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Beyond the Sky is a psychological action/drama game featuring an original story that tells of a young woman’s journey to uncover the truth behind her past. It is set in a fantasy universe that allows the player to experience the characters as the main protagonist does.
– Character model: Original Character, Intelligent NPC and Anima-like Model
– Action/Comedy Drama with Psychological Elements
– Multiple Ways to End the Game – Can you be the hero the girl needs?
– Action-Puzzle game (Fight, Puzzle, Investigation)
– Cut scenes with animation (Cutscenes)
– Story and Game dialogue are in Japanese
The heroine is a young college student who has been kept away from social contact because her parents live in the countryside and she is in Tokyo for her first year of college. Even though she is this close to an ordinary life, a series of odd incidents begin to happen to her.
The heroine lives in Tokyo. She is in her first year of college and is so eager to meet new people and make friends. However, someone who is not human and keeps watching over her begins to appear.
Haruka Mizumono (Voice: Shouko Tsuganushi)
An 18-year old college student. Because of an accident, she has difficulty communicating with others.
Rino Yamada (Voice: Yukana)
An 18-year old high school student who is in love with her classmate.
Yuki (Voice: Yuma Ishigaki)
Her father runs an aquarium (known as “NINJASU”).
Kurumi (Voice: Ryoka Yuzuki)
A high school student who is in love with her classmate.
Character Voices
Voices are selected in Japanese. Some of the other characters do not have voices.
The music in the game is composed by SHELLS and it is performed by the Nippon Columbia Orchestra.
Release Date
NA: July 13th, 2009
EU: July 10th, 2010
PlayStation®Network: PS3® and PSP®
Please click the button to go to the official site.
You can play Beyond the Sky on your PS3™ console, PSP® handheld, or PC. Click to go to the official site.
Censored Scene Notes
“A high school student that appears in the game. He is the only character in the game that does not have voice.”


Alan Wake Bonus Materials Features Key:

  • Accelerometer System
  • Complete Walkthrough
  • Free levels available
  • Alan Wake Second Screen Telemetry information:

    • G-SYNC Multitude
    • Low
    • Frame rate 100 Hz
    • VSync on

    Alan Wake Complete Walkthrough

    After completing The Signal then resume play on different difficulty.
    If you reach the character select screen then input
    the following codes from the file: (ctrl+alt+t to open the
    editor tab)

     1. Pop your Helix in the slot and use the
    following codes:

    • 12 (A)
    • 40 (B)
    • 52 (A)

     2. Save out the custom character and then quit the game.
    Launch again and now you have a “Helix Walkthrough Mod” on
    character select.


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    – Alan Wake: The Complete First Game
    – Alan Wake Cinematic Synopsis
    – Alan Wake Soundtrack
    – Screenshots
    – Character Stills
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