are also available. -Shirt, blazer, tie, and shoes can be selected. Main Menu -Menu 1. Select a character to be played. -Menu 2. Play the game. Objects -Keypad. The keypad can be used to enter the secret password. -Mirror. Your face will be shown in the mirror. Story -There are 23 different endings depending on the day of the week, the season, and the time of day. -You can go back to the previous day or the next day by playing the game. -Good endings. -Bad endings. ============================ Lousy ============================ BAD ENDINGS The player character is pushed into a corner, and gets killed in the encounter with d41b202975


    Architects Of Shangri-La [32|64bit] (Final 2022)

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