Aggressive Spam Defense

Aggressive Spam Defense will keep your inbox clean by deleting unwanted emails even before the user sees them.
The core of ASD is based on spam indexes. It simply means that if an email has certain characteristics – such as a specific phrase, sender-address, attachment, etc. – each of them can add a configurable spam-index to that email.
They are then added up, and if the sum is over the spam-threshold, the email is treated as spam.
This makes a very accurate, flexible, and easy to use system. You hardly ever have to touch the keyboard to operate ASD. To tune it to the kind of email that you receive, just click a button and drag a bar and ASD will adjust to your new settings.
A huge percentage of spam will be detected right after installation. Still it allows you to easily adapt it to the particular type of email that you receive. You can fiddle with knobs and sliders if you want to.
In addition you have a Safe preview built in. This lets you safely read the email from within ASD. If the email should contains a virus, your computer will not be infected. And those ‘call home’ emails that are so frequently used by spammers will be prevented from doing just that.
Advanced Spam Defence is one of the most sophisticated anti-spam solutions available!
Each individual email account can operate in one of four modes:
All clean (AC): All emails are treated as clean and will be marked as such with a green color and a white heart next to it. This should be very useful in situations where you want to by-pass all spam-filters and only use the mail notification features of ASD.
Color-code only (CC): Every email is run through the filters and colored according to how much spam-index is accumulated. Emails are never automatically deleted.
Force delete (FD): All emails go through the spam-filters, but only those that have characteristics that are marked with Force delete in the spam-lists will be automatically deleted. All others will be colored according to the spam-index acquired. A great feature to prune your inbox substantially with ultimate control.
Delete all spam (DS): All emails that accumulate more spam-index than the threshold will be deleted – including those marked with Force delete. You will only see green and yellow emails listed. This is the most aggressive setting.
Here are some key features of “Aggressive Spam Defense”:
■ 4 levels of protection
■ Accurately detects spam
■ Ability to learn
■ Easy to set up and use
■ Color-coding of emails
■ New mail notification
■ Minute control over filters if desired
■ Flexible – tune it the way you like
■ Clean, focused and streamlined interface
■ Choice of automatic or manual deletion of spam
■ Email deleted on server – before it reaches computer
■ Various white-lists that go beyond just the sender
■ Safe preview (spam and virus safe)
■ Handles multiple POP3 accounts
■ Attractive
■ Small
■ Fast
■ Effective integrated help system
■ it only works with one email account, and spam will have to be manually deleted – which is only a two-click ordeal with ASD anyway.







Aggressive Spam Defense Free X64 [April-2022]

You have probably spent a lot of time browsing through Spam-mails: more than you can count. It is time to take that time into account, and do something positive with it. It may be time to get rid of the piles of spam in your inbox and take the time to read and delete them.
Deleting spam from your email-box is an essential part of self-control. And it can be made easy with the right tool: ASD.
ASD is a Spam-Defense system that works in four simple modes: All clean, Color-code only, Force delete and Delete all spam. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses.

Our Spam Defense System will help you to not have to waste time trying to find the pieces of spam that are mixed in with your mail. This mail management system will help you find all the mail pieces that are clearly spam and have them automatically deleted.
The e-mail selection is done in a simple, easy to understand GUI.
Aggressive Spam Defense Crack is a program that you can install and use right away. You can add and delete any amount of accounts from the included mail manager. It is probably the best solution in the anti-spam area.
Aggressive Spam Defense Product Key can be installed on many machines and used in various locations. The software runs in the background and will keep your inbox free of spam. This program can work on any operating system and does not require any special knowledge to work. This spam management software is a must have tool for every spam emailer.
Key Features:
■ Support for multiple POP3 accounts
■ Color-coding of mail
■ Learn filter settings
■ 30 day free trial
■ Specifications:
■ Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
■ 100% spam detection
■ Self uninstaller
■ Support for IMAP and POP3 accounts
■ Ability to learn
■ Handles multiple accounts
■ Delete
■ Automatic or manual spam deletion
■ Option to exclude some folders from spam deletion
■ Supports multiple antivirus clients
■ Unlimited volume of mail
■ Extremely fast and easy to use
■ Tailored to your needs
■ Not cluttering the desktop or taking up space
■ Customizable interface
■ Lightweight

Aggressive Spam Defense Crack + Registration Code

How it Works:
1. The program scans the incoming mail for spam messages that have specific characteristics.
2. Spam is flagged, we automatically catch up to 95% of the spam in this way.
3. It then learns and becomes more effective the more it is used.
4. Now this works in different ways depending on your personal settings and the mail setup of your client.
5. On their own, a few of the most common settings always remain ON, no matter what:
■ Safe preview
■ Automatic delete
■ Messages are never sent from the server (incorrect SPF records)
■ Removal of sender IP address
■ no attachment extension or file-size, to use included mail notification
6. Additional features can also be used, including the ones displayed below.
7. Spam/Unsubscribe lists
■ Email from is always marked as spam, even if there’s no indication of spam by the algorithm.
■ User-specified whitelists: White-listed contacts are never marked as spam.
■ Handling multiple POP3 accounts: ASD will merge the incoming mail from multiple POP3 accounts into a single account, you can have as many accounts as POP3 server services you have installed.
The Included Attachments:
■ – Receive internet email with ASD enabled and set to AC mode without showing the “Call home” message when any attachments are sent.
■ – Show the “Call home” message only when one of the included attachments in the spam messages.
■ – Attachments labeled as attachment in the mail (with.exe,.doc,.pdf,.rar,.swf,.zip,.sitx,.url,.pst,.mbox,.rtf,.gpx,.msg,.sig,.ps,.txt,.fb2,.jpg)
■ – Attachments labeled as “Other” without extension (with.png,.gif,.jpg,.jpeg,.tif,.tiff,.webp,.jp2,.jpeg2000,.pbm,.psd,.svg,.war,.mp3,.avi,.ogg,.aac,.mp4,.mpeg,.mkv,.webm,

Aggressive Spam Defense [2022]

■ What is ASD?
■ ASD is a free, open source anti-spam solution that works out of the box in conjunction with your external email client (e.g. Thunderbird, Evolution, Outlook Express)
■ ASD Features
■ 10-character CAPTCHA validation
■ Works with multiple POP3 accounts
■ Advanced spam defence – easily and safely delete spam
■ Color-code every email (standard and spam)
■ Some mail will be caught by the virus scanner
■ Safe preview
■ Ability to adjust spam thresholds
■ Advanced spam defence (powerful, flexible, intelligent anti-spam protection)
■ 10-character CAPTCHA validation
■ Options for integrating ASD with your existing systems (webmail, POP3,…)
■ Advanced spam defence (powerful, flexible, intelligent anti-spam protection)
■ 10-character CAPTCHA validation
■ Messages are color-coded, according to the degree of spam that can be found.
■ ASD supports multiple POP3 accounts and will tell you which one is the master – which means that you can easily turn off ASD for one account and activate it on the master account.
■ Safe preview
■ The spam protection is robust and does not affect normal messages or archives. This means that you can safely read emails without risk of infection.
■ Ability to adjust spam thresholds
■ ASD will learn from your preferences and tune the system automatically as time goes by.
■ ASD will always try to keep your inbox clean and will warn you when emails reach a certain spam-level.
■ ASD works like a charm
■ You can choose a very relaxed spam-threshold to make your mail scanning process even easier, or raise the spam-threshold to get rid of the messages faster.
■ ASD is written in Ruby and requires only 20MB of storage space.
■ The spam-detection runs locally on your computer, so you don’t need any kind of internet connection.
■ ASD can be easily integrated with your existing mail-clients, such as Thunderbird, Evolution or Outlook Express.
■ ASD works like a charm
■ You can choose a very relaxed spam-threshold to make your mail scanning process

What’s New In Aggressive Spam Defense?

Features and Benefits:
“Aggressive Spam Defence (ASD) is a fully featured, easy to install, and powerful anti-spam software tool.
In general:
■ Works with 1 email account or multiple accounts.
■ Spam is deleted before it reaches your computer, so you never see spam in your email inbox.
■ You get immediate and accurate results, because ASD only marks spam by comparing it to your saved spam-lists.
■ Spam-lists can easily be adapted for your needs.
■ ASD can be set to automatically flag and delete spam, or to flag but not delete, depending on your personal preferences.
■ Aggressive Spam Defence will not mark email that are marked as’safe’
■ ASD will not mark email as spam that has been read (important: ‘read it later’ messages)
■ ASD will let you tell your mailboxes apart, so that you only see mail from people you want to.
■ ASD has a built-in safe preview, so you can safely read emails in ASD without fear of infecting your computer
■ Choose between automatic or manual deletion of spam
■ Get an immediate overview of your inbox in ASD with no waiting for the email to arrive.
■ ASD can now also mark messages as dangerous.
■ Allows complete access to your mailboxes via POP3 or IMAP
■ Works well with all types of internet provider (POP3 or IMAP) and gateways (exchange etc.)
■ It is lightweight so it will not use lots of your computer resources.
■ Quick and easy to use
■ ASD can be used to mark ‘spam’, or to mark and ‘delete’ spam.
■ No registry editing is required. ASD is integrated in Windows.
■ ASD shows colored spam-lists with hearts indicating spam
■ Ability to tune ASD according to type and quantity of spam received. ASD offers 4 levels of protection.
■ ASD allows only one email-account per computer
■ ASD does not have multiple mailboxes
■ ASD may mark as spam messages that are marked as safe (important: ‘read it later’ messages)
■ All mailboxes are accessible via

System Requirements For Aggressive Spam Defense:

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2 64 X2 2GHz or better
Memory: 2GB RAM
Hard Disk: 2GB or more
DVD Drive: A DVD drive is required to play the DVD version
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 or higher with 512 MB of VRAM required
Internet connection: To play online multiplayer games
Sound Card: The game requires Windows Media Player to be installed. A sound card that supports Dolby


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