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If you're a comic book fan who has a large digital collection of favorite publications, you've probably come across poorly written or incomplete files, whether some authors were not mentioned in the metadata or their names had typos.
These issues are usually minor and can be overlooked. However, it becomes problematic when you're trying to organize a library and the items cannot be properly sorted due to missing data.
Make corrections to comic book files
This unpleasant scenario can be rapidly improved with ACBF Editor, a free and open-source tool available for Windows and Android, which gives you the possibility to make comic book file corrections when it comes to book, publishing and document info, chapter names, fonts and styles, as well as frames or text areas. It can open files with ACBF, CBZ/CBR or ACV format.
Details can be separately edited for the book, publishing and document metadata in three tabs. For instance, it's possible to change the title, author and series name, genre, character names, annotation, keywords, available languages, and database reference. New entries can be added too if info was not already specified.
Edit book, publish and document info or chapter names
Publisher info concerns the publisher's name or website address, publish date, city, ISBN, and license type. Meanwhile, document info can be modified for the doc ID and authors. You can also check out the table of contents to correct typos in chapter names or even add new chapters and link them to page numbers.
An editor is provided for frames and text layers, where it's possible to preview the pages and customize the main or page background colors, or draw straight lines, for example.
Change frames and text layers, fonts and styles
As far as fonts and styles go, you can pick other options for speech, emphasis, strong text, commentary, code, formal text, letters, heading, audio, thoughts, and signs.
Some settings can also be configured for ACBF Editor, like switching to a different UI language, enabling HiDPI display, or modifying the default frame and text layer colors.
Essential for comic books with typos or missing info
All aspects considered, ACBF Editor can be viewed as a helper tool for applications capable of managing comic books in libraries. If you're interested in building a collection of comics, you can use ACBF Viewer and download books from (totally free).







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To change book, publishing, document and frame info for comic books in your collection, you’ll first need an application capable of opening them, like ACBF, CBZ/CBR or ACV format or any other comics reader.
Once the files are open, three tabs for the book, publishing, and document info (including the metadata) will be available on the left-hand side.
From there, different settings can be accessed for all details and content, including different editors for book, publishing and document, as well as frames or text layers for editing their main or page background.
Another good feature is the possibility of previewing comics pages to correct typos in chapter names or link them to page numbers, drawing straight lines with a mouse, or changing fonts, styles, and other aspects for each page.
Some settings like fonts, styles, and other options can also be configured.
This is an unofficial project and does not aim to compete with official projects such as Marvel’s ComicBook and DC’s Complete Comic Book Database. The project is also not affiliated with Marvel and DC in any way.


You are familiar with the usual questions when it comes to comics and comic book series: Who wrote them? What’s the story about? And where did they come from? All those questions can now be answered easily with a single application that helps you find answers.

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ACBF Editor With Key [April-2022]

View, edit and organize comic books and PDF documents
Remove image rotation
Incorporate OCRed Comic book pages into comics
Create comic book metadata (book, publishing, document)
Link comic books to their metadata
Add copyright information and more. Download it here:

Google Play:

Cafebook Comics by Windows app (ACBF Viewer) Description:
Mac and PC comic readers, you can now manage comic books thanks to this software. If you like to take a look at the comic book artworks and comic book text, as well as comment or listen to the audio in the background, you can use it. You can also use this app to manage comic book prices and order them. The comic book links can be inputted manually or automatically through your Instagram photos, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Download here:

Version 2.0:
– Edit the comic book files and link them to their metadata with the ACBF Editor Cracked 2022 Latest Version application.
– Edit the video files and link them to their metadata with the ACBF Editor Crack For Windows application.

Version 2.0.1:
– ACBF Editor 2022 Crack 3D interface added.

Version 2.0.2:
– Separate the file name filter setting from the pdf file name filter setting.

Version 2.0.3:
– Image rotation of comics can be removed automatically
– Advanced settings can be configured for the OCRed comic book pages
– Improved printing options, such as High Resolution and 10 pages per page.

Version 2.0.4:
– Link comic books to their metadata with the ACBF Editor application.
– Improved printing options.
– Improved design.

Version 2.0.5:
– Improved design.

Version 2.0.6:
– Improved design.
– Show the comic book preview in a separate window.
– Show the comic book preview in a separate window.

ACBF Viewer 4k Description:
You can use ACBF Viewer to view, listen to and take notes on comic book pages using an interactive comics page. It can be used on multiple pages at the same time or on a single

ACBF Editor Free

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What’s New in the?

➤️ Open comics files with ACBF, CBZ/CBR or ACV format
➤️ Edit book, publishing and document info
➤️ Change frames and text layers, fonts and styles
➤️ Preview the pages
➤️ Edit chapters and link them to page numbers
➤️ Add digital titles
➤️ Set comic book languages
➤️ Switch to a different UI language
➤️ Enable HiDPI display
➤️ Modify default frame and text layer colors
➤️ Edit page background colors
➤️ Download comic books from (totally free)
➤️ Set comic book languages
➤️ Switch to a different UI language
➤️ Enable HiDPI display
➤️ Modify default frame and text layer colors
➤️ Edit page background colors
➤️ Download comics from (totally free)

Google Play Store


CC Licensed

How to: Convert PDF to CBR, CBZ or ACV Format
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System Requirements For ACBF Editor:

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
Processor: 1.6 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD or greater
DirectX: Version 9.0c or greater
Recommended System Requirements:
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Additional Notes:


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