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Using Photoshop In the following list, I show you how to perform some basic tasks in Photoshop. Also, I cover the software’s key features in more detail in the following list.

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Photoshop is free. However, costs $15.99 per month with Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions, or $11.99 with a standalone subscription. There is a 14-day free trial, and you can pay to upgrade your trial to a full month. After that, you can cancel the subscription at any time and the 30-day free trial will not expire. However, Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription can only be used on a Mac and Windows machine. You need to activate your subscription each time you start Photoshop. It is not possible to use it on any other computers. FREE 3-MONTH TRIAL Free 3-Month Creative Cloud/Photoshop trial for new users The first 3 months of the program are free and are for new users. After the first month, it’s $20/month. You can cancel at any time during the free trial. UPDATING AND UPGRADING OSX AND WINDOWS There is an issue with updating Photoshop on a Mac. If you download the latest version of the software and it starts up, you may get a message saying that the software has been interrupted by an error. If this happens to you, then double-click the Photoshop icon in your Applications folder and select Options. Scroll down and select Preferences. Click the “Mac” button and select the Run Photoshop as Administrator option. Close the dialog box by clicking the OK button. NOTE: If you can’t see any of the options in the Preferences window when you right-click the Photoshop icon, it is because you are signed into an account using two-step verification, so Photoshop can’t access your account. You will have to sign out of your account on the Mac computer and sign in again to upgrade Photoshop to the latest version. Alternatively, you can also download a standalone Photoshop on a Mac by installing it in the Applications folder. There is a similar issue with updating Photoshop on a Windows machine. If you download the latest version of the software and it starts up, you may get a message saying that the software has been interrupted by an error. If this happens to you, then right-click the Photoshop icon in your Program Files folder and select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab and choose 32-bit checkbox. Click the OK button to apply the changes. New features and changes a681f4349e

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Windows 7 or Windows 8 512 MB RAM 2GB HD Space Internet connection Internet Explorer 9 or newer For Download and Install: Download the EXE, and unzip it. Copy to Windows folder (\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\FPS Creator\bin). Run FPS Creator from the windows start menu. Enter your FPS Gamer Name and Game ID. Click on Create Server or Create Client. Click OK to Save


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