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A primer on how the layer system works

Photoshop’s Layers panel and interface

How to use the Selection tool to select content and work with layers

Techniques for using various tools to manipulate the image in Photoshop

What to do when you get a Photoshop crash

## A Short Introduction to Photoshop Layers

Photoshop layers enable you to add and remove different parts of the image and adjust the background of each. The layers are stored in an organized structure, as shown in Figure 1-1.

**Figure 1-1:** A simple image with a background layer and three layers.

— | —

A layer is like a partial view of the image, with a corresponding area of the image below or to the right of the layer. The areas of the image covered by the layers are _selected_ in order to manipulate the image in the layer’s layer. You can work with an entire layer to change the image or an area that’s been selected or deselected using the Selection tool. When you use a layer, you can _combine_ layers to make a new layer. Depending on what you want to create, you may work with only one or two layers, or you may combine several layers into a new document.

## The Layers Panel

When you open a document in Photoshop, you see the Layers panel at the bottom of the workspace (see Figure 1-2). The panel lists all the layers in the image and their states. You can add and remove layers to and from the stack. The Layers panel gives you access to the layers of the document and their values. The Density slider controls the opacity of a layer.

**Figure 1-2:** A basic Layers panel.

— | —

## Understanding the Layers Panel

The Layers panel is used to control the visibility of each layer within the image and is essentially a visual and organizational tool for the document. It lists each layer in the document and gives you access to each layer’s properties.

The Layers panel gives you access to the following options:

**Options bar:** This bar displays information about the image in the top of the Layers panel. By default, it displays the following information in the top of the panel:


This indicates the name of the layer.

**Layer mode**

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Learn how to edit photos, create images and create memes with Photoshop Elements.

Introduction to Photoshop Elements

After you’ve finished reading this article, you will know how to edit photos and create images. If you already know how to edit photos and create images, you can read this article to learn about the latest updates in Photoshop Elements 2019.

You can also try editing a photo with Photoshop, if you want to. If you plan on using Photoshop, you will need to install Adobe Photoshop. If you don’t know how to install Adobe Photoshop, read this article to learn how to install Adobe Photoshop.

Edit Photos in Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 lets you edit photos, apply photo effects and crop photos. You can also create a background and add a photo frame.

Make a Simple Picture in Photoshop Elements

Open a new picture in Photoshop Elements. Then, you can add a photo frame, apply photo effects and crop images.

Add a Photo Frame

Click on the Add Frame button on the left side of the screen, as shown in the below image. Then, you will see a frame that you can drag onto the top or bottom of the image.

Crop an Image

Click on the Crop button on the left side of the screen. Then, you can drag the frame. You can also resize the frame.

You can also resize the window in the image above. You can make the window wider or narrower by dragging the divider that is shown in the image below.

Add Photo Effects in Photoshop Elements

Click on the Filter button on the left side of the screen. Then, you can select from the filter category.

The top menu lets you select which effect you want to apply to the image. The image above shows the Effects Filter. Click on the Effects Filter button to select a filter. Then, you can select a filter and apply it to your photo, as shown in the image below.

Create a Photo Gallery

You can create a photo gallery in Photoshop Elements. You can add multiple photos, along with a photo title, description and a custom thumbnail. You can create a photo gallery in five steps.

Open your photos. Click on the image thumbnail in your photo library. Then, click on the Create New Gallery button, shown below.

Enter a photo title for the photo gallery. Then, enter a photo description and custom thumbnail.

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