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**Image editors** : GIMP and Inkscape are also feature-filled image manipulation programs that are comparable to Photoshop, if not identical, in the type of editing they offer.

Inkscape is a vector-based image editor. Inkscape requires a certain amount of customizing, as you must build your own custom colors and shapes. You can’t rely on the predefined ones that come with the program. But it does offer good layers and some other features in an easy-to-use package.

**Color pickers** : Adobe Photoshop has excellent color pickers, and web-based image editors often use these color pickers to select colors and select from a browser-based color toolbox.

Digital cameras, scanners, and monitors all tend to have a few basic color pickers that can help you select colors. Figure 3-7 shows the most common picker options.

**Figure 3-7** Common color pickers and a default color picker

The color picker has options for colors, grayscale, and brightness/contrast. The color picker also has a color range selection, so you can select only certain colors. The color range selection may allow you to select the color whole, in parts, or in steps.

While you select the color in the color picker, the color selection tool window changes to give you more information about the color. It’s a very helpful tool in Photoshop and other editors. In Figure 3-8, notice the color selection tool window on the left.

**Figure 3-8** Color selection tool window

It tells you the name of the color, its hex code, and if the color is highlighted or not.

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The following instructions will help you get started with Photoshop Elements step by step.

Installing Photoshop Elements

To install Photoshop Elements on Windows, visit the Microsoft website and download a latest version of Photoshop Elements.

You can also download the Photoshop Elements desktop software installer file.

Windows users can use the default installation settings but the file must be extracted.

Mac OS X users can download the Xcode installer. Once the software is downloaded and extracted, double-click the icon to install the software.

Open Photoshop Elements

When the software is installed, open it from Applications → Photoshop Elements. After opening Photoshop Elements, you will see the following screen:

After closing the splash screen, you will be greeted by the main screen of the software, where you can choose which features of the software you want to use.

Start Photoshop Elements

The software is highly customizable, so it’s pretty common for users to start using Photoshop Elements only after setting up their display settings, choosing their preferred tools and menus, and creating a new project. Let’s start with these basics.

Display Settings

Photoshop Elements has a Display settings window that allows users to adjust the settings of their displays.

The advanced display settings have many different options related to desktop size, retina display, display dpi, backlight, brightness and contrast, and other settings.

To access this feature, click the File menu and select Options. The display settings window will appear.

After opening the Display Settings window, click the Display tab.

As you can see, Photoshop Elements has different resolutions for each option. Standard displays have the most pixels, and Retina displays have a lot more pixels.

The file size is the ideal resolution for your computer and display settings. So, you need to select the file size that works best on your computer, and then you need to use that size when you open Photoshop Elements.

After selecting the file size you want, you can adjust the color depth to your preference. You can choose standard, 32-bit or 16-bit color. Photoshop Elements will automatically use the best color depth for your files.

Create a New Project

You need to open a new project for Photoshop Elements before starting to edit images. Click the File menu and select New from the list of options.

The New Project window will open:

You can select a location for the new project from the options

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I am currently working on a Rails app that allows users to create content, and I’m using RSpec to test it, using Capybara. My app works perfectly, however I can’t get my tests to pass. Here’s an example of the way I am testing it:

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@message = FactoryGirl.create(:message)
sign_in @user
visit messages_url
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put :update, {id:, user_id: @

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